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The 5 Best Botswana Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable

The 5 Best Botswana Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable

Botswana is on the bucket list of many travelers. It is a country that inspires awe with its stunning natural landscape and rich diversity of wildlife.  

Imagine standing in a vast, lush landscape with an endless wide horizon stretching before you.  Rich ruby red and flaming burnished orange streak the sky in a spectacular sunset.  An elephant and its family slowly meander past in the distance, and the chatter of birdlife and insects fills the air.  Welcome to Botswana!

This beautiful country – easily combined with a trip to nearly South Africa – will touch you deep in your heart with its large swathes of protected wilderness, warm, friendly culture, exotic animals, and unparalleled opportunities for observing the big games.  

Botswana is an animal lover’s dream and a prime location for safaris, from glimpses of majestic lions to a leopard chasing its prey at dusk to massive super-herds of elephants moving through the landscape in search of food or hippos wallowing by the riverbank.  The experiences and interactions with Botswana’s wildlife will stay with you forever.  

Many tours on Tour Radar offer a comprehensive way to see Botswana’s stunning national parks, game reserves, and protected areas.  Traveling with a tour group enables you to move easily between locations with all the logistics taken care of in purpose-built safari vehicles.  

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Tour operators use their local connections, so you can be assured you will be in expert hands during your trip.  Many operators employ local guides who use their knowledge to ensure guests can see the most wildlife in a safe environment. Watch as they read the sights and sounds of nature to track the animals as they move through the landscape.  

The magnificent Kalahari desert sprawls over seventy percent of the country.  As a semi-arid desert, the Kalahari receives significantly more rainfall than a typical desert area, supporting a remarkable variety of plant and animal life. 

The mighty Okavango River, the second longest in Africa, originates in Angola before dissipating in the Kalahari in a vast wetland known as the Okavango Delta. Animals and humans move with the rhythm of water, from the flow of its rivers to the pattern of the rains. Watch as water binds life together in the desert as you stake out the waterholes and riverbanks as they draw animals in to drink and bathe.  

The Vast terrain of the delta stretches flat across the country.  Many tours visit this stunning location.  Another must-see location is the incredible Chobe National Park.  Marvel at its 50.000-strong herd of Kalahari elephants, or pay a visit to the friendly meerkats of the Makgadikgada Pan.  Riding through the desert’s shimmering heat and white sands framed by grassland is an unforgettable experience.  

Tour Rader has all the options covered. Select your comfort level from back to basics to glamping-style safari camps to premium lodge accommodation. Whichever tour you choose, it will guarantee you an introduction to Botswana you will treasure forever.  

Book now for your ultimate safari holiday of a lifetime.  

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best tour operators in Botswana - best Botswana tour package - best tours in Botswana - best tour companies in Botswana - best Botswana tours
best tour operators in Botswana - best Botswana tour package - best tours in Botswana - best tour companies in Botswana - best Botswana tours
best tour operators in Botswana - best Botswana tour package - best tours in Botswana - best tour companies in Botswana - best Botswana tours

Premium Botswana

Intrepid Premium

Experience Botswana’s treasures with this incredible 7-day premium tour offered by Intrepid Travel.  

This thrilling adventure centers on getting you up close and personal with Botswana’s spectacular wildlife and landscape.  Prepare to be humbled as you witness the country’s wild beauty and experience incredible interactions with its animals in their natural environment.  

The tour departs from the breathtaking Chobe National Park, your safari home for the next three nights. On arrival, you will connect with your group leader and meet your travel companions to enjoy a stunning introduction to African cuisine. Intrepid Travel provides an airport transfer to ensure your safe arrival at your accommodation.  

The luscious Chobe National Park is rich in wildlife due to the park’s waterways, including the Chobe River, which provides essential hydration during the dry season.  The river draws large herds of elephants and buffalo.  There are estimated to be around 50,000 elephants living in the park. Prepare to be amazed by these majestic creatures as you marvel at their gentle beauty and soulful eyes. 

The park is home to a variety of other wildlife, from crocodiles, lions, leopards, antelope, and African Wild Dogs.  These are just some of the incredible creatures you may have the opportunity to spot during your visit.  

From Chobe, you will travel south to the Makagadikgadi Pan, the world’s largest salt pan covering a massive area of approximately 30 000 square kilometers.  It harbors a savage beauty as its flat, sun-baked landscape stretches seemingly endlessly before you.  Its unique geology provides an area of great importance for wildlife.  

Participate in a joyful meeting with the region’s friendly Meerkats before taking a 4WD excursion to explore the area.  Witness vibrant flocks of birds, from dazzling pink congregations of flamingos to significant numbers of waterbirds and pelicans.  Birdwatchers will be in their element, with over 225 species recorded throughout the area.  

The tour finishes on a high with a visit to the spectacular curves of the Boteti River.  During your stay here, you will experience guided 4WD tours and nature walks with a knowledgeable and skilled game ranger allowing you the best chance of maximizing wildlife sightings.  

Choosing to tour with Intrepid Travel ensures you can focus on being present in Botswana’s stunning landscape while the experts help you facilitate a safari journey of a lifetime.  The tour is fully inclusive, with sumptuous breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to keep you fed and satisfied and stunning accommodations in some incredible locations.  As an Intrepid Premium tour, you can expect the highest level of service and accommodation.  

If you want to experience some of the best wildlife Botswana offers in comfort, this tour could be the one for you.  

Premium Botswana Intrepid Premium - best tour operators in Botswana

5-Day Okavango Delta and Boteti River Camping Safari

The Mzansi Experience

Ever dreamed of camping out under the inky-black, star-covered skies of Africa? This epic adventure could be just up your alley.  

Operated by The Mzansi Experience, this professionally put-together safari experience is guaranteed to create lifetime memories for you and your group.  This tour is perfect for those who want the ease and reliability of a guided tour in your group’s privacy.  

Your accommodation will be in a camping lodge on the banks of the Boteti River. This is glamping safari style! The atmospheric camp lets you get in tune with your natural surroundings, immersing yourself in an authentic safari experience.

After settling into your surroundings, launch straight into your adventure with a sunset cruise on the Boteti.  Your mode of transport will be a Mokoro, a canoe traditionally made directly from the trunk of a tree.   Your expert guide will navigate you seamlessly through the river. The Mokoro allows a unique viewpoint of wildlife on the river, getting you closer and as it makes almost no sound, causing minimal disturbance to the animals.   

Marvel at stunning white lilies floating on the water, maybe spot a crocodile or two or see a hippo wallowing at the water’s edge.  As the sun sets over this tranquil landscape, head back to camp to enjoy traditional African cuisine and a roaring open fire as you soak in the energy of your beautiful new home for the next few days.  

Head out early the next morning for a full day’s exploration by Mokoro.  With the help of your expert guide, your group will relish learning about and experiencing the Okavango Delta.  All the guides used are FGASA-certified and will provide exceptional service and knowledge to their guests.  

The guides are often part of the Bayei tribe, the first people to inhabit the delta, using their native knowledge of the waterways and its plants to give you a better understanding of the region’s ecosystems and animals.  They will also use their guiding prowess to get you as close to as many animals as possible.  

Your next day sees you venturing out to both the Moremi and Khwai game reserves, bringing amazing opportunities for spotting the big five.  Spend a full day observing incredible wildlife in an open-sided 4wd safari vehicle.  This diverse habitat provides excellent opportunities for spotting big game, from lions, buffalo, leopards, and giraffes.  This mind-blowing safari experience is made possible by the skill of your game ranger, which will help you observe and interpret the behavior of these amazing animals.  

Finnish your last day with a 5-star experience as you take to the skies for a unique viewpoint of the Okavango Delta with a 45-minute scenic helicopter flight.  The scale and beauty of the area’s landscape will spectacularly unfold below you.  Observe the meandering channels and waterways of the delta below as animals go about their day as you soar high above.  This humbling experience is guaranteed to inspire awe and wonder.  

The Mzansi Experience provides phenomenal access to Botswana’s animals and landscapes.  The tour is carefully constructed with outstanding attention to detail. This will truly be an- once-in-a-lifetime trip, providing 5-star experiences with excellent value for money.  

5-Day Okavango Delta and Boteti River Camping Safari The Mzansi Experience - best tour operators in Botswana

7-Day Okavango Wilderness Tour Trail

Acacia Adventures

Jump on onboard this 7-day adventure tour with African travel experts Acacia Travel.  Focusing on small group tours with a maximum size of 16, Acacia Travel has 24 years of experience conducting tours in Africa.  

Their love of the country, landscape, and people translates to a fantastic guest experience.  From their conception, they have focused on growing their knowledge and sharing their passion, giving you the ultimate African adventure.  

Using purpose-built safari vehicles, this epic journey takes you from Victoria Falls overland to Pretoria in South Africa.  This tour provides an affordable option for those wanting to experience an authentic African adventure.  

Forging new friendships is a special part of joining a group tour. Acacia Tours has a participation policy, so everyone takes turns to pitch in with tasks and chores during the trip.  Great for those who don’t mind pulling their weight and getting involved.  Not only does this keep costs down, but it is an amazing way to bond with your new traveling companions.  The magical experiences you have are all the better shared with new friends.  

Begin your adventure at the spectacular Victoria Falls. As you stand before the falls, be prepared to be awed by their immense power. On a sunny day, marvel at the sunlight refracting in the waterfall’s spray, and look out for rainbows.  Travel from the falls to the Chobe national park to experience Botswana’s luscious nature with a game drive and a water cruise of the magnificent Chobe River. 

Enjoy a guided tour of a local Tswana Village to learn more about everyday life in the region.  Acacia Travel believes in responsible tourism and aims to offer visitors a real insight into local communities while supporting local initiatives and charities.  

From here, head to Mann, the gateway town to the Okavango Delta. Explore the area with a local guide on a traditional Mokoro canoe, allowing you to observe the area’s incredible wildlife, islands, and waterways.  You will spend a night out under the stars making the most of your time in this rich, fertile landscape.  Rising early for a nature walk to maximize your wildlife viewing time.  

The next day travels through the vast Kalahari desert, which covers much of Botswana and spreads across multiple countries. Follow isolated dusty roads through this semi-arid desert and wonder at this unique landscape with its hardy desert grasslands, flora, and fauna. 

From here, visit the Khama Rhino Sanctuary.  This community-led project was established in 1992 to protect endangered rhinos as they battled pressures from the outside world.  The project aims to restore the habitat, increase the area’s biodiversity, and protect these precious creatures.  

Home to white and black rhinos, this area provides essential protected habitat for rhinos and other animals such as giraffes and impalas.  Watch as they gather by water holes. You might spot an adorable baby rhino in tow.  This experience offers you an unparalleled opportunity to observe the natural behavior of endangered rhinos.  

If you are looking for a tour that takes you across the heart of Botswana, providing an adventurous and fun-packed itinerary, this could be the adventure for you.  Focusing on creating lifelong bonds while showing guests the best the country offers responsibly and safely. 

7-Day Okavango Wilderness Tour Trail Acacia Adventures - best tour operators in Botswana

Botswana and Zimbabwe Safari National Geographic Tour

G Adventures

G Adventures offers a range of tours in collaboration with National Geographic, designed to give guests an in-depth, hands-on travel experience.   

This exciting tour hops from Zimbabwe and the spectacular Victoria Falls through Botswana, taking Botswana’s magnificent wildlife in the Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta.  

As a tour operator, G Adventures focus on providing social, enlightening travel to like-minded people.  They aim to travel responsibly in the countries they visit, facilitating a cultural exchange between guests and the local communities.  

G Adventures have created a score to evaluate how much money spent during and facilitating its tours goes directly to local businesses. The Botswana and Zimbabwe Safari tour has a ripple score of 96.  This adds a level of transparency for guests who wish to travel sustainably and want to ensure they benefit local businesses and communities where possible.  

A highlight of the Botswana Safari tour is meeting the unsung heroes at the Painted Dog Conservation headquarters who work tirelessly to protect and conserve African Wild Dogs, aka Painted Dogs.  Like many others, these incredible animals are highly endangered, with only around 7000 in Africa.  They face pressures from human activity such as poaching and lying of snares.  

The Painted Dog Conservation runs a long-term multi-pronged conservation system that benefits the animals and the local communities in the surrounding areas.  Employing local people, they run anti-poaching teams which collect snares and try to reduce the number of poachers.  The collected snares are then recycled into crafts in the arts center, which employs local people. They also run a bush camp that hosts up to 1,000 children a year and provides vital education on African Wild Dogs over four days.  

Experience firsthand the incredible work the team and local communities do here before traveling to the Hwange National Park.  Once the hunting grounds of the Ndebele warrior-king Mzilikazi, this sprawling reserve is the largest national park in Zimbabwe.  Following an incredibly successful conservation effort, there are large numbers of Elephants residing in the park.  

Spend a few days exploring this magnificent park which covers around 14,600 square kilometers. Experience the privilege of watching elephants roam and socialize amongst their family groups. There will be plenty of opportunities to spot big games from buffalo, leopards, lions, hippos, and more. The conservation team’s efforts and water management in the park have significantly increased the area’s wildlife.   

From Hwange, head to Botswana for a stay at the spectacular Chobe National Park and experience a sunset safari cruise on the river as you explore the waterways.  Stay two days here in a safari lodge in the heart of the park before traveling by plane across the heart of the country to the Okavango Delta.  

Your final stay in the Okavango Delta sees an action-packed three-day visit experiencing the rich biodiversity of this wetland area.  Included river, boat, and walking safaris give ample opportunity to soak in the natural environment and view the incredibly diverse species that make this area their home.  

Round out this unforgettable experience with a flight to Mann to learn more about National Geographics Okanango’s wilderness project, which supports various delta conservation projects in the area, before enjoying a final night of African cuisine and traditional storytelling around an open fire with local artist and author Bonty Botumile. 

This in-depth tour perfectly blends educational and cultural experiences and mind-blowing wildlife experiences with a healthy dose of fun and adventure.  

Botswana and Zimbabwe Safari National Geographic Tour G Adventures - best tour operators in Botswana

Okavango Delta Horse Riding Safari

Yellowwood Adventures

Experience a safari adventure like no other as you explore the fertile lands of the Okavango Delta by horseback.  

This incredible journey offers a bucket-list travel experience you will never forget.  Ride through the stunning wetlands in the center of the mammoth Kalahari desert and take in an array of wildlife from the unique vantage point of your trusty steed.  This tour offers horse riders a place to get out on horseback like no other.  

A lightweight mobile riding camp is transported between destinations giving riders a comfortable base to rest while on safari. Tent accommodation is provided for a thrilling outdoor camping experience in this wild and diverse landscape. 

Working in partnership with the local community, the tour engages local people in employment to help facilitate this fantastic adventure for its guests. Meals are inclusive and cooked over an open fire using fresh ingredients to create delicious, tasty fare throughout your stay.    

With an action-packed six-full day out on safari, this is a perfect way to connect with this beautiful environment.  Follow elephant trails as your guide helps you track and observe wildlife, from buffalo herds to giraffes, hippos, rhinos, leopards, and lions.  No fixed itinerary exists, so your group will follow the herds depending on their location.  

This horse riding trip of a lifetime offers mindblowing interactions with big games. It is an amazing way to combine the tranquility of being outdoors and on horseback with nature for an ultimate African safari experience. 

Book now for an adventure you will treasure forever.  

Okavango Delta Horse Riding Safari Yellowwood Adventures - best tour operators in Botswana

If none of these tours work for you in Botswana, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Botswana now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

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