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The 7 Best Ghana Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

The 7 Best Ghana Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

Ghana is a West African tropical paradise located on the Gulf of Guinea neighboring Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) to the west, Burkina Faso, to the north, and Togo, to the east. It is a piece of nature’s incredible adornment with breathtaking waterfalls and rolling mountains.

Blessed with amazing biodiversity, hospitable people and beautiful landscapes (including its 540 km of dazzling white beaches that are perfect for relaxation), the best Ghana tours all know there is a lot to discover here and are experts at making sure you get to see the best-of-the-best!

This Natural Wonder is a historical gem and a cultural pearl that contains much of the history of one of humanity’s darkest atrocities – the evil Transatlantic Slave Trade. The Cape Coast Castle is a symbol of the horrific slave trade, where enslaved Africans captured from various parts of the continent took their final look at the only home they have ever known – gone through the ‘Gate of No Return’.

Whether you are thinking of finding your roots in Africa or just curious about how slave masters maltreated slaves in their dungeons in Elmina Castle or you want to learn about the great kings and kingdoms of the Ashanti region that existed well before the era of slavery, then ‘Akwaaba’ (welcome) to Ghana.

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There are numerous ways to explore and experience this magical country’s natural beauty while also learning about the injustices committed by those in power in the mid-17th century in enslaving innocent Africans. Some people prefer to travel alone, while others prefer to travel with a partner, but the best way to discover Ghana is by joining a group tour. But why do we say so? You may ask.

Group tours allow you to explore Ghana in groups, where you can share your emotional experiences with like-minded people, make new friends or even get a chance to meet a distant cousin. Who knows? 

For the fact that group tours are required to meet the needs of their clients, they have no alternative but to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for them. They know how to make your exploration unique and thrilling, they have the age-old knowledge of taking people around Ghana and believe it; they know this magical country inside and out.

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Group tours are like a small community of travelers exploring together; Learning about what life must have been like in Ghana during ancient times and appreciating the efforts done to preserve the centuries-old culture and tradition for our generation to experience.

The truth is that group tours take off the headache of planning your travel itinerary completely from you, and finding the best places to stay and the best restaurants to dine at. Isn’t this a great start to an amazing exploration?

So, much as we have done for the best Rwanda tours and best Dominican Republic tours, here we are going to be talking about one of the best Ghana tours (and their operators), so you can be inspired – and then choose with confidence. These tour packages are offered by the best tour operators operating in Ghana and were carefully selected to give you a list of varieties to choose from the best. 

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best tour operators in Ghana - best Ghana tour package - best tours in Ghana - best tour companies in Ghana - best Ghana tours
best tour operators in Ghana - best Ghana tour package - best tours in Ghana - best tour companies in Ghana - best Ghana tours

Ghanaian Adventure Safari

Across Africa Tours & Travel

Across Africa Tours and Travel is a leading tour operator in Ghana with a great knowledge of the country’s most visited sites. Experienced in crafting tailor-made explorations combining emotional trips to slave castles and amazing getaways to stunning waterfalls. But not just that, they also give their clients a thrilling safari experience, allowing them to discover the different facets of a Ghanaian Adventure.

On this tour, you will start your journey in Accra, Ghana’s capital where you will visit the enclosed flame of Africa lit by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in 1961, symbolizing the path to  Africa’s freedom from colonial rule.

At this place, you will also visit the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, where Ghana’s first president was laid to rest. The location is set in beautiful gardens and is connected by a museum that houses photos, artifacts, and information about the life of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who was the pioneer of Ghana’s independence from British rule.

From Accra, you will continue to Kumasi – the capital city of the Ashanti Region and get a thrilling visit to the Manhyia Palace where the Ashanti Kings had their official residence until 1974 and other tourist attraction sites in Obuasi, Abandze, Assin Manso etc.

The fun part of this trip is the visit to the Kakum National Park where you will take a short stroll through the forest floor. Have an unforgettable view of the birds and butterflies and possibly capture a variety of rare mammal species such as the Diana Monkey, Bongo, Yellow-Backed Duiker and the elusive forest elephant.

You will continue to the canopy walkway, which is 1000 feet long with seven bridge viewing platforms that reach 150 feet above the ground. This is a perfect chance to be completely immersed in mother nature and relieve the stress gathered from learning about the injustices done to African ancestors.

This fully-guided tour takes a group of 20 people aged between 8 to 99 years old. It is perfect for families and has a starting price of $3467 per person including your accommodation, meals and transportation for 8 days. 

Ghanaian Adventure Safari Across Africa Tours & Travel - best tour operators in Ghana

Black History Tour

Landtours Ghana Ltd.

Landtours Ghana Limited is West Africa’s premier adventure travel company, focusing on delivering a seamless, transformative, and unforgettable travel experience to its clients. You do realize that you’re covered when you travel with the big players in the travel industry, don’t you?

Landtours Ghana Limited is more than just a travel company; it has positioned itself as a community development agent, which is why, when you visit a local village, your entry fees are collected and donated to the village for school, medical, or environmental projects. This has a significant impact on the villagers’ quality of life.

Wouldn’t you be proud of yourself if you knew that your visit to Ganvie, a village built on water that has existed for over 300 years, would not only be an unforgettable experience for you, but also an opportunity for the innocent villagers to benefit from your visit? I’m sure you’ll be pleased with yourself. What’s more, guess what! We will be pleased for you as well.

This time, Landtours will take you through an emotional roller coaster – a visit to history’s darkest moments by dipping a foot in the same waters where Africa’s forefathers took their last baths, and touring the bleak slave dungeons of the Elmina castle built by the Portuguese in 1482 and the Cape Coast castle, where they spent their last days before embarking on the journey to a foreign land.

A journey in chains with no clothes on and thousands fitted on boats made for a hundred – layered like sardines in tins. 

This part of the tour is filled with mixed emotions; anger and hope. You will be angry at the perpetrators for even having the thought to put their fellowmen in such conditions of horror. You will be hopeful because of the steps taken by our generation to stand firm and say ‘Never Again’ shall such atrocities happen to mankind.

The future is bright and it is heartwarming to see that centuries later the descendants of those who went through the gate of no return came back through the same gate now named, the gate of return.

After an emotional ride, you will then visit the three famous Ashanti craft villages to let loose your anger and enjoy the beautiful scenery of pure art. 

The tour is fully-guided and perfect for families. It takes a group of 20 people between the ages of 3 to 75 years old and costs $2613 per person including accommodation, meals and transportation. 

Black History Tour Landtours Ghana Ltd. - best tour operators in Ghana

Slave Route Tour

Eyali Tours

Eyal Tours is a Ghanaian tour operator that provides a comprehensive range of products and services to local and international business travelers as well as tourists in Ghana, Togo, and Benin. They are a dedicated team of experts who will make your visit to Ghana memorable and leave you wanting more of this magical place. 

As you read the name of this tour, we are quite very sure that you are already imagining what it is all about. The slave route tour takes you to Ghana’s coast, where you will see some of the unique places that were important during the transatlantic slave trade, which lasted for more than 300 years. Take a second and read that number again. More than three centuries of darkness and complete horror on the African continent. 

On this educational tour, you will be taken through the exact route the enslaved Africans went through, from being captured in the hinterland to taking their last bath in the ‘Donko Nsuo’ to being sold to the slave traders and held captive in underground dungeons before their inhuman shipment to the New World. 

It is difficult to not shed tears of anger while on this tour, as the longstanding fortresses on the coast of the Atlantic are the realities of a dark history that have been told too frivolously to the younger generations of the West.

Writing about this tour makes us emotional and leaves us in disbelief and still questioning, Why? Sadness fills our hearts as we think about how different history could have been. If you are feeling the same trigger as you read this article, then you are not alone. 

Even though this tour is super emotional, there are fun moments too. You will visit the Kakum National Park and walk your emotional tensions down the canopy walkway while enjoying a breathtaking view of the rainforest.

The tour takes a maximum of 100 people between the ages of 1 to 100 years old and costs $1600 per person including accommodation, meals and transportation for 6 days.

Slave Route Tour Eyali Tours - best tour operators in Ghana

Panafest Celebration In Ghana

Continent Tours Limited

Continent Tours is a highly-rated eco-travel tour company known for its professional handling of its clients. With its tolerant and humorous tour guides whose depth of knowledge about the Ghanaian people and their culture will leave you amazed. They take pride in crafting tailor-made experiences for groups of people who are willing to take on an educational journey through Ghana’s history.

On this tour, you will first stop at the W.E.B. Du Bois Centre, which commemorates the life of the prominent Pan-Africanists who chose to live and work in Ghana. You will then continue to Jamestown Community, one of Accra’s most historic neighborhoods, with history on every street corner.

This settlement is best known for its lighthouses – the first of which was built by the British in 1875 as a navigational aid for trading ships sailing through the Gulf of Guinea. 

In the evening, you will take a guided tour of Elmina’s ancient town. At the harbor, you’ll see colorful fishing canoes preparing to set sail for another night of fishing. You will witness the lively movement of fishermen and female vendors buying and selling fish on this same shore that once traded humans as goods.

As the name of the tour tells it clearer, the main activity of this tour package is to witness the PANAFEST Celebration which takes place biannually. The PANAFEST (the Pan African Historical Theater Festival) was created to help Africans reconnect with their strengths and be inspired to remain vigilant, firmly establishing themselves to take control of their future by learning from history.

You will join others in kicking off the Emancipation Day Celebration with a Grand Durbar of traditional chiefs and Central Region residents. This will be a grand, colorful, and spectacular event that will highlight the pomp and pageantry of Ghana’s traditional rulers, who will be dressed in fine ceremonial traditional clothing and adorned with glittering gold jewelry and traditional beads.

The tour takes a group of 20 people between the ages of 5 to 80 years old. It includes your accommodation, meals and transportation for a starting price of $2895 per person for 10 days.

Panafest Celebration In Ghana Continent Tours Limited - best tour operators in Ghana

Educational Tour of Ghana

Olives Travel And Tours Ghana Limited.

Ranked among the top tour providers in Ghana, Olives Travel And Tours aims at connecting people from different walks of life through group tours that offer unique explorations and in-depth education. Based in Ghana, you are sure to get an authentic experience traveling with an indigenous travel company.

This tour will begin in Accra at the Makola Market which is the capital’s largest open market, where women and men sell goods and services in the open. Food, vegetables, spices, tubers, plastics, fish, and many other treasures can be found.

A stroll down to the market will teach you something unique about the everyday lives of ordinary Ghanaians, and the experience will be unforgettable. Another authentic experience that you will encounter is a visit to Agbogloshie and the Konkomba yam markets. You’ll be astounded by the number of energetic young men pushing trucks and shouting in the sun for a way to transport their goods. 

Part of this tour will be a visit to the Cape Coast Castle to honor the lives lost during the dreadful transatlantic slave trade. By now,  you should understand that a typical Ghanaian adventure is a combination of history, safari, culture and tradition.

Each of these facets of the country is inexhaustible on a single tour even though tour operators do try their utmost best to give you as much information as they possibly can. 

As this tour is tailored to teaching you about Ghana and its history and culture, you should expect to learn new things every step of the way; from Accra to Cape Coast and Elmina Castle. 

The fun part of this tour is the visit to West Mall which is West Africa’s largest mall. The interaction with Ghanaians will give you a glimpse of how much hospitality this country sheds on strangers. Do not be surprised to hear ‘Akwaaba’ all over the place as it is how people will greet you. It means welcome in the Akan language.

The tour takes a group of 20 between the ages of 5 to 85 years old. It is family-friendly and well-guided. It includes your accommodation, meals and transportation costing $2540 per person for 10 days.

Educational Tour of Ghana Olives Travel And Tours Ghana Limited. - best tour operators in Ghana

9 Days Local Tour In Kumasi And Tamale

Pro Tour Africa.

Pro Tour Africa is a registered and licensed tour company in Ghana that strives to make traveling and touring in Ghana more responsible, sustainable and rewarding for all visitors.

They vow to accomplish this by offering the ultimate destination for the discerning traveler and tourist, as well as experiential, tailored travel planning, vacations, and unique tour itineraries for groups. Pro Tour Africa operates to provide tourists with culturally inspired experiences by offering fascinating travel packages and the best prices for tours in Ghana.

This tour is designed for visitors who want to learn about and experience traditional African culture, Ghanaian lifestyle, history, and adventure. The tour focuses primarily on two popular regions in Ghana: the Ashanti Region, Kumasi, and the Northern Region, Tamale. 

You will start at the Bonwire Kente weaving village in Juaben, Kumasi. The popular Ghanaian local cloth “kente” originated here. It is also one of Ghana’s most important kente weaving centers. Kente is a local cloth with various patterns, colors, and designs that are worn on special occasions such as festivals, weddings, naming ceremonies, and the enstoolment of kings, queens, and chiefs. 

Following Bonwire Village will be Ntonso, where artisans hand-stamp patterns on a cotton cloth to create Adinkra textiles. Adinkra cloth in black-on-black and blank-on-red is worn at funerals and solemn occasions. You will have the chance to learn how to make black dye from tree bark. Isn’t that amazing? You will also have the opportunity to create your own personalized Adinkra sash to take home. 

This tour will include a village tour with locals in a typical Tamale village to experience mud and hut houses, stream visits, cooking in local clay pots, and other activities. There will also be a tour of the chief palace and a commercial bus boarding experience.

This is what we call authentic experiences – living like a local. This amazing tour package goes far and beyond what we can put in ink on this article. The only way to find out the secrets is by taking the chance to explore a typical day in the life of a Ghanaian villager. 

The tour has a maximum group size of 100 people aged 3 to 85. It is fully guided, family-friendly, and includes meals, lodging, and transportation for nine days for $2300 per person.

9 Days Local Tour In Kumasi And Tamale Pro Tour Africa. - best tour operators in Ghana

Cultural Ghana Trip

Culture Holidays Private Limited

Culture Holidays Private Limited is an international luxury group travel company that has been serving travelers since 1999. They enjoy going above and beyond to add some local flavor to your usual trip.

Because, after all, what is the essence of a place if not its own unique traditions and folklore? They asked. This is why you will be taken to Accra, Kumasi and Elmina neighborhoods in search of that unique and authentic experience.

In this quest, you will be taken to witness the Akwasidae Festival – a magnificent Ashanti celebration centered on ancestral reverence, remembrance, and recognition of past kings and noble feats. It is a celebration of the Golden Stool, which is believed to have descended from the sky as well as a cultural vibrancy that brings together the Asantehene sub-kings and subjects of Kumasi at the Manhyia Palace. 

Following this cultural experience, you will be taken to the Cape Coast where you will join Ghanaian women and learn how to prepare some rich traditional Ghanaian foods. This is the most exciting part of this trip because Ghana, here us out, Ghana has the best food in the world!

We know you can counter that but we are not taking our word back until you taste Ghana’s Jollof Rice. We cannot pen down the magical taste of Ghana’s Jollof which is why we will let you be the judge.

This trip takes a group of 20 between the ages of 3 to 85 years old and is perfect for families. It includes your accommodation, meals and transportation for 6 days and costs $4413 per person.

Cultural Ghana Trip Culture Holidays Private Limited - best tour operators in Ghana

If you decide to visit Ghana, be mentally prepared to experience an intense emotional roller coaster, because the most heinous aspects of the horrific slave trade, which we have left out of this article, may catch you off guard. Delve deep, but don’t let your experience in the slave houses keep you from enjoying the magical scenery of a sunny day by the waterfalls.

If you’ve already started packing, ‘Akwaaba’ – Welcome to Ghana!

If none of these tours work for you in Ghana, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Ghana now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

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