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The Zetter Hotel Review: Chic Boutique Luxury In The Heart Of London!

The Zetter Hotel Review: Chic Boutique Luxury In The Heart Of London!

I love booking trips to London. Walking the city streets and taking in the historical and contemporary sites will never get old. I’ve stayed in good accommodations, and I’ve stayed in bad accommodations – and as we all know, the former can make a trip while the latter can break it. Which is the reason I am writing this Zetter Hotel Review.

During my last visit to the city, I wanted to switch it up, take a risk, and stay somewhere I’d heard about but never tried out. I’m talking about The Zetter Hotel in Clerkenwell. It’s operated by the Zetter Group, which is known for creating quirky boutique hotel concepts. I took one look at its gorgeous design, fabulous reviews and central location threw up my hands, said, what the heck, and booked my stay.

Since being back, I can say with conviction that you need to stay at The Zetter Hotel on your next visit to London. I arrived with expectations, and I left having them all met. The hotel is quirky, has a great onsite restaurant for breakfast, and is in a quiet-yet-trendy area. Check, check, check. It might not have all the amenities some of you may be looking for, but if you can sacrifice not having access to a pool for a unique accommodation experience, then The Zetter Hotel will be just right for you.

The Zetter Hotel Review: Chic Boutique Luxury In The Heart Of London!
The Zetter Hotel Review: Chic Boutique Luxury In The Heart Of London!
The Zetter Hotel Review: Chic Boutique Luxury In The Heart Of London!
The Zetter Hotel Review: Chic Boutique Luxury In The Heart Of London!

Zetter Hotel Accommodations

When you book your stay, you’ll have four accommodation options: Club Double, Deluxe Queen, Deluxe King/Twin, and The Rooftops. The last option, The Rooftops, is definitely the heavy hitter of your choices, but each room comes with the same luxuries. You can expect a spacious room with a simple yet pleasing design. It’s a refreshing homey yet city-look compared to some of the other accommodation options that just miss the mark with their over-the-top or just-not-enough interior design styles.

Each room includes a set of slippers that feel like walking on a cloud and a big ol’ bathrobe to wrap yourself up in. I understand that some of you may not think you’ll ever use the bathrobe and slippers provided by a hotel, but let me tell you, you’re missing out! These are the crème de la crème. 

The bed–oh, the bed–was exactly how you want a hotel mattress to feel: soft, clean, airy, and cozy. I would have been quite disappointed if I had plopped down onto some springy, dingy bed because the hotel claims to use Hypnos Beds. If you’re not familiar with British mattress companies, it doesn’t get much better than Hypnos. The company has literally been making mattresses for over a century and only uses natural and sustainable materials. I’m happy to announce that the bed lived up to expectations. So, when you stay at The Zetter Hotel, get ready for a good–I mean a really good–night of sleep.

The Zetter Hotel Review: Chic Boutique Luxury In The Heart Of London!

Upon entering the room, I suggest hooking up to the room’s bluetooth Marshall system, which I found to be a nice touch. Your music will set the mood as you assess your new, temporary home. When you walk into the bathroom–I personally danced my way into the bathroom–you’ll be pleased to see REN bath and skincare products. Is there a worse feeling than forgetting your toiletries at home and having to use the skin-cracking products the hotel provides? I think not. Well, The Zetter Hotel hooks you up whether you forgot your products or not.

On this trip to London, I was there for work and play but mostly for work. My room had a nice little workstation where I could crank out a few hours of business each day. The comfy bathrobe helped take the stress off work – and I loved using the TV to set the mood by watching some of the extraordinary movies set in London.

The Zetter Hotel Review: Chic Boutique Luxury In The Heart Of London!

The Rooftops Room

I stayed in the Zetter hotel’s The Rooftops option, and I would advise you do the same. However, if you need to keep costs to a minimum, don’t worry because the other choices will not disappoint you. The room is not much more expensive than the other accommodations, but you’ll have a lot more room and a nice little terrace all to yourself. Opening the floor-to-ceiling windows each morning was a great way to start the day. To top it all off, there’s an outdoor claw-foot bathtub out on the patio. It is very much recommended you try it out.

The Zetter Hotel Review: Chic Boutique Luxury In The Heart Of London!

Zetter Onsite Restaurant and Bar

I have a love-hate relationship with hotel restaurants. You never know what to expect when you sit down and order something off the menu. With that being said, I enjoyed each and every meal at The Zetter Hotel restaurant. The dining space is intimate, but the big, open windows bring in a lot of light. It has a great vibe when you sit down for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, and the bar is right there waiting for you when you need a nightcap.

The menu is made up of a collection of British dishes, such as tasty quail and venison. It will be easy to get out of bed in the morning when you know a made-to-order breakfast is waiting for you downstairs. Traveling is about exploring the area and breaking out of your comfort zone, but the hotel’s restaurant is worth trying at least once. It’s nice to know that if you don’t feel like finding a place to eat in the city, you can pop into the onsite restaurant for an incredible meal. 

The Zetter Hotel Review: Chic Boutique Luxury In The Heart Of London!

The highlight, however, had to be the chic lounge cocktail bar of the Zetter Townhouse Clerkenwell (a sister property located just across the quiet cobblestoned lane). Fuelled by a passion for super cocktails and sensational parties & the perfect slumber, as you step through the signature blue door, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that you’ve stumbled across the private residence of an eccentric and fabulous ancestor.

The team here likes to call her Whilelmina. Old recipes for tinctures, bitters, and herbal remedies have inspired not only the fabulous cocktails here but also the homemade cordials and infusions that sit behind the apothecary-style counter. The menu of small plates was created to go perfectly with their cocktails and makes for a tasty relaxed supper. I found myself popping in for a pre-dinner drink most nights, or arriving just before close for a wind-down night cap – and really added to the depth and intimacy of my stay.

Zetter Cocktail bar London

Location and Things to Do

Besides having a clean room, the location of a hotel is by far the most important aspect for me. The Zetter Hotel is in Clerkenwell, which is a part of the Islington neighborhood of London. When you walk out of the hotel lobby, you’ll be just a stone’s throw away from tip-top restaurants, fun pubs, and interesting shops to pop in and out of.

In fact, Clerkenwell is known for being one of the city’s best gastronomic hubs! So, although I mentioned the hotel’s restaurant is a great place to dine, you will have no shortage of food options during your stay.

Let’s go through some of the must-do activities nearby to give you an idea of what you can expect from the surrounding area. Not that getting to any of the other things to do in London will be too hard with the new Victoria line nearby!

Exmouth Market

I love going to the local markets of a city of town I’ve never been to. Just a quick walk away from the hotel, you’ll find Exmouth Market. Foodies will have a heyday here. There are countless spots to try local and exotic cuisine you’ve never had before. I suggest you let your nose direct you during your trip to the market. 

Once you’ve satiated your hunger, go check out the number of interesting retail stores. There are clothing boutiques, jewelry stores, bike shops, art galleries, and a ton of hidden gems waiting for you to explore. By the end of the experience, you’ll feel like you got a taste of the area’s culture and were a part of the hustle and bustle.

St. Bartholomew

Less than a ten-minute walk away from The Zetter Hotel is the Priory Church of St. Bartholomew the Great. The building was established in 1123 and is the oldest parish church in all of London. Not a bad historical site to be staying so close to.

Visiting the church is a great way to spend the day and learn a bit about the city’s past. If you happen to be in town on a Wednesday or Friday, there are hour-long tours that will give you the complete story of the church that you wouldn’t hear elsewhere.

major landmarks in england - Monument To The Great Fire Of London

Who Should Stay at The Zetter Hotel?

The Zetter Hotel is great for individuals and couples traveling alone. While although the rooms are quite spacious, they are only meant to sleep two people. If you’re traveling with your family, it might be best to hold off on this location. The hotel is not breaking records for having the most facilities. Keep in mind that the hotel doesn’t have a pool, spa, or fitness room, which I know can be important for some people when they travel.

However, if you’re someone who enjoys a quirky hotel that has its own unique flare, then you’re going to love this location. The rooms are sumptuous, the restaurant is wonderful, and you’ll be smack-dab in the middle of all the action–that’s what it’s all about, right? Plus the hotel has a huge focus on sustainability and even has its own water source – in central London!

Although it may be lacking in some amenities (that you will likely never use!), you’ll be right next door to the hotel’s sister location, The Zetter Townhouse, where you are more than welcome to hang out in the elegantly designed location and have a cocktail. 

The Zetter Hotel Review: Chic Boutique Luxury In The Heart Of London!

The Zetter Hotel Review Final Thoughts

Will I be going back to The Zetter Hotel? Absolutely! It’s one of my new favorite spots to stay in the city. Not to mention, the hotel is priced fairly compared to other outrageously high accommodation options. It’s not the cheapest place to stay, but by no means is it the most expensive either.

For people who want to have a unique accommodation experience and still be close to attractions, staying at The Zetter Hotel is a no-brainer.

The Zetter Hotel Review: Chic Boutique Luxury In The Heart Of London!