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The 8 Best European Luxury Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

The 8 Best European Luxury Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

Europe has so many stories to tell.  Be part of those stories and discover this varied continent’s rich cultures, gastronomic delights, and stunning scenery.  Tour Radar lists an incredible selection of European tours to suit everybody’s tastes and passions.  

The capitals of Europe are bustling, vibrant, and lived in.  Nothing is more exciting than visiting a new destination and watching the rhythm of life unfold around you as you discover new foods, places, and experiences. 

Choosing a tour helps you get under the skin of your travel destination with expert local knowledge and premium activities introducing the culture, history, and food.  Whether you enjoy food, cities, beaches, oceans, islands, forests, sun, or snow, Europe has something to offer everyone. 

Roam snow-capped mountain tracks in the Alps, sail canals in Amsterdam, sun yourself on Greece’s sandy island beaches, or marvel at the power of Iceland’s magnificent waterfalls and spectacular glaciers.  Maybe take a glimpse at the Aurora Borealis as you sit toasty and warm on a snow-covered deck or dine outside in the balmy summer air in Ibiza. The possibilities are literally endless.

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As you travel, feel Europe’s history come alive with visits to historical sites, monuments, and landmarks. Roman temples, monasteries, castles, and grand architecture from greek to renaissance to baroque are waiting for you to discover. Your tour guide will ensure you get in-depth information about whatever interests you.  

Food lovers will be delighted as they relish unique heritage dishes, from traditional meals to street food. So get ready to cook pasta with the Italians or delight in exclusive wine tastings. Many tours include traditional dinners, cooking masterclasses with local chefs, or gourmet tasting sessions of regional artisan products.  

It is not just about the destination; it is about the journey.  Europe has some incredible modes of transport. Traverse mountain railways or zip to your next destination on a high-speed train. Choose a luxury cruise to travel in style or a high-speed ferry to deliver you to your next island destination.  

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If you book a high-end tour, you can be sure you will be traveling in comfort no matter your mode of transport.  Whatever tour you choose will be expertly planned with the logistics nailed down to maximize your enjoyment.  

You will be guaranteed a refined travel experience if you choose one of the ranges of luxury tours on offer with Tour Radar.  Offering unrivaled support and hospitality to guests choosing a tour is an excellent option for a stress-free vacation.

Many tours operate as small groups, offering a personalized experience tailored around you. Traveling as part of a group allows you to enjoy the social side of travel.  Build new friendships and meet people who share similar passions.  

If you are planning a holiday of a lifetime, a luxury trip to Europe will create memories for a lifetime. So treat yourself to a 5-star travel experience and get ready to embrace your ultimate European adventure!  

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best tour operators in Europe - best Europe tour package - best tours in Europe - best tour companies in Europe
best tour operators in Europe - best Europe tour package - best tours in Europe - best tour companies in Europe
best tour operators in Europe - best Europe tour package - best tours in Europe - best tour companies in Europe

Swedish Aurora Glamping and Arctic Wellness

50 Degrees North

Are you looking for a unique luxury experience?  This boutique trip exploring the Swedish wilds could be just what you need for a revitalizing winter wellness break.  

Operated by 50 degrees North, a niche travel company specializing in Nordic tours.  Their team is primarily Scandinavian and uses their in-depth local knowledge to craft an authentic, once-in-a-lifetime experience for you in the Lapland region. 

This customizable experience begins in the Swedish city of Lulea, where you will be whisked away to the Aurora Safari Camp.  Your accommodation will be in comfortable glamping Lavvu tents.  These traditional Sami tents with an indoor fireplace keep you toasty and warm as you fulfill your winter dreams.  

This is luxury with an edge.  Ensconced at the camp, far away from natural lights, it gives you a chance to view the natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis in a stunning natural environment.  You can use camp equipment to explore the area, including snowshoes, fat bikes, and sleds.  

Not only will you experience an expert lecture on the Northern lights, but you will also be amazed by a hot air balloon trip enjoying a bird’s eye view of this magnificent area.  Day two begins with a guided tour of the Rane River Valley, departing directly from camp with plenty of time to relax, explore, and adventure as you see fit.  The camp’s sauna is there for guests to enjoy at their convenience.  

Tick off dog sledding from your bucket list before heading to the incredible Arctic Bath, an innovative hotel and wellness center where you will have your own designer cabin complete with luxury amenities, including a wooden deck, spa bath, mini bar, and underfloor heating. 

Your cabin floats on the Lule river and is connected to the shore by a floating walkway.  You will have spa access on day four, with saunas, outdoor jacuzzis, and an open-air cold-water pool to enjoy.  

The tour is topped off with a visit to a Sami Camp, where you will feast on a traditionally prepared three-course meal and have the opportunity to meet and feed reindeer.  This adventurous trip gives you unparalleled luxury in a pristine natural wilderness in some of the most sought-after accommodations.  

Swedish Aurora Glamping and Arctic Wellness 50 Degrees North - 7 Days Autotopia Tours - best tour operators in Australia

Switzerland By Rail with Magnificent Europe


Experience the best Europe has to offer with this mammoth tour which takes you from Zurich to Budapest, hitting over 25 European destinations on route.  You will travel in style by making the most of Europe’s extensive rail and river network, ensuring a comfortable, relaxing ride and plenty of scenery to observe as you meander across the continent.  

If you enjoy train travel, you have the opportunity to experience some once-in-a-lifetime rail journeys, including a scenic glass dome first-class trip on the Golden Pass, an incredible trip on the Glacier Express, which traverses more than 200 bridges and tunnels as it makes its way across the Alps from the Bernina Range to the Matterhorn and a ride from one of the highest railway stations in Europe.

Your trip is coordinated by APT, who have 95 years of experience creating unique, exclusive touring experiences.  They specialize in luxury travel with thoughtfully created itineraries that incorporate signature experiences designed to bring cultural moments alive for their guests. 

Your safety and well-being are assured with APT as you enjoy 24-hour support and unparalleled service so you can get on with the enjoyment of your holiday free from stress and worry.  

This trip includes a 14-night stay on the Luxury Concerto River Cruise Ship, which you will board in the heart of Amsterdam. These luxury vessels are considered some of the grandest in Europe, with an onboard wellness center, heated swimming pool, sun deck, wine room, and restaurant. Once on board the cruise ship, you will want for nothing.  

This tour will tick all your boxes if you want to cross off your European bucket list in a unique yet luxurious style.  

Switzerland By Rail with Magnificent Europe APT - best tour operators in Australia

10-Day VIP Luxury Trip in Athens and Cyclades Islands

My Greece

Are you ready for your ultimate Grecian adventure? This VIP trip gets you up close and personal with Greece’s ocean beauty, stunning islands, and fascinating history.  

Starting in Athens, tour operator MyGreece creates authentic travel experiences that elevate your holiday to a trip of a lifetime.  With small group sizes, you can be assured that your journey will be a personalized, handcrafted experience.  

My Greece tours aim to blend natural beauty with an in-depth cultural experience. In Athens, you will get the chance to visit many of the city’s historical sites, including a tour of the Acropolis and the Roman Temple of Olympic Zeus. 

From Athens, go ocean-bound and enjoy a cruise across the Aegean Sea to the Saronic Islands, visiting Hydra, Poros, and Aegina.  These stunning island jewels reflect laid-back island living with cobblestone streets, sun-soaked staircases, ancient Doric temples, and romantic shorelines.  

By boat, you will be whisked away to Mykonos for a three-day stay amongst glittering turquoise waters, picture-perfect beaches, and a lively atmosphere.  The dining scene of Mykonos has plenty of culinary delights to sample to satisfy foodies with fresh, local produce and Greek specialties. 

You will also have the chance to step back in time with a visit to the mostly uninhabited island of Delos, which contains a wealth of historical ruins and artifacts to explore.  

Your trip will culminate with the jaw-dropping beauty of Santorini.  Romance is everywhere on this unique island which was born due to the region’s intense volcanic activity. The drama of the soaring volcanic cliffs, the rich blues of the sky and ocean, and the area’s white-washed buildings create a color plate to die for.  Experience a private island tour and sample some of the island’s outstanding wines.  

If you are ready to experience Greece’s unrivaled island beauty, this tour ensures you receive the best of the island life in a luxurious, romantic package.  

10-Day VIP Luxury Trip in Athens and Cyclades Islands My Greece - best tour operators in Australia

Ultimate Italy

Luxury Gold

Italy has captured the hearts of many travelers with its vibrant art scene, incredible food, historical wonders, and passionate people.  

If you want a tour focusing on the many marvels Italy offers, look no further than Ultimate Italy.  This comprehensive trip will take you from Rome to Venice in a suitably stylish fashion.  

Operated by Luxury Gold, which provides top-end travel experiences which are seamlessly curated to capture the essence of the places you visit.   Using their industry connections, Luxury Gold creates VIP travel moments to allow guests access to sites and activities other travelers may need help seeing.  

Your Italian journey will bring many memorable experiences, from touring the ruins of Pompeii with a local history expert or tasting Umbrian cuisine with a local gourmand to foraging for truffles with an expert truffle dog or receiving instruction from a professional Italian chef on how to make the best pasta.  This hands-on trip will bring the culture of Italy alive for you.  

Whether traveling alone or with others, being part of a Luxury Gold tour is a perfect way to build new connections and friendships.  The small group sizes mean you will be part of an intimate trip, bonding over experiences that will become treasured lifetime memories.  

As part of the experience, your tour comes with a personal travel concierge service to look after the details of your journey.  The stress of planning is taken out of the equation as the team works tirelessly behind the scenes to facilitate and personalize your trip to your tastes and preferences.  

Accommodation throughout Italy is thoughtfully selected to ensure your ultimate comfort in sought-after locations.  To finish your immersion in Italy, you will travel overnight on the Orient Express, enjoying the old-school glamour of luxury train travel to Paris, where your tour ends.  

This trip allows you to experience the culture and history of Italy while enjoying a gold standard of luxury travel.  

Ultimate Italy Luxury Gold - best tour operators in Australia

Incredible Iberian Discovery and Taste Of France and Spain

Scenic Luxury Cruise and Tours

Dive into the flavors of the Mediterranean with a luxury taste extravaganza.  Traveling from Lisbon in Portugal through Spain and France, this big-hitting 18-day trip is a bucket list buster.  

Operated by Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours, Your journey will be complete on sea and land.  At your first destination, hop on board your cruising vessel, the Scenic Eclipse.  This magnificent ship is designed with luxury and the comfort of its guests in mind.  You will be traveling with a maximum of no more than 228 guests on board and a staff-to-guest ratio of almost one-to-one. 

To ensure your ultimate relaxation and enjoyment, there is a full equipt spa on board, including a mud room, indoor and outdoor pool, jacuzzi, and fitness area.  You will find your room stylish and well-appointed.  This tour includes accommodation aboard the Scenic Eclipse for the first ten days of your journey with all-inclusive food and drinks, which will satisfy even the most discerning travelers.  

As you make your journey through the Mediterranean, you have a carefully curated set of activities to choose from so you can personalize your days and nights to your tastes or your mood.  Choose from active discovery excursions such as guided bike tours, kayaking, flamenco dancing lessons, and hiking in stunning locations. 

Cultural excursions include visits to historic cities, family ranches, monasteries, and museums, or experience gourmet culinary experiences like sherry and chocolate tasting, cheese-making workshops on the shores of Ibiza, or French cookery classes.  

After your time aboard the Scenic Eclipse has come to an end, continue on your journey of a lifetime by road, heading to lively Barcelona and through France and with stays in luxury hotels along the way.  

If your looking for a fulfilling cultural experience, ultimate enjoyment, and a specialist luxury travel experience, an adventure with Scenic Luxury will delight you beyond your wildest dreams.  Sit back and let the specialists curate an unforgettable European journey. 

Incredible Iberian Discovery and Taste Of France and Spain Scenic Luxury Cruise and Tours - best tour operators in Australia

Wellness Iceland

G Adventures

Jump into a unique Iceland adventure with this 7-day taster of Iceland by G Adventures.  

G Adventures was born from founder Bruce Poon’s love of travel and a desire to create meaningful travel experiences.  The team aims to create travel experiences that benefit those experiencing them and the local communities.

Focusing on small groups, G adventures strike the perfect balance between social and personalized.  The friendships you make on a tour while creating deep bonds and memories will be treasured for years.  

This tour takes you from Iceland’s capital Reykjavik where you have a day to explore at your leisure or go whale watching straight to the majestic Thingvellier National Park to breathe in some of Iceland’s rugged beauty.  Practice yoga in the park, and warm your bones with a soak in natural hot pools before heading on to view a geothermal rye bread baking demonstration, the Geysir hot springs, and one of Iceland’s most powerful waterfalls, the Gulfoss.  

Throughout the tour, are incorporated several wellness practices, from yoga to meditation, in some of the country’s most stunning natural environments.  These practices allow you to recharge your batteries and give you the time and space to appreciate Iceland’s distinctive beauty.  

A stand-out feature of your trip is an included glacier hike of the Solheimajokull glacier.  Around 10 percent of Iceland is covered in glaciers, making it a great destination to see this incredible natural phenomenon.  As our climate changes, glaciers’ futures hang in the balance, so the opportunity to get out on the ice and experience a glacier firsthand is worth more than money can buy. 

G Adventures promotes respectful tourism, and this tour is the perfect way to gain a deeper understanding of Iceland, its culture, and its environment while striking the perfect balance of social travel and self-care.  

Wellness Iceland G Adventures - best tour operators in Europe

Play and Pause: Epic European


Are you looking for an adventure to widen your horizons?  Top Decks fully guided Europe extravaganza might be just what you are looking for.  

Your trip kicks off from London with a shared meal to get you acquainted with your tour mates.  Before launching over the channel to France for a 36-day European Road trip hitting the most sought-after European spots.  

The tour operator TopDeck provides epic adventures for 18 to 39 years.  Their enthusiastic and knowledgeable crew and trip leaders put their hearts and souls into helping you fulfill your travel dreams in a sociable and inclusive environment.  

Using expert knowledge and insider tips, your trip leader will help you maximize your experience and time to get the most out of your trip.   Leave the logistics to them so you can concentrate on living your best life with your newfound mates.  

This tour is best described as backpacking luxe. You will travel comfortably on the purpose-made Topdeck coach, with comfortable reclining seats, Wi-Fi, and power points. There is a range of room options.  So if you are flying solo, you can stay in a single room if you prefer.  

 Leap into the unknown and kick-start your European discoveries for a life-changing journey across the continent with TopDeck. 

Play and Pause Epic European Topdeck - best tour operators in Europe

Tour de Mont Blanc Hotel Trek

Exodus Travel

If you are looking for a trip to challenge yourself to unrivaled Alpine scenery, look no further than the Tour de Mont Blanc Hotel Trek.  

This tour is a challenge of a lifetime, completed in comfort and style.  In the safe hands of Exodus Travels, world leaders in adventure travel experiences, you will complete the Mont Blanc Circuit, trekking through Switzerland, France, and Italy.  

The Tour de Mont Blanc is an iconic mountain trek whose trails have been traversed for centuries by local shepherds.  With mind-blowing scenery from the craggy peaks of the snow-capped Alps in the background to rushing, clear mountain streams and wide open blue skies, this trek offers the best of walking in the Alps.      

Taking this tour with Exodus, you can be assured of your safety.  A qualified International Mountain Leader will guide the trail so you can enjoy a stress-free walking holiday and concentrate on soaking in your surroundings.  

You will be staying in tasteful hotel accommodation so you can be guaranteed a hot shower and comfy bed after your exertion for the day.  Your bags will be transported to your next accommodation and will be waiting for you on your arrival. Breakfast, picnic lunches, and dinners are included on most days.  The trip has three rest days built in, allowing you time to recuperate.  

Allow Exodus Travels to help you complete this awe-inspiring mountain trek safely and comfortably.  Push your limits and be rewarded with this unforgettable premium active adventure.  

Tour de Mont Blanc Hotel Trek Exodus Travel - best tour operators in Europe

If none of these tours work for you in Europe, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Europe now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

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