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The 6 Best Antarctica Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

The 6 Best Antarctica Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

Chanel your spirit of adventure with an epic voyage of discovery as you explore one of the world’s last frontiers, Antarctica.  

For many travelers, a journey to this remote region is a once-in-a-lifetime experience exploring one of the last true wildernesses. Its attraction calls to those who feel the urge to connect with nature’s raw power allowing us to gain perspective on our daily lives.  A trip to this amazing place has a transformative effect that will stay with visitors forever.  

Tour Radar has an excellent collection of tours in the region, allowing you to voyage further than you could ever have imagined.  

There are several jumping-off points to Antarctica, the voyage from the Southernmost point of Argentina, where access to the continent begins with a journey through the Beagle Channel. Or set sail from the Falkland islands catching the rugged beauty of these remote outposts.  

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A journey to Antarctica will be aboard a specially designed polar exploration vessel, designed for your comfort and safety.  Built to withstand the harsh terrain and is equipt with zodiac landing crafts so you can make ground at the stunning locations you visit. Allowing first-hand experiences and a chance to get close to the incredible wildlife the area is home to. 

Observing and photographing wildlife in Antarctica is a highlight for many, from spotting whales to penguin nesting sights to viewing the largest species of seal in the world.  The animals of Antarctica are sure to steal the limelight on your journey south. 

If photography is your passion, there are expeditions geared explicitly towards this, where you can gain from the advice of expert photographers who will accompany you on your voyage.   

The sub-Antarctic islands of South Georgia are home to penguins, seals, seabirds, and more. Whales are often spotted in the waters around the islands. If spotting wildlife is your goal, a tour with a stop in South Georgia is recommended.  Visit the final resting place of the explorer Shackleton and trace the footsteps of his last journey in this wild, unforgiving landscape.  

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Journeying further south, the landscape becomes more formidable.  As you enter Antarctica, witness enormous icebergs meander past your vessel.  The sea glitters with sea ice, glaciated mountains rise directly from the sea, and soaring jagged peaks are decorated with pristine snow and ice.  

Experience the endless summer with a sun that never sets. Limitless, vast horizons stretch beyond you in a land that appears untouched by the modern world. Some voyages cross the Antarctic polar circle, allowing you to join the ranks of the few that have made it to that latitude. 

Relish the serenity of the calm, the stillness of the wildness, its glass-like reflections of gigantic ice sheets, and towering peaks in the water.  On a calm day in Antarctica, you will feel a sense of peace and contentment like no other.   Yet when nature unleashes its fury in this vast landscape, you will keenly feel the powerful forces of the natural world.  

The exploration of Antarctica is a tribute to humanity’s tenacity, channeling the adventurous spirits of explorers past to push to the undiscovered corners of the earth.  Modern-day technology assures a safer passage in this unforgiving terrain. Yet a journey to Antarctica will be an incredibly personal experience, pushing your limits, stretching yourself, and reaping the benefits of this incredible challenge.  

If you have ever considered visiting this incredible place, secure your spot now, you will not regret it.  

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best tour operators in Antarctica - best Antarctica tour package - best tours in Antarctica - best tour companies in Antarctica - best Antarctica tours
best tour operators in Antarctica - best Antarctica tour package - best tours in Antarctica - best tour companies in Antarctica - best Antarctica tours
best tour operators in Antarctica - best Antarctica tour package - best tours in Antarctica - best tour companies in Antarctica - best Antarctica tours

South Georgia Wildlife and Photography Expedition

Secret Atlas

The South Georgia, Wildlife and Photography expedition offers a highly sought-after opportunity to experience the untamed beauty of South Georgia.  Operated by Secret Atlas, if you have ever dreamed of completing your own journey into the sub-Antarctic, this could be the perfect voyage for you.  

Secret Atlas specializes in more intimate journeys.  The MV Polar Pioneer is a veteran expedition ship and will be your home for this 15-day journey of exploration down the Southern Coast of the remote Island of South Georgia. 

As a class 1-A Ice Class boat, she is built to navigate the polar regions.  This robust and stable ship has an integrated dynamic water ballast system that reduces rolling in heavy seas, adding to the comfort of your voyage, and has a proven track record of exploring the polar regions so you can be assured of your safety.  

Built to carry 48 passengers, this smaller size ensures a more intimate journey and a smaller environmental impact.  The boat features an ample open deck space with raised areas for photography, a large passenger saloon with a bar for making the most of your downtime and connecting with other adventurers, and a sauna for passenger use.  

This spectacular adventure sets sail from the Falkland Islands across the Scotia sea towards South Georgia.  The purpose of this expedition is observation and photograph the incredible wildlife and dramatic scenery of this remote region.  

As your journey embarks, you will spend two to three days crossing the open sea to South Georgia’s shores. During this time, your expert guides will brief you on the wildlife, history, and genealogy of South Georgia.  On reaching your destination, the expedition sails down the entire coast of South Georgia, visiting as many wildlife spots as possible. 

The MV Polar Pioneer is equipt with six Zodiac crafts used to make daily landings so you can get up close and personal with this stunning and wild environment, getting you down to sea level to witness the true majesty of this humbling environment.  

Five expert guides accompany you on your expedition, a highly experienced captain to facilitate your journey safely, and guest photographers to help you capture incredible images and improve your photography skills.  This journey of discovery and exploration will be a rich learning experience taking you to observe the abundant wildlife of this untamed wilderness.  

Quest For The Antarctic Circle

G Adventures

Join G Adventures for a phenomenal expedition to the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.  

This mind-blowing adventure transports you to one of the most incredible landscapes aboard the G Adventures Expedition Craft, an Ice Class – B ship with multiple public areas to observe the stunning scenery, a large dining hall for delicious communal meals, and a full equipt polar bar for socializing.  Sleeping facilities are comfortable, with ensuite bathrooms and various cabin types.

Departing from Ushuaia, a jumping-off point for Antarctic exploration, the world’s southernmost city. Spend your first day exploring this unique Antarctic frontier city. Framed by the snowy peaks of the Martial mountain range, with the Martial glacier only seven kilometers from the city, this is an excellent introduction to your arctic adventure. 

Feel the excitement in the air as you prepare to voyage onwards through the Beagle Channel the following afternoon.  This 240-kilometer-long channel is named after Charles Darwin’s ship, The Beagle, which explored the area in 1833 – 1834.  Following past explorers’ footsteps, you can appreciate the rugged beauty of the dramatic scenery.  

As you settle into life aboard, your vessel will make the 1000-kilometer crossing toward the South Shetland Islands. Drake’s passage is renowned for its rough seas, yet this 48-hour journey will plunge you into an adventure of a lifetime. 

Connect with fellow passengers, and embrace this isolated crossing as you watch for glimpses of whales, penguins, and formidable icebergs as albatrosses and petrels coast along in the wake of the ship’s breeze. You will enjoy daily lectures from the expert expedition team to further your understanding of the geography and wildlife of this amazing part of the world. 

Your first port of call on your arctic journey will be the South Shetland Islands to explore this imposing yet tranquil landscape.  Depending on the weather conditions, you will attempt two shore landings daily and have the opportunity to observe some incredible wildlife, from whales and leopard seals to Adelie penguin rookeries.  

Journey onwards in this remote, ice-covered peninsula, cruising down the Western Coast. You will be venturing further south than many of the population have visited with the ultimate goal of crossing the Antarctic Polar Circle.  As you venture through frigid ice-ladened seas, you become part of a small group who have crossed the 66-degree line of latitude, achieving this ultimate explorer dream.  

This extended voyage gives you plenty of time to experience the wonders of Antarctica, spending a full seven days exploring the region. This longer journey time ensures more opportunities and flexibility to experience the wildlife and spectacular frozen vistas before heading back north. 

This excursion has optional add-ons that must be pre-booked before departure, including an Antarctic camping experience, and spending the night on shore. This is as close to elements as it gets!   An optional kayaking trip sees you guided by experienced leaders for an intimate, exhilarating viewpoint of these incredible waters.  

Quest For The Antarctic Circle G Adventures - best tour operators in Antarctica

Best Of Antarctica: A White Christmas

Intrepid Travel

Experience a Christmas like no other. Leave behind the stress of planning for the festive season and launch yourself into a journey that will forever leave an indelible mark on your imagination.  

The voyage departs from the port of Ushuaia on the 18th of December for a guaranteed white Christmas amongst the region’s frozen tundra and ice sheets.  Your home will be the Ocean Endeavor, a comfortable, spacious polar expedition ship with top-class amenities to ensure a safe and successful journey to Antarctica.

Your time aboard will be luxurious and awe-inspiring, featuring several lounge areas, a restaurant, a bar, a heated saltwater pool, a jacuzzi, a gym, a sauna, a library, and spa facilities.   Explore and relax as you sail across Drake’s passage towards the Antarctic Peninsula.  

December is a perfect time of year to venture into the Antarctic.  You will be here at the height of the region’s summer, experiencing a midsummer day aboard the Ocean Endeavor on the 21st of December.  With an incredible average of 22 hours of daylight per day, you will have optimal viewing conditions with extended daylight hours to maximize your polar exploration.  

View breathtaking twilight vistas, sunsets, and cloud formations against the backdrop of the glittering sea, soaring ice shelves, and spectacular glaciers.  This is a perfect time to view wildlife with penguin chicks hatching on the Southern Shetland islands and Antarctic peninsula. Whale activity tends to increase around this time of year, with a good chance of spotting baleen and toothed whales. 

You will enjoy daily Zodiac excursions to get you on shore to experience the landscape firsthand.  Create memories you will never forget, with the privilege of viewing the secluded lives of these majestic creatures in their natural surroundings.  

Your crew will ensure you have a fun and festive time aboard, with plenty of opportunities to connect with other passengers.  Bond as you celebrate your incredible experience and celebrate a Christmas to remember. 

Best Of Antarctica A White Christmas Intrepid Travel - best tour operators in Antarctica

Overnight Experience – Chilean Antarctica

Signature Tours

Short on time, this tour lets you experience the wonders of the Antarctic with an action-packed three-day trip that includes four nights of accommodation.  

Your jumping-off point for this memorable journey is Punta Arenas, in Chile which operates one of the world’s southernmost ports.  A transfer to your hotel accommodation is included, and you will receive a mandatory safety briefing before flying.  

A full day of adventure awaits you as you take a charter flight to King Georges Island in Antarctica. Arriving by plane is a thrilling experience as you approach this remote island, the largest in the Southern Shetlands archipelago. This frozen wonderland is approximately 90 percent glaciated. The harsh yet serene landscape is a critical area of scientific research with a collection of research bases from around the world with a presence here.  

Your expert tour guide will greet you and facilitate a full day’s activity exploring the island. Visit Villa Las Estrellas, one of the Antarctic’s only civilian settlements with an approximate population of around 100.  The village provides a fascinating insight into life in one of the world’s harshest environments.  The post office there offers a chance to send a letter with an Antarctic postmark.  

Marvel at the jagged, imposing cliffs as they plunge into the icy waters, then be whisked by zodiac boat to view penguin colonies on Ardley Island. A sizeable gentoo penguin colony is established on the island and is home to Adiele and chinstrap penguins. The Island is an important bird breeding area, so bird watchers will be in their element as they experience the diverse species of birdlife present here.  

Continue this incredible journey with overnight camping at an Ice Camp near Collins glacier.  As you sleep out in this breathtaking environment, you have the opportunity to appreciate mother nature’s scale and formidable power.  Dine with your fellow travelers in the dining tent before bedding down in your thermic tent for the night.  

Day two sees a visit to the Elephant seal colony to watch these mammoth creatures.  The Southern seal is the world’s largest seal species, with adult males potentially growing to 13 feet long.  The opportunity to view these mighty creatures will be an unforgettable experience.  

Your flight will take you back to Punta Arenas to bask in the warm glow of the treasured memories you created.  

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Classic Antarctica Expedition


Explore travel offers an affordable Antarctic experience on small ice-strengthened expedition ships for a comfortable and safe passage.  

This incredible package makes a journey to the Antarctic accessible with a relatively low price point.  Join an expert crew and captain on board to fulfill your polar dreams.  

Experience a thrilling two-day sea journey towards your first destination with plenty of opportunity to spot wildlife on route. Your 11-day voyage will take you from Ushuaia across the Drake passage, which extends from Cape Horn to the South Shetland islands.   

The expedition staff onboard use their expert knowledge to bring the journey alive for you, sharing their years of experience in the exploration of polar regions with their guests to ensure a hands-on educational adventure like no other.  

Cross the Atlantic convergence where the warm waters of the sub-Antarctic and the cold waters of the Antarctica mix, attracting a variety of wildlife that feed on the nutrient-rich waters pushed to the surface by the currents.  

Spend an incredible four days exploring the beautiful landscape of the Southern Shetland Islands and the Antarctic peninsula.  Relish in the abundant wildlife and the sheer scale and size of the glaciers, ice sheets, and icebergs.  You and your expert leaders will attempt two landings daily, allowing you to get out, explore and observe this formidable landscape.  

Bond with your fellow passengers and crew as you experience the wonders of the Antarctic.  You will be well looked after by the fantastic crew of the ship, who work tirelessly to ensure your comfort and safety while onboard.  

If you are looking for an affordable expedition to one of the most remote regions on earth, this journey of a lifetime with Explore could be the one for you. Creating an exhilarating adventure, you will treasure forever.  

Classic Antarctica Expedition Explore! - best tour operators in Antarctica

Shackleton Footsteps – A Photographic Expedition with Paul Goldstein

Exodus Travels

If you are in the market for an adventure of a lifetime that connects you with like-minded adventurous souls, this epic 20-day photographic expedition could be right up your alley. 

Channeling the wild spirits of explorers from days gone by, this journey speaks to the souls of those who want to push their boundaries and relish the opportunity to explore some of the most ferocious yet astonishing scenery the world has to offer.  

Your launching point will be Start Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands, with time to explore the quaint town.  Join a shared dinner to connect with your travel mates and share expectations for your journey.  

Setting sail on the Magellan Explorer, a purpose-built polar explorer, this is one of the first smaller ships built specifically for travel in sub-Antarctic and Antarctic conditions.  It features state-of-the-art stabilizers for a smoother voyage in the unpredictable seas of the Antarctic.  Cabins are modern and well-appointed, with individually controlled heating, showers, and private bathrooms.  

Departing directly from the Falklands means you reduce travel time at sea before launching your adventure.  Your first day includes two island stops, visiting Sauders Island and West Point Island.  Both islands are home to an array of bird and marine life, including five species of penguin and elephant seals.  Wonder at the dramatic windswept scenery of these remote island locations and get your camera ready to begin your photographic journey. 

Your group leaders include Paul Goldstein, Exodus travel guide, wildlife campaigner, and award-winning photographer, and Andy Parkinson, one of Europe’s most acclaimed photographers. 

Relish in the expert leadership of Paul, whose enthusiasm for adventure is infectious and who has over twenty years of experience guiding polar expeditions. Take the opportunity to learn from these two accomplished individuals as they help facilitate this trip of a lifetime.  

Stop off at Volunteer Point, where penguins occupy this stunning sandy beach.  With a large King Penguin colony, it is a unique opportunity to observe the lives of these regal creatures. Your voyage continues onwards toward South Georgia.

Your days at sea can be filled with education from the team’s expert knowledge to prepare you for the next stage of your adventure.  Take advantage of the ship’s glass-encased observation lounge and the forward-facing observation deck leading to the vessel’s bow.  Keep your eyes peeled for whales!

As this expedition is geared explicitly around photography, excursions begin early to make the most of light conditions with extended on-shore visits to maximize time spent interacting and observing wildlife.  

Your first stop in South Georgia sees you travel via zodiac to Elseshu Bay, one of the best bird-watching spots in South Georgia, before heading to Right Whales Bay.  A visit to Salisbury plain is a highlight with its jaw-dropping scenery.

Jagged snow-capped mountains and the nearby glacier mouths of the Grace and Lucas Glaciers frame this beautiful untouched natural area. The grassy plain is home to a record number of King Penguins, with hundreds of thousands calling this area home. The sheer scale of the penguin numbers here is a humbling sight to behold.  

Traverse the last part of Shackleton’s famous final walk, which runs from Fortuna Bay to Stromness.  A stop at Gold harbor bay gets you up close and personal with the raw power of the Bertrab glacier.  The Salvesen mountains back the large beach with incredible ice cliffs of the glacier offering a mind-blowing view accompanied by a whole host of spirited animal occupants who call this special place their home.  

Sailing further south into iceberg territory, the scale of these icy structures is hard to imagine.  Journey through the Wedell sea, where Shackleton’s Endurance met its end, and make your first Antarctic landing at Erebus and Terror gulf to observe an Adelie penguin rookery. 

Voyage through the Antarctic Sound, where enormous tubular icebergs can be sighted.  This imposing, wild landscape is both ferocious and awe-inspiring, framed by the spectacular glaciated Trinity peninsula.  

Voyage onwards to Wilhelmina Bay and Cuverville island, where you have a good chance of spotting Orcas.  Your last day of landing takes place at Paradise and Neko harbor.  The incredible vistas on offer here reflect the pristine, tranquil scenery this remote part of the earth offers.  Brilliant blue waters packed with sea ice, spectacular glaciers, and rising mountainous peaks reflected in the ocean make this day one to remember.  

Spend your last few days on board journeying back to the port of Ushuaia, Argentina, to your disembarking point, reflecting with new friends and sharing the incredible pictures you captured. 

Shackleton Footsteps - A Photographic Expedition with Paul Goldstein Exodus Travels - best tour operators in Antarctica

If none of these tours work for you in Antarctica, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Antarctica now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

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