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The 6 Best Taiwan Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

The 6 Best Taiwan Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

Taiwan’s strong presence and intense history can be traced back to its indomitable spirit and intensely patriotic people. The distinctive mix of cultures is a clear reminder of Taiwan’s strive t be peaceful. You will see an array of cultures and beliefs here living together in harmony.

Perhaps Taiwan’s most favorable quality is its generosity and distinct kindness towards others. In Taiwan, you will be met with some of the finest hospitality and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

There are several similarities between china and Taiwan but don’t be fooled, taiwan and china are completely different countries. Taiwan has been colonized by several different countries but each time has been able to become free once more. Taiwan was a sovereign state for thousands of years until the mid-17th century when the Netherlands colonized the island which lasted roughly 40 years.

With the strong independent spirit of the people, the country was able to become independent again for another 20 years before China stepped in and began to govern the island for another 200 years. Taken over briefly by Japan, the country was then given back to China again after Japan’s major defeat in World War ll.

Taiwan was then a free nation under the rule of the Chinese Nationalist Party. Once the mainland was taken over by the Communist party of china in 1949, the island of Taiwan remained nationalist. In fact, Nationalist soldiers and other affiliations of the party retreated to Taiwan after mainland china cut Taiwan off from the rest of the country.

Since then, Taiwan has abandoned its ties to mainland china, it has been working tirelessly to become completely recognized as independent by the U.N.

Taiwan remains a center for creativity, individuality, and diversity. With a population of 23.57 million, Taiwan can definitely be seen as very dense for the size of the island.

With some of the most beautiful natural parks spanning across the island and with the big city of Taipei in the north, you will find a variety of different lifestyles and perspectives which you will find truly remarkable. Now let’s look at the top places to visit within the country and later on, the best tours in Taiwan.

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Taipei, Taiwan

The booming capital of Taipei is the largest city in Taiwan and is often considered the heart of the country. Taipei is where your journey should start. This is due to its rich culture, easy navigation, and tons to do! Exploring the city of Taipei can take days as there is just so much to do and see.

Taipei was established when Chinese migrants began to develop the city. It quickly became a significant city and during the 19th century became a part of International trade. This is due to the ports of Tan-Shui and Chi-Lung.

Even after the country was declared part of China, Taiwan did remain the capital. Even when Japan colonized Taiwan it kept Taipei as the capital. Taipei has withstood multiple different leaderships throughout hundreds of years but remains the city of Taipei. 

When visiting Taipei it’s almost impossible to not get lost in the bright lights of the city. There is just so much to see and do within the city. Start your Taipei adventure by touring the Manka neighborhood by visiting Longshan temple.

Built-in 1738 this grand Buddhist temple was built in honor of the Buddhist goddess of mercy. It is one of the oldest Lungshan temples in Taiwan and after visiting, you will be left feeling peaceful or maybe you may gain a whole new perspective by visiting the temple. Either way, it’s one of the most popular spots in Taipei, and it is worth a visit.

 If you’re on the lookout for some more cultural beauties, then take a tour of the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial. You will find some beautiful temples as well as the royal monument. If you’re lucky, you may even see the changing of the guards which takes place every two hours between 10 AM – 6 PM. The complex is made up of several different monuments and sites that are breathtaking and worth the visit. 

Taipei is a city you don’t want to miss. This concrete jungle will leave you speechless with its intense beauty and even historical strength. Once you visit once, you will most definitely want to return. 

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Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s second-largest city and is considered the largest port city in Taiwan. The city is a fusion of several different cultures and traditions to create something truly extraordinary and unique. The city itself is full of things to do and the city which is why it’s considered popular with travelers.

The city is home to several beaches as well as many cafes, bustling restaurants, fun and exciting nightlife, cultural attractions, and some of the best music festivals in the world. Even if you don’t necessarily want to stay in the city itself, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vast variety of wildlife parks and reserves to bring you straight to the magic itself. 

Start in the city by visiting the many museums and exhibits available. You will get lost in the intense history and knowledge waiting to be uncovered in the city. Just a few of the many museums include the National science and technology museum, the museum of fine arts, and the Kaohsiung museum of history. 

Perhaps for those looking to learn more about the culture of the city, take a tour of the dragon and tiger pagodas. The pagodas are situated on lotus lake in the Zuoying district of the city. The temple was built in 1976. Inside two spiral staircases are going up seven stories in each building. The tiger and dragon pagodas are one of the top attractions in the city due to their cultural significance and beauty. 

Kaohsiung is a city to remember. The bright colors, intense but immersive culture, and warm hospitality make it a great place to take a break from the big city of Taipei and enjoy more of the traditions and culture that keep alive. 

You may be asking yourself a few questions. Should I take a group tour to Taiwan? Or perhaps how do I plan my trip to Taiwan? 

It can get confusing quickly, especially if you’re unfamiliar with travel planning or perhaps you just don’t know where to start in terms of planning the perfect Taiwanese getaway. Planning the perfect trip can be tedious and a lot of work.

That’s why it’s always best to leave it to the experts and let them give you the trip of your dreams. By taking an organized tour you are getting a firsthand look at the country through the eyes of a local or expert of the nation who can provide you will almost anything you need while you’re there.

This is especially a good option for those who are not yet adventurous to do it on their own but still want to experience the country in detail. This is also why it’s important to take a group tour or a multi-day organized tour to gain full insight into everything you’ll want to see and do while you’re there. Now let’s take a look at the best tours in Taiwan.

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best tour operators in Taiwan - best Taiwan tour package - best tours in Taiwan - best tour companies in Taiwan - best Taiwan tours
best tour operators in Taiwan - best Taiwan tour package - best tours in Taiwan - best tour companies in Taiwan - best Taiwan tours
best tour operators in Taiwan - best Taiwan tour package - best tours in Taiwan - best tour companies in Taiwan - best Taiwan tours

Explore Taiwan

Intrepid Travel

On this 11-day adventure, you will get the chance to see the ultimate side of Taiwan with breathtaking views from the Taiwanese shoreline, beautiful ancient temples, and lush greenery.

You will get a chance to observe and connect with the Taiwanese culture by enjoying some of the traditional food, witnessing some of the religious traditions and even learning a bit about the history of the country with your expert guide. You will also enjoy a lesson on Taiwan’s highlands and unmatched scenery. 

Please note that this tour does include a lot of walking. However, the use of private transport and subways will be available for part of your tour. It is also important to note that this tour does require physical activity and may require a moderate to high fitness level.

This tour is not recommended for families with small children however it can be a great option for solo travelers, families with older kids, couples, group travelers, and holiday vacations. 

Your tour will start and end in Taipei and you will have a full 11 days to explore the country of Taiwan. Visiting a total of 8 cities within the country, you will get a chance to see the best cities within the island nation of Taiwan. Your meals, transportation, expert guide, and hotel are all included in the price of your tour. So let’s look at the day-to-day itinerary for this tour. 

Day One: Welcoming where you will get a chance to meet your tour guide.

Day Two: Sweet Potato Mama, Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, Shillin market, Chiang Kai Memorial, and Dihua st. 

Day Three: Visit Hualien Danong Dafu Forest Park.

Day Four: Hualien – visit Qingshui cliff, Taroko National Park, Taroko Gorge, Truku Village, and more.

Day Five: Trip to Yilan to see the spring onion farm, the island’s whisky distillery, and swim in the local hot springs.

Day Six: Turtle Island, Jiufen, and Taipei.

Day Seven: Sun Moon Lake. 

Day Eight: Puli Moon Lake.

Day Nine: Fangyuan and Taichung.

Day Ten: Return to Taiwan

Day Eleven: Departure at any time.

This 11-day Taiwanese adventure tour will give you the ultimate experience in Taiwan by showing you some of the top cities and top attractions within the country. You will get a chance to see some of the top cultural sites while also immersing yourself in the natural beauty and unique wildlife on the island. 

The tour is offered by Intrepid Travel, well known for its multiday tours around the world. This operator works hard to give travelers the most immersive and authentic approach to traveling to each country.

With that being said, Intrepid travel has an overall rating of 4.6 out of five stars and the tour itself has a rating of 4.5 out of five stars. Travelers overall recommend the tour and it is considered one of the best tours in Taiwan. 

Explore Taiwan Intrepid Travel - best tour operators in Taiwan

Taiwan Classic Southern Island Fun (Private)


Visiting the south of Taiwan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a region of the country that is not regularly toured. Considered a treasure trove, the south is just a capsule of the country’s culture and history.

Far from the city, the south of Taiwan is known for its beautiful beaches and authentic rural Taiwanese life. The city of Taipei is where most travelers stay in Taiwan but Taipei doesn’t give you the full perspective into the culture of Taiwan. 

On this tour, you will get a chance to see some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches in the world in combination with some of the best resort towns, and historic temples and of course taste some delicious local food. 

You will start and end your journey in Tapei on this active adventure tour around the southern portion of Taiwan. You’ll spend 5 days touring around the country with the ability to visit 4 cities in Taiwan. Your tour includes hotel stays, an expert guide, meals, and transportation. However, it does not include insurance, gratitude, or flights from your country of origin. Here is a look at your day-to-day itinerary for this tour.

Day One: Taipei – Kenting (arrival day)

Day Two: Kenting 

Day Three: Kenting – Kaohsiung

Day Four: Kaohsiung – Tainan

Day Five: Tainan – Taipei (departure day)

This five-day tour includes a one-of-a-kind look into an off-the-beaten path within the country of Taiwan. With some of the most beautiful beaches and underrated beach towns, you will be completely serenaded by the beachy vibes of the south of Taiwan.

With a rating of 4.2 out of five stars. The tour itself is operated by my Taiwan tour local tour company to make travel to Taiwan accessible to all. With a local and authentic outlook, the company strives to give travelers the ultimate experience within the country. Travelers recommend this tour and it is one of the best tours to take within the country. 

Taiwan Classic Southern Island Fun (Private) MyTaiwanTour - best tour operators in Taiwan

Around Formosa Taiwan

MW Tours

Previously known as Formosa, Taiwan’s underrated views and outdoor wildlife are often underlooked but rest assured, the views, stunning coastlines, and the Taroko Gorge, are sites in Taiwan that nature lovers simply can’t miss. Visiting the south of the island gives you time to retreat from the crowds of the city and fully indulge in the natural side of Taiwan.

With this intense nature lovers tour, you will start your journey in Taipei and end your journey there too. You’ll have ten days to visit 9 cities within Taiwan and you can travel at ease knowing almost everything is included. Meals, transportation, an expert guide, and hotel stays.

This is the perfect getaway for solo travelers, travelers with older kids, couples, group travelers, or even holiday vacations. Taking the time to enjoy some of the natural beauty within the country of Taiwan can be considered almost therapeutic and is something well worth doing on your trip to Taiwan. Here is a look at your day-to-day itinerary for this tour.

Day One: Arrive in Taipei.

Day Two: Visit Puli and Sun Moon Lake

Day Three: Sun Moon Lake and Kaohsiung.

Day Four: Kenting National Park and Taitung

Day Five: East Coast National Scenic Area and Hualien

Day Six: Taroko Gorge.

Day Seven: Taipei.

Day Eight: Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, and Pingxi.

Day Nine: YangMingshan Hot springs.

Day Ten: Departure from Taipei.

This ten-day nature lovers retreat around Taiwan will leave you speechless at the natural beauty and inspiring landmarks within the country. Being able to completely immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Taiwan as you retreat to mother earth for the ultimate relaxation and stress decompression, is simply an experience you will never forget.

This tour is operated by MW Tours an Asian company focused on giving tours the best experience possible at an affordable rate. Being able to enjoy one-of-a-kind countries and locations at an affordable rate. Travelers do agree with MW Tours and have rated the company 4.3 out of 5 stars.

The tour itself, however, is rated five out of five stars so we can confidently say travelers highly recommend this tour for its exceptionally organized tour and a fantastic guide. While reviewing the best tours in Taiwan, this is one you should definitely consider. 

Around Formosa Taiwan MW Tours - best tour operators in Taiwan

Abandoned Taiwan

Crooked Compass

Explore some of the forgotten wonders of Taiwan on this 11-day abandoned Taiwan tour. You will get a chance to see some of Taiwan’s forgotten history relics and some very unsettling and almost creepy things too. Get ready for an 11-day jam-packed adventure discovering some of the eeriest but cool places around Taiwan that not many people have seen.

You will get a chance to also see the city of Taipei as well as some of the country’s most beautiful natural parks like Taroko national park. You’ll get a chance to explore a side of Taiwan that few people have seen. Visiting some of the last remains of Taiwanese history can be the ultimate for most and definitely, a bucket list opportunity. 

With this 11-day Taiwanese adventure, you’ll spend your days visiting 6 cities in the country of Taiwan and you will also start and end your tour in the capital, Taipei. You can book this tour with ease knowing that your hotel stay, transportation, knowledgeable guide, meals, and much more are completely included in the cost of your tour.

However, it is important to note that your flights from your country of origin, insurance, or gratitudes are not included at this time. Here is an exciting look into what this tour entails and how you would spend your days here, in Taiwan.

Day One: Arrive in Taipei and meet your guide. 

DayTwo: Treasure Hill artist village, National Taiwan University, Beitou area, and the local night markets.

Day Three: Visit the northern coast, shipyard in Keelung, Layar Ruins, and Jinshan sites.

Day Four: Chiang Shek Status Park, Yutengping bridge ruins, Da Yang Oil Depot in Dadu and Taichung City

Day Five: Spend the day sightseeing around Taichung City.

Day Six: Visit ChungHua, Yunlin, and Chiyai.

Day Seven: Visit the Old Chiyai Jail, Shuiyun Police Station, and Anping. 

Day Eight: Visit Kaohsiun and sightsee for the day.

Day Nine: Visit the WuZhou Theatre in Taitung as well as do more sightseeing and exploring in Hualien and Qingjing.

Day Ten: Visit CheChang in Nantou as well as the Zhen Chang wood factory. You will also get a chance to see Taichung.

Day Eleven: departure at any time. 

On this eleven-day journey through some of the top abandoned sites in the country of Taiwan, you will get a chance to see to embark on a one-of-a-kind journey that few can say they’ve been on. That’s why this tour can be considered unique from the rest.

Being able to show you abandoned pieces of Taiwanese culture firsthand is something truly incredible, something you won’t forget. It is the perfect adventure for history buffs or those looking for an interesting Asian adventure. 

Operated by Crooked Compass, a company aimed at providing tourists with affordable and one-of-a-kind tours you just can’t get anywhere else. Crooked Compass Tours is driven to give each traveler a sense of adventure or perhaps a unique story to tell forever.

With an overall rating of 4.5 out of five stars, Crooked Compass can be considered one of the highest-rated tour companies on Tour Radar. The tour itself has an overall rating of 4.5 out of five stars as well. With that being said, travelers are over the moon for this tour and we can recommend it as one of the best tours in Taiwan. 

Abandoned Taiwan Crooked Compass - best tour operators in Taiwan

South Taiwan Coast by Road Bike

SpiceRoad Cycling

Are you ready to cycle through some of the most beautiful destinations in Taiwan? Perhaps surrounded by some of the best nature you’ve ever seen? This cycling tour is your best opportunity to explore the roaring and underrated beauty of the south.

You’ll see a variety of landscapes, traditions, and people blended to create the unique region of the south of Taiwan. You’ll get a chance to escape the city life of Taipei and indulge in the country life of the south of Taiwan on this tour.

You will start this tour in the beautiful city of Kaohsiung and end in Hualien. On this 7-day discovery biking package you get a chance to see Kaohsiung and 4 other cities in Taiwan. You will get a chance to see some of the best views with little to no crowds which will make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Your tour includes accommodations as well as an expert guide, meals, transportation, road bikes, and more. This is the perfect tour for couples, solo travelers, travelers with families, or group travelers. Here is a look at what your cycling adventure would look like.

Day One: Arrive in Kaohsiung.

Day Two: Visiting Kenting and Kaohsiung. This includes a visit to Bai Sha beach. The beach featured in the movie “Life with Pi”

Day Three: Sightseeing in Jin Lun.

Day Four: Day trip to Rift Valley and An Tong.

Day Five: Visit Hualien and continue the journey down the Rift Valley.

Day Six: Visit Taroko Gorge.

Day Seven: Depart at any time. 

On this one-week tour, you will get a chance to completely submerge yourself in the south of Taiwan while biking on some of the most beautiful roads and witnessing some of the most stunning views and landscapes in the world. If you are an active person or love to bike this is the tour for you and the best tour in Taiwan for you! 

Operated by SpiceRoad Cycling, this tour is designed for some of the craziest biking fanatics out there and some of the most adventurous travelers. SpiceRoad Cycling is committed to giving travelers the best cycling journeys in each country. The operator strives to give cycling fans their operator so they can cycle around the world, without having to plan their journeys or worry about obtaining a bike.

Travelers rate this tour operator 4.5 out of five for their organization, fantastic guides, and fantastic customer service. The tour itself is also rated a 4.5 out of five. with that being said, travelers are raving about this tour and it is one of the best tours in Taiwan. 

South Taiwan Coast by Road Bike SpiceRoad Cycling - best tour operators in Taiwan

Eastern Beauty of Taiwan (Private)


The enchanting beauty of Taiwan’s east coast is well known within Taiwan but those abroad lack a visit to this diamond in the rough. With some of the most pristine waters and beautiful wildlife, it’s no wonder locals love this place, and now is the perfect time to see it before it becomes overrun with tourists. On this 5-day tour, you will get a chance to see all of the beauty the east has to offer.

You will be taken to some of the best-undiscovered locations with a chance to witness some of Taiwan’s most beautiful natural wonders. You will get a chance to stop in Rift Valley, and Taroko gorge as well as visit some of the indigenous tribes who lived in the region for thousands of years.

Enjoy the richest and most intense magic that the Taiwanese culture possesses and you will be completely swept away on this tour. Start and end your journey in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei! On this 5-day discovery tour package you will get a chance to witness some of the most unique cultures and traditions of Taiwanese beauty as well as surround yourself with the beauty of the east coast.

You can book this tour with ease knowing your accommodations, knowledgeable guide, meals, transportation, and much more are completely included in the cost of the tour. Without further adieu, here is a look at your 5-day tours, and let’s take a moment to imagine exactly what you will be doing. 

Day One: Arrive in Taipei and start by visiting Su’ao and Hualien.

Day Two: Coastal cliffs and beach visit, Baxian cave, visit monkeys on Donghe bridge with an option flying experience. 

Day Three: Introduced to Taiwanese indigenous tribes, experience indigenous life, taste Chishang rice for lunch, visit rift valley, and stop at the tropic of cancer marker.

Day Four: Sugar Cane Factory, Clam digging experience, taste local Taiwanese dishes, spend some time at Liyu Lake. 

Day Five: Taroko Gorge and then back to Taipei where you can depart at any time. 

On this 5-day tour through some of the untouched beauty of Taiwan, you will get a chance to explore the country in detail considering the tour only lasts 5 days. Visiting some of the most beautiful sites and getting a chance to experience the local culture will change you and expand your perception of the world. 

The tour is operated by MyTaiwanTour a local company, driven to give travelers the best Taiwanese experience and introduce them to the unique culture of the country. This tour is rated 4.2 out of five stars and the operator is also rated 4.2 out of five stars. With that being said, travelers highly recommend the tour and it is one to consider when looking for the best tour in Taiwan that works for you. 

In conclusion, the country of Taiwan is simply one you can’t miss. Though often outshined by its neighbors the country of Taiwan deserves to be recognized as one of the best countries in the world.

With some of the strongest people, the richest culture, and beautiful, untouched natural landscapes, the country is a hidden gem, a paradise just waiting for you to come and say hello. So come, and visit this one-of-a-kind diamond in the rough nation, you will truly be amazed. Visit Taiwan – Taiwan is the heart of Asia.

Eastern Beauty of Taiwan (Private) MyTaiwanTour - best tour operators in Taiwan

If none of these tours work for you in Taiwan, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Taiwan now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.


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