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The 4 Best Greenland Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable

The 4 Best Greenland Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable

Are you ready for an epic adventure in a vast land of ice and snow? Greenland might be just the country for your next travel experience. As one of the most remote places in the world, it is home to a wonderfully diverse range of Arctic wildlife that attracts international travelers from all the over the world. 

Home to magnificent hulking polar bears, cheeky but graceful Arctic foxes, mammoth-tusked walruses wallowing on floating pack ice, not to mention the elegant Greenland reindeer known in Greenlandic as the Tuttu.

Topping records as the largest island in the world, Greenland is a place of extremes. The climate differs from the South to the North of the island. The Southern part of the country lies outside the Arctic Circle, and the Northern part lies within the Arctic Circle. However, the country as a whole is classified as an Arctic Tundra.  

The grandiose scale of nature and its isolated location adds to the countries awe-inspiring beauty. The treeless environment is dominated by ice and immense glaciers.  Its pristine, glimmering snow-covered landscape comprises the Greenlandic ice sheet covering over eighty percent of the country.  A rocky, barren coastline encircles the country with the waters of the Arctic Ocean to the north and the North Atlantic to the east.  

Greenland, due to its harsh climate, is extremely sparsely populated.  Only around 56,000 people live in Greenland.  Settlements are primarily located on the coast and inhabited by the Inuit, a hardy, brave, and resourceful people who are masters of this unforgiving Arctic environment. 

To thrive in this climate requires mental and physical strength and an innate knowledge of the land and its wildlife.  Hunting and harvesting were the only way to survive, and ancestors passed this knowledge down, allowing the successful settlement of this wild land.   

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Get the chance to visit Inuit settlements and taste traditional Inuit cuisine harvested from the surrounding land and sea.   Surviving in this brutal environment requires cooperation and the spirit of this lives on in the modern-day residents of Greenland.  People here are friendly and welcoming.  They look out for each other as this is the only way to ensure survival in such a remote, isolated country.   

Once only the preserve of hardy explorers, Greenland’s spectacular scenery has opened up to the everyday traveler.  A tour is a fantastic way to experience the wonders of this Arctic country.  Your safety is paramount when visiting harsh climates. Polar bears are dangerous if not adequately prepared; however, traveling with an expert guide means you will be in safe hands.  

Tour Radar has an extensive range of tours.  For those who enjoy comfort, choose a cruise to take you out into the country’s sublime fjord systems and coastal waters.  The submerged glaciated valleys are a highlight of visiting Greenland with their towering steep sides and ice-packed waters.  

For the more adventurous, choose a sea kayaking tour taking you out onto the water and getting you up close and personal with this stunning environment and wildlife.  Glide past humongous icebergs of all different shapes and sizes, spotting basking seals or walruses. 

Get out onto the ice, excursing to one of the country’s many glaciers.  With the help of your guide, explore these unique natural features with their seracs and crevasses.  Watch their raw power as enormous ice sheets carve into the water below.  

Whatever your fitness level and preferences, Greenland offers an exciting and intoxicating adventure in one of the world’s most unique climates.  If you are ready to take on a polar adventure in the Arctic, consider Greenland your first port of call.  

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best tour operators in Greenland - best Greenland tour package - best tours in Greenland - best tour companies in Greenland - best Greenland tours
best tour operators in Greenland - best Greenland tour package - best tours in Greenland - best tour companies in Greenland - best Greenland tours
best tour operators in Greenland - best Greenland tour package - best tours in Greenland - best tour companies in Greenland - best Greenland tours

Wonders Of Greenland


If you are looking for a comprehensive tour of Greenland that mixes outdoor activities, mindblowing scenery, and cultural exploration, the Wonders of Greenland tour could be the one for you.  

Tasermuit Travel facilitates your group, including twelve other guests, ensuring an intimate experience.  Since opening in 1997, Tasermuit Travel prides itself on being Greenland enthusiasts who love to help others experience the spectacular natural environment of this rugged and extremely isolated country.  

The base of operations in South Greenland consists of a fleet of speedboats, 4WD cars, kayaks, hostels, and permanent dome camps, positioned in some of Southern Greenland’s most remote areas.  Their solid infrastructure allows them to create in-depth, active adventures for their guests in hard-to-reach locations in this remote and wild landscape.  

This trip launches from Narsarsuaq, a gateway town to Southern Greenland, which perches on the shores of the Tunuliarfik Fjord.  This delightful Nordic town gives you your first taste of the unique feel of the Arctic Circle.  

You will be whisked away by Zodiac boat to the shores of Qassiarsuk, the former home of Eric the Red, the first Viking to discover Greenland. With its lush valleys and hills, it is a prime farming territory. Farmers have cultivated the grazing land since it was established as one of the first Viking settlements, and it continues to be farmed to this day.  

Set sail towards your spectacular camping destination, navigating the icy waters of the magnificent Tunulliarrfik Fiord, bypassing mammoth floating icebergs and towering cliffs.  Stop at Narsaq, a settlement on the coast, to explore before reaching your accommodation.  The views are stunning on a sandy beach in this remote and wild spot.  Gaze out toward the mouths of three glacier tongues and embrace the tranquility of this isolated region.

You will spend the next few days exploring this glaciated landscape.  Hike the shores of Tasersuatsiaq Lake, and climb to a height of 400m to get an awe-inspiring view of the Greenlandic icecap.  The summit view of the spectacular Indlandis is a humbling experience as its vast body stretches out towards the Atlantic.  Embrace the Nordic lifestyle and forage for food, or enjoy a spot of fishing depending on the season.  

Watch graceful caribou graze the green, lush tundra and marvel at their staggering antlers.  Get up close and personal with the glaciers, exploring the coastline by boat as vertical ice sheets plunge into the ocean below.  Experience a once in a lifetime glacier hike on the tongue of Indlandis, exploring the crevices, drains, and seracs, using an expert mountain guide and specialist equipment to ensure the group’s safety on this unforgiving yet staggeringly beautiful icy wonderland. 

Hike the path of kings towards Igaliku and immerse yourself in Norse history in this ancient settlement, where you can explore the ruins of a past time.  Straddling the dramatic coastline and framed with verdant green meadows, this idyllic yet extremely isolated spot has a secluded, wild beauty. 

Sail the Qooroq Fiord before indulging in a day of active adventures hiking and admiring the view of Sermilik Fiord, otherwise known as Iceberg Alley.  View the flotilla of blue-tinged icebergs that calve off the Helheim Glacier as they make their way downstream.   

You will have the option to take a two-hour kayaking trip getting you closer to these floating giants.  The tour finishes with a farewell dinner using traditional Inuit ingredients from the local area.   Ninety percent of Greenland’s population are native Inuit.  Get acquainted with the flavors of local delicacies as you relive the incredible memories of the past days.  

This tour allows you to get outside and explore the incredible landscape of this unique country and its native people.  Providing a well-organized, reliable infrastructure allowing its guests access to this isolated, wild terrain safely and sustainably.  

Wonders Of Greenland by Tasermiut - best tour operators in Greenland

Greenland Summer Adventure

Receptivo Aborigen Tours

Experience a summer adventure like no other with this five-day sojourn across some of Greenland’s most spectacular scenery.  

This could be your ideal adventure if you want a short trip that packs a punch.  Operated by Receptivo Aborigen Tours, a travel agency based in Buenos Aires, they offer guides in both Spanish and English.  

Departing from Narsarqsuaq, you will have time to explore your first Nordic destination.  Your guide will lead the group on an hour’s trek to a viewpoint to take in views of the rolling plains of the area, filled with delightful wildflowers during the summer.  The contrast between the verdant green hillside landscapes and the formidable Tunulliarfik fiord makes for dramatic viewing.  

Spend the following day hiking in the Valley of a Thousand Flowers near Tasiilaq, soaking in the peaceful ambiance.  Hear trickling streams and spot gushing waterfalls while marveling at the delicate alpine flora and flora that covers this remote valley. 

Next, undertake a two-hour journey from Narsarqsuaq to Qaqortoq by Zodiac boat.  This is a spectacular way to reach your next destination bypassing icebergs, ice sheets, and islands that populate the coastal waters of Southern Greenland.  There is no better way to travel.  

Arrive at Qaqortoq to experience the rhythm of life in a Greenlandic town. This is the country’s fourth most populated town, yet the population only numbers around 3,000.  Colorful Nordic-style houses are dotted across the surrounding hillside, which backs onto a sheltered bay.  

Like most settlements in Greenland, it is situated right on the coastline, and the inhabitants’ lives are tied to the ocean.  Most employment comes from farming, fishing, and, more recently, tourism.  Spend the day and evening exploring this stunning Nordic outpost, sample local cuisine, visit the museum for a deep dive into local history, or take a relaxing stroll around the lake.  The peaceful atmosphere makes it the perfect place to spend a relaxed day and evening.  

Your final excursion takes you by boat to explore Inlandis, the Greenlandic Polar Icecap.  From the Qaleraliq glacier camp, you will have phenomenal views of the vast mouths of the glaciers as they spill out into the ocean.  Weather permitting, your guide will take you onto the glacier to explore and have a picnic lunch in this formidable landscape for a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.  

A summer trip to Greenland makes for spectacular contrasts amongst the lush green pastures, sunshine, and alpine flowers set to a backdrop of spectacular icebergs, scattered snowpacks, mammoth glaciers, and ice sheets.  

If you are looking for a summer trip with a difference, book it now.  

Greenland Summer Adventure by Receptivo Aborigen Tours - best tour operators in Greenland

Kayak in the Footsteps of the Inuit

Moskito Adventures

Ready for an active adventure amongst some of the most spectacular scenery in the world?

This 17-day sea-kayaking journey takes you on a journey of exploration on Greenland’s coastline, following in the footsteps of the native Inuit community.  Your group will visit several Inuit settlements along the route.  This a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the Inuit culture.  As a people, they have adapted to life in a harsh Arctic environment. Experience firsthand the skills they utilize to survive and thrive.  

A sea kayaking tour lets you immerse yourself in the ocean environment, getting you as close as possible to awe-inspiring scenery and wildlife. Cruise past icebergs and marvel at the stunning waters of fjords as the sharp cliff edges and ice sheets tower above you.  Your kayak gives you a prime position for spotting incredible wildlife. 

This epic trip is operated by Mosquito Adventures, a passionate and enthusiastic team of outdoor adventures whose philosophy is to get people outside and into nature, inspiring people to broaden their horizons by pushing themselves with new experiences and challenges.  

You will join a small group with a maximum group size of 7, along with a trained sea kayaking guide who has been working as a guide in the area for several years to ensure your safety.  Due to this trip’s active nature, a good level of physical fitness is required, and basic kayaking skills and strokes should already be mastered before the tour.    

Meet with your adventure buddies and group leader in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik. Use your free time to explore and discover this charming capital city’s hidden secrets before flying to Kulusuk. This welcoming, traditional Greenlandic settlement will be your jumping-off point for exploring East Greenland’s coastal regions.  

Marvel at the jaw-dropping scenery of the dramatic landscape of the fjords with the jagged, snow-covered peaks of mountains rising into the sky.   From the vantage point of your kayak, this isolated and wild landscape takes on a new meaning as you slice through the water. You will be kayaking between 20 to 30 kilometers daily during the trip.  

Your excursions are sure to bring hungry bellies to feed. Everyone pitches in to keep warm and fed as you prepare your camp in phenomenal natural beauty spots. Spending extended time enjoying the natural environment allows you to take time out of your busy everyday lives and plug back into nature. Being part of this team adventure guarantees you will form lifelong friendships with fellow travelers.  

The first Inuit settlement you visit is Kuumit which lies at the bottom of Ammassalik fjord. This small sub-antarctic farming and hunting community exemplifies a traditional subsistence lifestyle in the Nordic region.   Make your way through icy seas to your landing spot. Your group will replenish supplies and observe life in this secluded outpost.

Your kayak journey continues onwards. Keep your eyes peeled for chances to see whales.  Up to 15 whale species can be spotted in the water around Greenland.  The benefit of an extended time out at sea is an increased chance of spotting these magnificent creatures.  

Kayak toward Sermelik fjord.  The landscape becomes more dramatic in this brutal Arctic environment, known as iceberg alley.  On your kayak, glide through the water, passing by icebergs, and wonder at their startling shapes and sizes. Watch as seals bask in the sunshine as you float past.  

Once you reach the Johann-Peterson fjord, surrounded by the formidable tongues of the surrounding glaciers, you will have the opportunity to take an excursion out on the ice to experience the drama of this glacial landscape on foot.  Weather dependent, your journey finishes with a kayak tour of the Bruckner glacier.  Its jagged peaks and crevasses soar far above the water’s edge.  This will be a truly unforgettable experience. 

If you want to experience a thrilling adventure that pushes your abilities in one of the planet’s most extreme yet ruggedly beautiful landscapes, look no further.  The memories and friendships you make will stay with you forever as you access this isolated yet pristine wilderness and meet the magnificent wildlife and people it supports.  

Kayak in the Footsteps of the Inuit by Moskito Adventures - best tour operators in Greenland

Spitsbergen, East Greenland, and Iceland Southbound

Intrepid Travel

Exploring the arctic waters by cruise is an incredible way to access the coastline of this spectacular country in style and comfort.  

Intrepid Travel offers a great-value Nordic cruise that traverses the waters of Norway, Greenland, and Iceland, hitting 3 Arctic countries and busting your bucket list wide open.  

The sturdy Ocean Adventurer will be your home away from home.  This former expedition ship underwent an eight million refurbishment in 2017, fitting it with new engines, upgraded cabins, and public areas.

Joining you on board will be a complete boat crew and several guides, including a naturalist, an ornithologist, a marine biologist, a  historian, a geologist, and a photographer, to ensure you get the most out of this fantastic experience.  Educational presentations will take place during your time on the ship to allow you to connect with and learn about this isolated region’s culture, history, and wildlife.  

You will meet with the rest of the tour group in Helsinki, where you will have free time to explore this cosmopolitan port city.  Know for its modern and innovative design; the city is a vibrant mix of Russian and Scandinavian influences. 

Culture vultures will be in their element here, exploring museums and art galleries, while nature lovers can relish the city’s open spaces, parks, and islands.  There are over 300 islands in Helskini’s archipelago. Spend a relaxed day exploring the city’s unique coastal design.  

Next, fly to Longyearbyen, the capital of Svalbard. This isolated capital is located 1050 meters from the north pole. The climate here is understandably harsh, yet it has a pristine, untamed beauty with formidable mountain peaks surrounding the town dusted with blankets of snow.  From here, you will board your vessel as you prepare to spend the next three days exploring Spitsbergen, the largest of Svalbard’s islands.  

Svalbard is a fascinating polar archipelago comprising nine main islands.  The island of Spitsbergen is covered with glaciers and dramatic mountainous terrain. Prepared for an icy adventure of a lifetime as you cruise the arctic waters. The weather and ice will determine where the ship can dock.

There will be plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife with help from your expert team of guides.  A visit to the Sor-Spitsbergen National Park, which supports a rich diversity of animals, brings the chance to see polar bears, arctic foxes, reindeer, seals, and a host of birdlife.  

Experience the savage beauty of the surrounding seascape with its blue-tinged glacier mouths, drifting pack ice, and an endless blanket of brilliant white snow.  This exhilarating journey will take you along coastlines and magnificent fjords to experience the best this Arctic island offers.  You can explore the frigid waters by kayak to get an even closer view of this spectacular landscape.  

You will then voyage onwards across the vast sea of Greenland.  Keep your eyes peeled for whale sightings during the crossing.  Or sit back and enjoy the boat’s hospitality or participate in lectures about the wildlife and history of your next destination Greenland.  

Your polar expedition will take you to the shores of East Greenland. Enjoy several shore landings in this remote country.  A fleet of Zodiac crafts ferries you safely to land. As the second-largest icecap in the world, Greenland is a boundless wilderness home to a host of Arctic wildlife.  

Be astounded by the magnitude of icebergs and the stunning aesthetic of its fjords.

Sail the waters of the Scoresby Sund, the largest fjord in the world.  You may see musk oxen, arctic foxes, or lemmings on shore.  Seals, walruses, or polar bears may be basking on the ice.  Get your camera ready to capture this stunning polar environment.  

The cruise is fully inclusive, with sumptuous meals as part of the package. In your downtime, bond with other guests as you swap photos and stories of your unforgettable journey.  From Greenland, your voyage will take you across the Denmark Strait toward your departure point of Reykjavik. 

This epic expedition is perfect for those who want to experience the otherworldly beauty of an Arctic landscape, glaciers, and the rich diversity of wildlife with the comfort and hospitality of a cruise.  

Book now for an exhilarating adventure that gives you access to some of the remotest regions in the world.  

Spitsbergen, East Greenland, and Iceland Southbound by Intrepid Travel - best tour operators in Greenland

If none of these tours work for you in Greenland, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Greenland now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

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