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The 5 Best Madagascar Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable

The 5 Best Madagascar Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable

Are you looking for somewhere off the beaten track for your next bucket list destination? The unique country of Madagascar is a stunning blend of tropical beaches, lush rainforests, and incredible wildlife. If you want to take the road less traveled, Madagascar could be just the place for you.  

With its balmy sub-tropical climate, expect wide-open blue skies and tropical vibes.  The seasons are divided into the dry season, lasting from May to October, and the wet season, which takes place from November to April.  

Madagascar has numerous national parks and wildlife reserves to visit.  The incredible biodiversity, endemic flora, and fauna are a big draw to travelers visiting the country. Due to the distinct ecosystems and the country’s geographical isolation, many of Madagascar’s animals and plant life are found nowhere else in the world. 

A highlight for many visitors to the country is the opportunity to observe Lemurs.  Found only in Madagascar, these incredible creatures have recognizably different personalities.  They are highly social creatures and live in groups.  Many national parks and reserves offer precious areas of protected habitat for lemurs to take sanctuary in.  Get your cameras ready to capture these charming creatures and their cheeky antics.  

In addition to Lemurs, Madagascar is home to over half of the species of the world’s chameleons.  Spot these incredibly unique creatures as you explore.  With your expert guide’s help, you will learn more about the country’s amazing wildlife and habitat.  

Recognized as one of the world’s most biodiverse locations – up there with Brazil, China and Peru, nature lovers will be in their element. The eastern part of the country is covered with dense rainforest, which harbors a dazzling array of orchids.  Spectacular volcanic mountains run through the center of the country.  To the west of the country lies a drier savannah-like grassland.  

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Marvel at the silhouettes of the mighty baobab tree, otherwise known as the eternal tree.  These incredibly long-lived trees play an essential part in Madagascar’s ecosystem.  Their unique shape captures the imagination with their imposing presence and bare root-like branches.  Stroll along the Avenue of Baobabs to enjoy a stunning view of these giant trees.  

For those wanting to experience the country’s wildlife, a group tour is an ideal way to cover a lot of ground quickly, maximizing your experience while on the ground. The roads in Madagascar can be challenging to navigate, although infrastructure has been steadily improving.  By choosing a tour, you can be assured of a professional driver to help you reach your destinations safely and comfortably.  

As one of the largest islands in the world, Madagascar has an abundance of coast to explore. The east coast looks out towards the Indian Ocean.  To the country’s north lies the lush waters of the Emerald Sea, a sheltered lagoon with crystal clear turquoise waters littered with the palm-fringed islands of the Nosy Be archipelago, one of Madagascar’s premier beach destinations.  The picture-perfect islands attract visitors to enjoy a relaxed stay on the tranquil shores.

The Emerald Sea glistens invitingly under the sun’s warm rays and vibrant blue skies. This stunning lagoon conjures dreams of a tropical paradise.  Underneath, white sand frames the seabed, and turtles, rays, and tropical fish flit amongst its warm waters.  

The archipelago of Nosy Be is the perfect spot to indulge in island hopping.  There are fantastic snorkeling opportunities around the islands and the chance to spot an array of marine life, including turtles and dolphins. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the sun, sand, and calm waters.  

If your considering Madagascar as your next destination, a group tour is a fantastic way to make the most of your vacation.  Tour Radar has an incredible selection of tours to suit various tastes and budgets.  

Take the stress out of your holiday and book now for an unforgettable adventure to Madagascar.  You won’t be disappointed.  

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best tour operators in Madagascar - best Madagascar tour package - best tours in Madagascar - best tour companies in Madagascar - best Madagascar tours
best tour operators in Madagascar - best Madagascar tour package - best tours in Madagascar - best tour companies in Madagascar - best Madagascar tours
best tour operators in Madagascar - best Madagascar tour package - best tours in Madagascar - best tour companies in Madagascar - best Madagascar tours

Madagascar Baobabs and Beyond

Intrepid Travel

Join travel experts Intrepid Travel for a thrilling 11-day tour around Madagascar.  

Intrepid Travel is a world leader in facilitating small-group tours for adventurous travelers, providing tours that take you off the beaten track to experience the very best of your chosen destination.  With over 30 years in business, they have learned a few tricks along the way, so you can be assured you are in expert hands.  

They work exclusively with local leaders who delight in sharing their home countries’ best-kept secrets, allowing their guests to get under the skin of the destination they are visiting.  

The tour kicks off from the capital Antananarivo.  Meet with your group at 5 pm for a welcome meeting. This energetic city is full of character, with colorful building facades, markets, and cobbled streets.  It is known for its upscale restaurants, so grab some dinner reservations from your guide and head out to experience the city’s vibrant food scene.  

Your journey sees you head west toward the Tsiribihina River and the city of Miandrivano. It is a long 12-hour drive to reach your destination, but the travel time is worth it to explore this ecologically important area.  

Return to nature as you cruise the delta waters, gliding past mangrove forests and salt flats.  This remote and secluded location offers a peaceful, serene, nature-focused experience soaking in the area’s natural beauty. Experience two and a half-day boat cruise on a traditional flat-bottomed barge. Stop off to see cascading waterfalls and enjoy an overnight camping experience both on the banks of the river and in a local village.  

Next, travel to Bekopaka, a town near the southern boundary of the Bemaraha National Park.  Here observe the spectacular natural phenomenon of the ancient karstic landscape.  These limestone needles form a strange yet beautiful terrain that houses patches of dense, dry deciduous forest supporting a wealth of rare wildlife.  

Spiking dramatically into the air, the stone forest began forming over 200 million years ago.  The area protects many of Madagascar’s endemic species, from lemurs to reptiles and chameleons. 

Spend two days exploring the area.  Visit the small tsingy before taking a leisurely vacation down the Manambolo River in a traditional pirogue, a small wooden canoe.  Take in the dramatic, steep riverside walls and stop at caves on the riverbanks.  

Rise early the next day to beat the crowds and the heat to explore the great tsingy.  Traverse suspension bridges, climb amongst towering rock formations and dense forest.  Keep your eyes peeled for leaping lemurs and camouflaged chameleons.  This imposing landscape’s grandiose and otherworldly beauty must be seen to be believed.  

From here, head towards the banks of the Mozambique Channel and the seaside town of Morondova.  Arrive as the sun sets to view the avenue of magnificent Babob trees in the most specular lighting.  These giant trees line a dirt road rising tall and proud with mammoth trunks, towering into the sky.  The species is native to Madagascar, and many of these beautiful specimens are estimated to be over 800 years old.  

As you make your way back to Antananarivo, stop off at the charming city of Antsirabe, enjoying stops on the way to hike in the verdant Madagascan countryside and marvel a the glimmering green of the emerald-colored volcanic crater lake of Triviva.  

This spectacular tour takes in some of Madagascar’s most diverse and remote areas of outstanding natural beauty.  It allows plenty of opportunities to spot the country’s unique wildlife.  

If you are looking for a carefully thought-out and well-organized tour with hotel-style accommodations plus a two-night camping experience, this could be just the adventure for you.  

Madagascar Baobabs and Beyond Intrepid Travel - best tour operators in Madagascar

Eco Beach Tour in Nosy Be

Sifaka Voyages

Ready to go beachside with this fantastic eight-day tour taking in the highlights of Madagscars premier island destination.  

This is the perfect trip for those wanting to explore the glistening waters, sandy beaches, and secluded islands of the Nosy Be archipelago.  

Fly to the main island of Nosy Be, which is nestled off the northwest coast of Madagascar.  Get ready to soak in the sunshine and sand of this exotic locale.  Settle into your accommodation, sit back, relax with a tasty cocktail, and get prepared for your tropical adventure.  

Day two sees your group head off to the tranquil shores of the small island of Nosy Sakatia, with its forested shores, white-sand beaches, and crystal-clear aquamarine waters.  Explore the rich vegetation of the inner island with your guide before heading to a private beach to relax or snorkel. You might spot turtles or a host of other marine life that frequent the seabeds around the island.  Or kick back, relax, enjoy the island lifestyle, and indulge in a relaxing beachside massage.  

Explore the Nosy Komba and Tanikely islands and cruise between destinations in a comfortable catamaran.  Traverse the dense forests, stunning shores, and volcanic landscape.  Visit the Fisherman’s Village to meet with local island residents and stop at the market where locally made handicrafts are sold.  

A highlight of visiting the island is spotting the population of lemurs that call Nosy Komba their home.  Observe these friendly creatures who undertake their daily routines of gathering fruit.  From here, head to Nosy Tanikely to snorkel amongst its incredible coral reef.  Immerse yourself in the underwater world and its multi-colored array of tropical fish and majestic turtles. You may even see dolphins playing in the water.  

After a free day to enjoy Nosy Be as you wish, travel by speedboat to Nosy Iranja, otherwise known as turtle island. With an oasis-like feel, this island is a spectacular nature reserve known as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.    The thrilling hour and half-speedboat ride will put the wind in your hair as you blast across the open ocean.  Spend a day in paradise enjoying this perfect tropical destination.  

Your last two days are spent exploring the main island of Nosy Be. Visit Hellvile and meander the local market. Observe the unusual Banyan tree with its ariel roots. These trees can survive for centuries.  Catch a mesmerizing sunset and a glimpse of beautiful crater lakes topped off with sweeping ocean views from the Island’s highest point Mont Passot.  

With the aid of your guide, journey into the Lokobe forest reserve. This protected area is home to 1000-year-old trees and endemic vegetation and is teeming with wildlife, from lemurs to reptiles, insects, and chameleons.  Exploring the luscious tropical forest makes for a nice contrast to your beachside adventure.  

This relaxed tour allows you to take in the stunning sights of this magical tropical archipelago with the help of a professional, friendly guide, ensuring you experience a holiday of a lifetime.  

Eco Beach Tour in Nosy Be Sifaka Voyages - best tour operators in Madagascar

Highlights of Madagascar

G Adventures

If you want to discover Madagscars wildlife and natural beauty in a social and fun way.  A trip with G Adventures could be the answer. 

This “highlights” tour provides a mix of sightseeing and wildlife spotting, giving guests a comprehensive introduction to the spectacular country.

As specialists in providing group tours for solo travelers, G Adventures loves to bring like-minded travelers together and empower people to broaden their travel horizons with new cultural experiences and discoveries.  Perfect for those wanting to get off the beaten track but wishing to have an expert backup while on the road.  

You can be guaranteed an enjoyable, rich travel experience with on-the-ground support from your group leader.  

Beginning in the capital Antananarivo this epic journey takes you right across Madagascar.  Join an optional city tour of the capital on the first day, or use your time to explore as you wish before heading out to the Andasibe-Perinet National Park.  

Your group will spend two days exploring the rainforested reserve, which comprises approximately 155 square kilometers of protected habitat.  Accommodation will be in simple bungalows in a quiet area of the Andasibe. 

A host of wildlife calls the park home, including a large population of Indri Lemurs.  Marvel at the sights and sounds of this humid, tropical forest. The park offers excellent hiking opportunities and has a natural pool where guests can swim.  Take your time exploring this tranquil and vibrant area, soaking in the beauty of this protected, lush rainforest.

From here, travel toward Antsirabe, nestled on the slopes of Madagascar’s second-highest peak Tsiafajavona.  Famous for the abundance of water surrounding the city, the area has three surrounding lakes and thermal springs.  Numerous thermal baths use the thermal spring’s water, which reportedly has therapeutic properties.  

A visit to the village of Fiadanana offers the chance to gain insight into life in a local village.  Visit a village healer and enjoy a traditional dinner while staying overnight.  This is a perfect way to connect with local people and learn more about their daily routines and rituals.  

The rest of your journey sees you pass through the rural village of Ranomafana, taking a trek en route to see the rolling hills and soaring peak of Mt Ifasina. Explore the surrounding area and the Ranomafana National Park: bursting with orchids, butterflies, and lemurs. On the way to the hotel, stop by a local paper factory to see traditional paper-making methods.  

Stop off at the Anja community reserve wildlife hotspots looking out for ring-tailed lemurs.  Spend a full day exploring the savannah landscape of the Isalo National Park and escape from the heat in a natural swimming hole.  Wash the dust and sand off your feet in a pool with a cascading waterfall.  The unforgettable memories of the sun-searched landscapes and glimpses of personality-filled lemurs will stay with you forever.  

Join the G Adventure tree-planting program, which is working to create a green corridor to protect the biodiversity of the park and the surrounding area, before heading towards the beachside town of Ifaty.  

Hike in the area, or spend the day relaxing on the sand. There are good snorkeling opportunities with a large coral reef off the coast.  The nearby spiny forest makes an interesting trip with its collection of cactuses and baobab trees.  It is a perfect spot for bird watching and spotting chameleons in the trees.  

This G Adventures Tour combines just the right amount of free time to explore in the way you want, with a mix of guided excursions.  

Highlights of Madagascar G Adventures - best tour operators in Madagascar

10-Day Madagascar Tour

Agate Travel

If you want a private tour of Madagascar that takes in some of the country’s premier hotspots, consider this 10-day package by Agate Travel.  

Travelwise, Madagascar can be a difficult country to navigate.  Choosing a tour means the stress of your travel logistics will be well-taken care of, so you can concentrate on relaxing.  Agate Travel has been providing tailor-made travel solutions since 1997.  With one-on-one service and twenty-four-hour support, you can be confident your trip will run smoothly. 

 On arrival, your driver will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel to freshen up and relax before your journey departs the next day.  Head to the sea with a tour of the picturesque Three Bays.  Fly to Antsiranana before exploring these delightful beaches and calm, turquoise waters.  Spend the day with the sea breeze in your hair and water lapping at your toes as you take in the secluded beachside vistas.  

Spend the day exploring Madagscars first ever National Park, established in 1956 and located at the country’s northern tip. The park’s mountainous terrain has a distinct microclimate with lush, rich vegetation, waterfalls, and many endemic species to Madagascar. Relax and take in the spectacular surroundings.

Experience the otherworldly, desert-tinged landscape of the Red Tingy.  This eerily-shaped natural phenomenon is formed from red sand and mudflows.   From here, you are whisked away for a beachy vacation for a three-night overnight stay in Nosy Be, Madagascar’s premier island destination.  

With some of the most remote tropical islands, choose your little slice of paradise. Explore the sandy beaches, swim, snorkel, or relax in the sun. Each island has its unique character and charm. Your guide can arrange trips to the surrounding islands.  

This amazing vacation provides some of the best beaches, island destinations, and opportunities to explore the country’s rugged scenery and unique wildlife.  

10-Day Madagascar Tour Agate Travel - best tour operators in Madagascar

Bike and Hike Wild Madagascar

SpiceRoads Cycling

Experience Madagascar from your bike saddle, getting you up close and personal with the spectacular scenery and out amongst this incredible country, its people, and wildlife.  

Bike and Hike Wild Madagascar is an active adventure perfect for intrepid travelers that love to be on the move.  This epic road trip guarantees to challenge you while giving you incredible memories, experiences, and newfound friendships.  

Facilitating a cycle tour in a foreign country isn’t always easy.  SpiceRoad Cycling is a cycling expert with over twenty years of experience organizing cycling tours in far-flung destinations. They use their knowledge to help guests push themselves out of their comfort zones and into their best-ever adventure holiday, ensuring you are well-supported and looked after during your trip.  

This epic journey has nine cycling days and covers approximately 519 kilometers by bike with a mix of terrain, from road riding to dirt lanes, mammoth downhill rides, and challenging uphill climbs.

Transfer from your hotel in Antananarivo to Antsirabe to pick up your bike and get familiarized with your ride.

Day one sees your group explore the stunning volcanic crater lakes of Andraikiba and Tritriva. Get the chance to marvel at the lush vegetation surrounding the tranquil emerald-colored waters.  From here, you will enjoy a long downhill section of cycling as your head to your accommodation for the night.  

The longest ride of the trip takes you to the city of Ambositra.  The city is known as the capital of woodwork due to the native people, the Zafimaniry’s skill in carving and craftsmanship.  Many local artisans sell their products in the area, and it is the perfect spot to pick up a unique gift and observe the native people’s cultural heritage and how it translates into their work.  

Your group will bike to the Ranomafana National Park, where you will spend a day exploring on foot, delighting in the park’s abundant wildlife.  Located in the southeast of Madagascar, the park comprises mountainous terrain supporting various forest ecosystems.  This is a magnificent spot to get off your bike and pop your walking shoes on.  

As you cycle through Madagascar’s countryside, take in the surrounding scenery with its terraced mountain hillsides and rice paddies.  Your journey continues through the country’s growing region, Ambalavao, with its sprawling vineyards.  

Continue to the community reserve of Anja to explore the rocky landscape of this reserve, which is home to ring-tailed lemurs.  From here, hike around the Massif of Andringitra and explore the area’s sharp cliffs and hiking trails.  You will be rewarded with phenomenal views over the surrounding landscape.  

Cycle on towards the magnificent Isalo National Park.  The park’s rugged and dramatic scenery is formed from sandstone mountains.   Explore the canyons and cliffs both on foot and by bike. Natural pools are scattered throughout the park to cool off if the day’s heat gets too much.  

Spend your last day in the beachside town of Toliara.  With your accommodation minutes away from the Indian Ocean, relax on the beach or swim in the ocean, taking a well-deserved rest after your epic journey. 

If you want a holiday that gets you outside and amongst Madagascar’s diverse landscape, this cycling adventure should be on your list.   

Bike and Hike Wild Madagascar SpiceRoads Cycling - best tour operators in Madagascar

If none of these tours work for you in Madagascar, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Madagascar now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

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