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The 6 Best Bolivia Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

The 6 Best Bolivia Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

The rocky Andes mountains rise to meet the immense expanse of the Amazon rainforest in Bolivia, a country of spectacular natural beauty and exhilarating adventure. This nation is a veritable treasure trove of natural marvels and cultural riches, where exploration is just around the corner.

Bolivia is a destination where one can explore the uncharted wilderness, find ancient ruins, and interact with indigenous populations that have lived in harmony with nature for years. It has everything from snow-capped peaks and scorching deserts to flowing rivers and lush jungles.

Bolivia is the ideal location for the adventurous traveler, whether you’re looking for a heart-pounding adrenaline rush or a soul-stirring cultural encounter, get ready, pack your bags and head to Bolivia.

Explore the Salar de Uyuni which is the biggest salt flats in the world, with surreal scenery and an abundance of species. For the ultimate adventure, you can never go wrong on a well-planned trip to Bolivia. The authentic experience, the hospitality of the people, and the magical scenery can paint an everlasting memory of joyful adventure. 

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The possibilities of a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Bolivia are more than imagination. You can go on wildlife spotting and explore the staggering variety of wildlife in Bolivia, including uncommon and indigenous species that are endemic to the region.

Adventure lovers like you can take boat tours on Lake Titicaca to witness hundreds of different bird and fish species, or you may choose to embark on forest treks to see monkeys, jaguars, and unusual birds. Remember to bring your cameras as the scenes around these attractions can be the best souvenir collection of your travel lifetime.

We can go on and on explaining the beauty and magic of Bolivia but let’s save some for your own discovery.  There are many ways to get the best out of Bolivia; you can choose to travel alone or with a partner but we always advise travelers to get on a group tour.

The reasons to join a group tour are many, from meeting like-minded people whom you can share your experiences with to making new friends that will last and everything in between. Let’s dive deeper into why group tours are the best ways to discover the hidden gems of a destination. 

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First of all, traveling can be super costly if you are to find the best accommodation for yourself. Because finding that unique spot that is at the center of the tourist hub can be more demanding than you think. They are time-consuming and also require some knowledge of the ideal location.

With group tours, you do not have to worry about where you will stay because they get you covered. They are saving you hours of surfing through different web pages looking for the best place to stay. 

You wouldn’t argue against the experience of tour operators, would you? They are equipped with knowledge of your adventure destination. They can take you to the best places hidden from many travelers for an unforgettable journey.

You do know that when you have industry experts leading the way, your level of confidence throughout your journey will be just epic because you are in safe and experienced hands.

We want you to have the best experience in Bolivia and that is why we are giving you the six best tours to discover Bolivia with ease. These tours were filtered and selected from top-rated tour operators who deliver quality services.

best tour operators in Bolivia - best Bolivia tour package - best tours in Bolivia - best tour companies in Bolivia
best tour operators in Bolivia - best Bolivia tour package - best tours in Bolivia - best tour companies in Bolivia
best tour operators in Bolivia - best Bolivia tour package - best tours in Bolivia - best tour companies in Bolivia
best tour operators in Bolivia - best Bolivia tour package - best tours in Bolivia - best tour companies in Bolivia

Bolivia Discovery

G Adventures

G Adventures is the world’s leading small-group travel agency, showing you the world through the eyes of the communities that make your experience unique and thrilling. G Adventures has woven its name as the perfect itinerary planner, allowing you to book and travel with confidence, with over a whopping 30 years of experience in taking small groups to places not many travelers can reach.

G for good – a well-deserved moniker for a travel company that keeps its destinations at the center of its operations and gives back as much as it can. This is what G Adventures is known for, and it is what it does while transporting you to incredible locations for an exciting adventure.

On this tour, you will ascend to the top of South America for an out-of-this-world Bolivian experience, encountering awe-inspiring landscapes, colonial cities with a touch of indigenous culture and hospitable people.

You will travel from La Paz, the world’s highest capital city, to the crest of the Andes for three days of amazing off-road discovery of the Uyuni Salt Flats and surrounding desert altiplano. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Bolivia is truly ideal for genuine adventure if you are looking for an authentic experience away from the usual tourist trail. And the best way to get a full Bolivian experience is to travel the less traveled roads and meet the locals for a mesmeric cultural experience that few tourists are opportune to know.

During your free time in Sucre, you can explore this marvelous city filled with yummy food, picturesque architecture, history-rich museums, and amazing outdoor adventure activities that pin it on the must-visit places list for any alluring Bolivian adventure.

This time will be the best moment to visit one of the world’s largest and oldest collections of dinosaur footprints dating from some sixty-eight million years ago. That is a long time.

The tour takes a group of 16 people from 12 to 90 years old. It is fully guided and family-friendly and includes your accommodation, meals and transportation costing $1410 for 11 days.

Bolivia Discovery G Adventures - best tour operators in Bolivia

Bolivia Highlights

Intrepid Travel

There are many travel companies in the world, but not many of them recognize the importance of traveling to protect our planet. Many people do not accept the challenge of making the discovery of new places that feed our memories a positive course for ourselves as travelers and our planet.

Intrepid Travel is at the forefront of encouraging responsible travel, creating mind-blowing experiences, and serving the communities that give so much to visitors like you.

Intrepid Travel blends an enjoyable holiday with charitable contributions – all while respecting your personal time. Even when you’re on vacation, time is unquestionably your most valuable commodity. You may be concerned that if you choose a group tour, you will spend all of your valuable time with the group and will not have any time for yourself.

With Intrepid Tours, you won’t have to worry about finding time for yourself. This is due to the tour’s constant mix of group and ‘you’ time. So do not worry, Intrepid Travel is very respectful of your personal time.

On this adventure, you’ll see the best of Bolivia, including vibrant cities, jaw-dropping scenery, and lively market towns giving you the chance to engage with the locals. You will discover the highlights of this fascinating region of South America and be swept away by the color and beauty that thrives in this one-of-a-kind part of the world.

This tour will begin in La Paz and will include stops in Sucre, Bolivia’s official capital, Uyuni, Potosi, and Red Lagoon (Laguna Colorada). From the high altitudes of bustling La Paz to the magical cultural display seen at every corner of the city, the adventurous trip awaiting you is unexplainable.

There is a diverse range of adventures and activities that will provide pure excitement, and uninterrupted pleasure, from the history of Potosi and Sucre to the surreal salt flats of Salar de Uyuni. 

On another day, deep in the wilderness, you will visit the Andean Desert. Drive by Chiguana. Salt Lake, the still-active Ollague Volcano, and numerous colorful tiny lakes – the scenery will be picturesque. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit an Andean wildlife reserve and hike around Laguna Colorada, looking for vicunas, and foxes along the way. 

This tour takes a group of 12 people who are between the ages of 15 to 99 years old. It is fully funded and family-friendly costing $2095 for 11 days. It includes your accommodation, meals and transportation.

Bolivia Highlights Intrepid Travel - best tour operators in Bolivia

Highlights of Bolivia

Exodus Travel

Exodus Travels has been providing extraordinary and thrilling adventure vacations in Europe for 45 years. They’ve always believed that traveling to a new country, getting to know a new culture, or simply being in a completely new environment – whether it’s a mountain range, desert, or jungle – is unrivaled. We completely agree that there is something distinctive about travel in general.

Exodus Travel took its first group of visitors to the Himalayan Mountains 45 years ago and has since expanded to offer over 500 itineraries in over 90 countries. This is the radiance that shines when experience meets a desire to travel. This is why they can provide their clients with nothing but breathtaking and unforgettable adventures.

This tour is fairly active, as you will be set out on foot for a 4-hour day walk. During your trek, you will see Giant tree ferns that can grow to be thirteen meters tall and visit a viewpoint that offers an awe-inspiring view of sheer sandstone cliffs that rise high above an endless expanse of the tropical jungle. On your visit to Amboró National Park, you will be amazed by its incredible biodiversity.

The park is situated at the meeting point of three major ecological zones: the Amazon, the Chaco, and the Andes, resulting in a highly diverse ecosystem. Let us blow your mind a little: Amboró National Park houses over 800 bird species, 117 mammal species, and 150 reptile and amphibian species.

It also has over 5,000 plant species, many of which are rare or endemic. In fact, this magical Park is regarded as one of the world’s most biodiverse areas. 

The Yungas cloud forest, found at higher elevations and distinguished by a dense canopy of trees, foggy conditions, and a high degree of endemism, is one of the park’s most distinctive features. You might be lucky enough to see some unusual species, such as the Bolivian buff-breasted earth creeper and the Bolivian blackbird. Your visit here will be way worth it.

You will go to El Fuerte de Samaipata, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the eastern Andes of Bolivia. It is thought to have been inhabited by a variety of cultures, including the Chané, Inca, and Spanish.

This may be why it is regarded as a significant example of pre-Columbian and European cultural fusion in the Andean region. With its one-of-a-kind rock carvings depicting mythological figures, animals, and geometric designs, you’re bound to learn a lot about the history and cultures housed in this ancient site.

The tour takes a group of 16 between the ages of 16 to 99 years old. It is fully guided and family-friendly as well. It covers your accommodation, meals and transportation and costs $6579 per person for 15 days.

Highlights of Bolivia Exodus Travel - best tour operators in Bolivia

Uyuni Salt Flats and Potosi

World Expeditions

World Expeditions, founded in 1975, is a leading small-group travel company. For more than 48 years, the company has operated under the simple premise of providing extraordinary adventures for small groups of travelers while emphasizing responsible tourism and community support.

This philosophy is even stronger today, with itineraries spanning every continent, ranging from multi-day authentic adventures and cultural treks to exploring unique and untouched natural beauties through inspiring journeys and building connections with the locals along the way.

World Expedition is supported by some of the world’s most experienced and respected travelers and is known for its responsible travel initiatives, which remain at the heart of its global operations. They promise to keep innovating groundbreaking itineraries, reinventing standards, and taking their travelers off the beaten path on each adventure.

This thrilling adventure begins in La Paz and journeys on to the Tiahuanaco archaeological site, which was the administrative and religious heart of the pre-Incan civilization that began in the year 237 BC. The Gate of the Sun, a massive stone archway carved from a single piece of Andean granite, is one of this ancient brilliance’s unique features.

It is estimated to weigh around ten tons and is decorated with intricate carvings of mythological figures and astronomical symbols like the sun and stars. It is regarded as a masterpiece of Andean art and is thought to have been created between 400 and 1000 AD by the Tiahuanaco culture.

You will get the chance to fully appreciate this magnificent art by visiting the nearby museums, which house some of the artifacts and cultural treasures discovered at the site.

Are you up for an adventure that will take you to a different world? Or at least at the edge of Bolivia? Then Salar de Uyuni is the place for you, you will drive across the vast salt flats in a 4×4 vehicle which is the most unique activity you can do there!

Imagine yourself in a tough, all-terrain vehicle, surrounded by miles and miles of gleaming white salt crust stretching out in every direction as far as your eyes can see. The sun shines down on you, making the salt sparkle like diamonds, and the only sound you hear is the crunching of salt beneath the speeding tires across the flats. 

But that isn’t all. You’ll see otherworldly sights as you explore this breathtaking landscape, such as the cactus-covered island of Incahuasi rising up out of the salt, or the “mirror effect,” which occurs when a thin layer of water overlays the flats, creating a stunning reflection of the sky and clouds above.

And when the sun goes down, prepare for an even more unforgettable adventure. You’ll stay in a salt hotel, complete with salt walls and furniture, and gaze up at the starry night sky, uninterrupted by city lights. It’s an unforgettable, surreal and beautiful experience.

The tour includes 14 people ranging in age from 16 to 80. It is fully guided and also suitable for families. It costs $2190 per person for 8 days and includes lodging, meals, and transportation.

Uyuni Salt Flats and Potosi World Expeditions - best tour operators in Bolivia

Bolivian Encounters

Encounters Travel

Encounters Travel is operated by Uncover the World Travel Ltd, it is a United Kingdom small group travel operator that offers cultural and adventure tours to a variety of destinations. They give their visitors the opportunity to feel the thrill of discovering ancient ruins, trekking through rugged terrain, or indulging in traditional cuisine. 

Their itineraries are meticulously designed to provide one-of-a-kind experiences that allow travelers like you to immerse themselves in the local cultures of the various travel destinations. They have exceptional attention to detail and commitment to green travel which will impress any traveler and that make a lot of difference.

Encounters Travel truly provides its customers with an unforgettable travel experience. Their tours are designed to provide you with the best experience possible in Bolivia. They work hard to keep the uniqueness of their tours as consistent as possible across countries.

By now we should understand that visiting the salt flats of Uyuni is the signature adventure of Bolivia. It is as if you are on another planet. The massive salt extensions make this unique natural wonder look like a white world where authentic experiences can be felt every step of the way. This is why on this 14-day trip, you will explore the hidden gems of these massive salt flats spanning miles and miles apart.

You will travel from the vast salt flats to one of Bolivia’s most beautiful cities, Sucre. Known as the “heart of Bolivia,” Sucre is a historic whitewashed town where Bolivia declared itself a free republic in 1875. This was done at the Liberty House, which you will visit to learn more about Bolivia’s fascinating history.

In this vibrant city, so much has happened. From city name changes to distinct cultural representations, each of which has been thoughtfully preserved for visitors like you to explore and experience.

When you visit Cretaceous Park, which is home to thousands of remarkable dinosaur footprints, including the largest ever discovered, you will have the opportunity to be a trainee in paleontology, which will be one of the most fascinating experiences on this trip. This will be an excellent prelude to your visit to the jungle town of Rurrenabaque.

The tour takes a group of 18 people ranging in age from 12 to 85. It is fully guided and also suitable for families. It costs $3025 per person for 15 days. It includes lodging, meals, and transportation. 

Bolivian Encounters Encounters Travel - best tour operators in Bolivia

Highlights of Bolivia National Geographic Journeys

National Geographic Journeys With G Adventures

G Adventures, in collaboration with National Geographic, offers National Geographic Journeys, a travel program offered by industry giants in small-group adventure travel. These journeys, also known as trips, are intended to provide travelers with immersive and authentic experiences centered on local culture, history, and natural wonders.

One of the things that distinguish National Geographic Journeys from other travel programs is their unwavering focus on responsible travel. They collaborate with local communities to ensure that their activities benefit them in all ways possible.

This has given them an advantage over other tour operators because their guides are in constant contact with the indigenous people, allowing them to create tailor-made experiences that keep their clients returning for more.

It is about the style and fashion used in carrying out their travel plans. You could be hiking up a mountain today and learning to cook a traditional Bolivian meal the next day. This is what you can expect from a duo like G Adventures and National Geographics. 

Expect the unexpected on this journey through Bolivia, where you will explore the stunning landscapes and the rich cultural heritage of its indigenous populations. You will learn about the historic capital of Bolivia’s most beautiful city, Sucre, and guess what?

You will be treated to a breathtaking view of the beauty of the surroundings of sky-high La Paz, an experience we are confident you cannot afford to miss.

Are you willing to go the extra mile to live in a traditional hacienda? The challenge is open to the brave and those who enjoy trying out new things. You will gain hands-on experience farming on the land, caring for animals, and transforming raw materials into finished goods.

We understand that this encounter will not taste like your typical beat, but it is an opportunity to push yourself and go beyond your comfort zone.

After a difficult day at the hacienda, it will be well deserved to watch the sunset from atop the vast Uyuni Salt Flats. Admiring the moment and thanking yourself for doing something unique and meaningful on the far reaches of the globe.

This trip takes a group of 16 people between the ages of 12 and 99. It is fully guided and also family-friendly. It costs $2199 per person for 8 days. It includes lodging, meals, and transportation. 

Now that we have given you the 6 best tours to explore the best of Bolivia, we are handing the baton to you and we wish you a very happy trip.

Highlights of Bolivia National Geographic Journeys National Geographic Journeys With G Adventures - best tour operators in Bolivia

If none of these tours work for you in Bolivia, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Bolivia now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

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