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The 4 Best Albania Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable

The 4 Best Albania Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable

Have you got Albania on your bucket list? If not, you should! This incredible country has a rich cultural history and unspoiled natural beauty, from the calm shimmering waters of the Ionian Sea to centuries-old castles and bazaars.  Endless hidden coves, cityside beaches, and wide seaside promenades to its rugged mountains and hillside villages.  

The wonderfully dynamic landscape of Albania makes it an exceptionally rewarding place to visit.  Whatever your travel style Albania has something to offer.  

A blend of ancient cultural influences echoes across the country, from Greek and Roman to Turkish Ottoman.   History lovers will be in their element with a spectacular collection of castles, from the majestic castle of Berat, occupied by the Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans, to the stunning medieval fortress of Rozafa in Skhodra.  Or pay a visit to the archaeological site of Butrint and marvel at the remains of the ancient city, with its earliest evidence dating back to a staggering 19 century BC. 

As the country was closed to tourists until 1995, tourism has increased slowly over the decade since Albania opened up to the world.  Albania welcomed 7.5 million tourists in 2022 – many of who combine with a trip to nearby Pristina or Greece, and tourist facilities and general infrastructure have significantly improved. 

Albania’s dramatic landscape consists of extremely mountainous terrain, with up to three-fourths of the country covered with sweeping mountains and hills.  Many cities, towns, and villages are built into rising hillsides.  The soaring peaks and dense mountain vegetation add an evocative atmosphere to the country and support a large variety of ecosystems and rich biodiversity.  

Unrivaled hiking and trek opportunities are present throughout the country. Mountain chains cover the entire country, and the majestic Albanian Alps are located in the country’s Northern region. 

The Peaks of the Balkans hiking trail offers an international hiking experience through the pristine alpine environment linking isolated mountain villages, glacial lakes, forests, and lush vegetation.  Follow shepherd’s trails and meandering footpaths rising to high attitudes revealing expansive views.  

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Tour operators have established an excellent infrastructure to allow you to travel quickly and safely across the country. By choosing a group tour to explore the country, you can bypass the need to navigate the potentially confusing Albanian public transport system.  Take the stress out of your trip and let the experts facilitate your next trip of a lifetime to this magnificent destination.  

Foodies will be in heaven in Albania with a wide variety of traditional and contemporary dishes to try.  With many culinary influences, the food in Albania has a fantastic blend of Mediterranean styles, from Greek and Italian influences to the lasting effect of the 500-year occupation of the country by the Turkish Ottoman Empire.  In coastal regions, fresh seafood is abundant. The food of Albania is truly a delight for the senses! No one will go hungry here!

With an abundance of fresh, local produce grown throughout the country.  Albania is the perfect spot to embark on a tasting tour.  Sample locally produced cheeses, olives, wines, spirits, and pastries and gain insight into the local families that make these delicious products.  

Agriculture is essential to the Albanian economy, and small-scale farming takes precedence nationwide and is infinitely more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Agrotourism is booming across the country with the chance to eat amongst the fields where the food is produced and learn the stories behind the farms and vineyards.  

A visit to Albania provides a rich and varied experience, whether you want to beach hop along the Albanian Riviera, hike the Albanian Alps, or spend your days exploring ancient cities. Albania has something for everyone.  

Tour Radar has an incredible selection of tours to satisfy every adventure style.  So book now to experience this intriguing country’s warm hospitality and unique culture.  

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best tour operators in Albania - best Albania tour package - best tours in Albania - best tour companies in Albania - best Albania tours
best tour operators in Albania - best Albania tour package - best tours in Albania - best tour companies in Albania - best Albania tours
best tour operators in Albania - best Albania tour package - best tours in Albania - best tour companies in Albania - best Albania tours

Albania Local Food and UNESCO Heritage

Good Albania

Are you ready to embark on a week tasting some of Albania’s finest foods and visiting the country’s premier cultural and historical attractions?  This expertly put-together itinerary could be just the trip for you.  

As Balkan travel experts who pride themselves on giving their guests a meaningful and fun experience, the Good Albania team aims to provide their groups with a truly personalized experience. Using their local knowledge, they know the best spots and insider tips to help you discover the hidden gems of this stunning country. 

Heading out from Tirana’s high-spirited capital, which has an enchanting blend of Mediterranean-influenced architecture, lush green spaces, and parks. The verdant green Dajti National Park frames the city and is otherwise known as the balcony of Tirana. On arrival, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a guided walking tour of the city. 

Explore the buzzing, historic area of Skanderbeg Square. This central point hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the year. Or visit the National Historic Museum to learn more about the country’s fascinating history. Consider pausing for a drop of coffee at one of the many cafes and indulge in a spot of people-watching.  

The next day heads off with a day trip to the charming mountain town of Kruje. It is located at an altitude of 600 meters and sits below the craggy peaks of Mount Kruje. Follow quaint paved roads and meander along winding alleyways, stopping at the 500-year-old Bazaar market to browse the local goods.  Get ready to embrace this old-world destination’s relaxed vibe and stunning mountain locale.  

After your day of exploring, a spectacular food experience awaits you with a trip to Mirzill I Zanave, the restaurant of brothers Altin and Anton Prenga.  Situated in the village of Fishta, they operate a think globally and eat philosophy locally, focusing on sustainable, local farming and processing methods to produce delectable seasonal and regional dishes.  

This phenomenal tasting experience highlights quality, combining state-of-the-art equipment and traditional methods with mouth-watering results. The food is grown and processed on-site with an adjacent farm producing a range of ingredients from fruit, meat, dairy, and grapes.  There will be an opportunity to explore the food processing areas and the surrounding farm, which is set in lovely rolling countryside.  

Experience Gjirokaster, a UNESCO world heritage site steeped in history and home to one of the largest castles in the Balkans, before heading on to the stunning coastal town of Saranda.  From here, you will visit the spectacularly beautiful Blue Eye Spring.  Get ready to marvel at the sparkling shades of azure and brilliant blues the water takes on due to its enormous depth and surrounding vegetation.  

Travel onwards to the Butrint Archaeological Park for a guided tour of the area, which dates back to 50,000 BC at its earliest recordings and combines centuries of cultural history.  

Experience another outstanding culinary experience as you head out on the saltwater lagoon of Butrint to collect fresh mussels. The lake has perfect conditions for mussels.  Appreciate the fresh taste of your harvest on the shores of the lake washed down with a glass of local wine and fresh bread.  Life is good!

From here, traverse the picturesque Albanian Riviera road before arriving at your final destination of Berat.  Partake in a guided walking tour to soak in the feel of this historic center, showcasing spectacular examples of Ottoman architecture nestled in the backdrop of the iconic peak of Mount Tomorr.  Finish your trip with a long lunch on the sprawling grounds of the Alpeta winery.  Toast to good memories and new friends as you relax and enjoy the local delicacies.  

This tour perfectly blends unforgettable culinary delights, mind-blowing natural scenery, and cultural and historical exploration of this spectacular country.  Book now for an incredible insight into the food and culture.  

Albania Local Food and UNESCO Heritage Good Albania - best tour operators in Albania

Albania Riviera Escape

Choose Balkans

Are you looking for a sun-soaked five-day excursion along the stunning Albanian Riviera?  

This relaxed tour combines the best beaches and seaside towns in a whistle-stop adventure down Albania’s spectacular Southern coastline.  You will be traveling with a small group with a maximum of eight other guests. Sit back and relax as your group leader takes care of the travel, leaving you free to soak in the stunning coastal beauty of this alluring region of Albania.  

The tour departs from Tirana, where you will be collected from your hotel for the picturesque journey toward Volra.  The city of Volra marks the start of the Riviera. Steeped in history, the city is one of the oldest in the country, dating back to the 6th century BC. Visit Flag Square in the central part of the city where Albania declared its independence in 1912. 

Take in the facades of the colorful buildings.  Amble along the Lungomare, with its spacious promenade, take in the views of the glistening turquoise waters of the bay of Volra.  Spend the day soaking in this bustling port city’s ambiance and admiring the Adriatic Sea’s beauty. 

Prepare to be blown away by the tranquil feel of Dhermi, your next destination, combining a stunning coastline with the atmospheric peaks of the Ceraunian mountains.  Wander the sandy shores or slip into the water to refresh. The choice is yours.  

Head to the delectable Himara town, where another slice of paradise awaits you, with its relaxed ocean vibes and lush coastal mountains.  Enjoy a simple seafront lunch basking in the warm sunshine before exploring one of the town’s many beaches that stretch out over the peninsula. Foodies can dig into an incredible selection of fresh seafood and greek inspired cuisine to sate hungry bellies.  

The next day sees you journey to Borsh. This mind-blowingly beautiful stretch of coastline stretches out for seven kilometers of glorious sand and sapphire waters.  Beach lovers will be in their element.  Spend the day fore-filing your summer dreams as you wish, basking amongst the sea and the sand.  

As you continue your beachy vacation, you will spend the day in the charismatic city of Saranda.  This bustling seafront destination combines nightlife, fantastic food, and relaxed oceanside living.  The region is known for its olive groves and tangerine plantations. Sample some tasty local cuisine before strolling the city’s promenade.  

Your last idyllic location is the charming beach of Ksamil. Spend your last day relaxing on the sand and admiring the perfect ocean scenery with the archipelago of Ksamil Islands nestling in the lapping waters of the Adriatic, ending the tour on an absolute high before your transfer back to Tirana.  

Choose Balkan, a leading tour operator in the region, operates this fantastic trip. Take the stress out of navigating the public transport system, and let the experts guide you on this unforgettable beachside adventure.  

Albania Riviera Escape Choose Balkans - best tour operators in Albania

West Illyria Route – Albania Wine Tour

Albania Explorer DMC

Ready for a spot of indulgence? This winery and gastronomic tour showcases the best Illyrian wines and Albanian cuisine in a thoughtful itinerary that will delight wine and food lovers.  

Accompanied by your tour leader and a maximum of 12 other guests.  This culinary adventure is the perfect way to create lifelong memories and forge new friendships over long lunches and leisurely late-night dinners.  Basking in the warm glow of a good drop shared, the conversation will flow as you relax and enjoy the culinary delights on offer.  

Winemaking in the Balkans is a centuries-old tradition.  Albania’s Mediterranean climate and fertile soils make it an ideal place for viticulture.  While Albania does not enjoy the profile of other wine-growing countries, a tasting tour uncovers some hidden gems making them all the more special.  

Your meeting point is the capital of Tirana, where a walking tour will get you acclimatized to the bustling city, followed by dinner at a traditional restaurant.   Get to know your group and acquaint yourself with the city’s nightlife.  

The morning sees you visit Uka farm, a short drive from the capital.  Established in 1996, this two-hectare family farm operates a farm-to-table restaurant and offers a wonderfully unique dining experience in its open-air restaurant.  Owner and former sommelier Flori Uka and his father and brother operate using organic principles and focus on sustainable, small-scale farming and viticulture.  Relish the delicious wine washed down with hearty, fresh cuisine.  

After lunch, travel to Fushe Kruja and partake in some of Albania’s national spirit Rakia, a perfect digestif after your decadent lunch before heading onwards to explore the city of Kruja.  Embrace the romantic feel of this historic city with its Ottoman-style architecture, mountainside location, centuries-old bazaar, and spectacular castle.  

Another day of gourmet experiences awaits you with a visit to the Kallmet Winery, nestled in the Vela mountain’s hilly landscape. Kellmet is one of the oldest grape cultivars in Albania   Settle in and enjoys wine-tasting showcasing vintners, the Gjini brothers, a labor of love.  All the wines produced are made from the Kellmet grape harvested from the family’s vineyard and surrounding villages.  

Next, visit Miri i Zanave to tour the farm, winery, and food processing facilities of one of the most famous agrotourism destinations in the region.  Experience firsthand the team’s passion for cultivating top-quality, sustainable, organic produce.

Your home for the night will be the historic Hotel Tradita.  Soak its rustic ambiance and enjoy an evening meal at the restaurant, which specializes in Albanian cuisine made using regional produce and authentic, traditional cooking methods.  

Embrace the rich cultural history of Shkodra, dating back to the 4th century BC. The city has been home to many cultures. Romans, Serbians, Venetians, and Ottomans occupied Skhodra at various times in the city’s history.  Soak in the unique atmosphere and eclectic mix of architecture.  Wander its wide, paved streets, and take in the views from the ancient ruins of Rozafa castle, built approximately 4000 years ago.  

The next few days, see you visit a succession of Albanian wineries, from Kantina Arberi, which creates high-quality wines from Albanian indigenous grape varietals, to Kantina Skenderbeu, one of the oldest wineries in Albanian, where as well as the wines on offer, you will taste some of their famous Skenderbue brandy.  

Stop off and enjoy the hospitality at Cobo Winery en route to Berat.   The Cobo family has been cultivating their vineyards since the 1900s.  Relish this tremendous experience as you taste their spectacular wines and speak with a member of the Cobo family over cheese, olives, and a delicious drop of vino.  Gain insight into the history and passion that makes this winery truly special.  

This spectacular tour finishes with a full day of exploring the magnificent city of Berat. Known as the city of 1000 windows due to the abundance of large windows that feature on the traditional Balkan houses that adorn the city’s hillside in the old town.  It is a perfect way to end this fantastic gastronomical exploration of Albanian.  

If you are looking for a trip that takes in the rich cultural history of Albania combined with a culinary education on some of the country’s finest food and wines, this is the tour for you.  This one is all about the food, the wine, and the good times!

West Illyria Route - Albania Wine Tour Albania Explorer DMC - best tour operators in Albania

Peaks of The Balkans: Small Hiking Group Tour in Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro

Adventure and Fun Albania

This active adventure takes you on an amazing 192-kilometer hike through the Alpine mountains of Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro.  

For those who want to get out and enjoy the stunning natural environment, fresh air, and spectacular scenery, this tour provides the ultimate opportunity to embrace the outdoors, test your fitness and travel through a remote mountain landscape.  

Following the path of The Peaks of the Balkans, the trail follows shepherds’ paths and footpaths across three mountains in a previously inaccessible region.  The hiking trail connects remote mountain villages and brings income to the surrounding areas.  

Traveling with a small group, your expert group leader ensures your safety as you complete this epic transnational hike.  Embrace the chance to unwind and get away from it all.  

Operated by Adventure and Fun Albania, the team are fellow outdoor enthusiasts who relish showing their guests the hidden secrets and off-the-beaten-track scenery.   Make completing this hike easy with the logistics taken care of so you can focus on walking and taking in the incredible scenery.  

Adventure and Fun Albania have cultivated friendships with local communities, restaurants, and guesthouses in all the regions they travel to. The benefit of joining a group tour is gaining access to your tour guide’s extensive regional connections. Your group will receive warm hospitality throughout the stay. They will also make sure you experience delicious local cuisine along your journey.  

Your adventure starts from Shkodra with a spot of city exploration in this historic center.  As one of the oldest cities in Albania, it encompasses terrific examples of living history in the buildings, streets, and castles. Spend a night here before embarking on your hike.  

Skhodra serves as a gateway to the Albanian Alps.  Rising early, your group will head north through the region of Kelmend, home to the historic Albanian tribe, the Kelmendi.  Nestled amongst rolling, mountainous terrain, hike to the Sllapi waterfall and soak in expansive views of the surrounding landscape.  

Day three sees you hike through the forest to Vejusha Peak, rising to an altitude of 2059 meters. The summit offers a spectacular bird’s eye view of this magnificent region. Relish the isolated beauty of the green and luscious alpine pastures and mountains.  From here, you will hike across the border to Montenegro.  

Enjoy two days of hiking in Montenegro, taking in the village of Vuthaj for an overnight stop in a local guesthouse before hiking to the Genjeshtare glacial lake and then onwards towards Theth.  

Sitting amid the Alps, the rural village of Theth offers a place of serenity surrounded by alpine peaks, gushing streams, luscious vegetation, and wide open skies.  Overnight here, taking in the peaceful surroundings.  

Next, the journey towards Nderlysaj, amongst abundant green vegetation and scattered glacial boulders, towards the spectacular sight of a gushing mountain stream and the Blue Eye of Kaprre. This natural pool shimmers in brilliant blue and shades of green.  Drink in the endless beauty of this idyllic place.

Spend another restful overnight absorbing the peaceful atmosphere before moving on to tackle the pass of Valbone. Situated amongst a patchwork of green surrounded by craggy peaks, this picture-perfect place makes an ideal rest stop for the night.  

Hike through expansive meadows and beech forest toward the hanging glacial valley of Kukja, before making your way to the Prosllopi pass and the village of Cerem. Your journey will take you toward the meadows of Doberdo and the glistening waters of the heart-shaped glacial lake of Gjervica.  

Your hike ends in the village of Gjakova with a well-deserved overnight stop where you can toast your success and look back on the incredible memories.  However, your adventure isn’t over yet.  Enjoy a ferry ride across Lake Korman. This secluded spot is a place of spectacular natural beauty.  Its waters are the picture of clarity, shimmering blue, framed by rugged mountains.  Glide through the water, soaking up nature’s finest in this pristine lake environment.  

The opportunity to hike this spectacular walking trail should not be missed.  Leave the modern world behind as you return to nature and soak in the phenomenal scenery of the Alps. 

An organized tour ensures you are well supported, and your safety is paramount.  Great effort is taken to give guests the best culinary experience while hiking, so expect to taste the best Albanian regional cuisine while out on the trail, thanks to your fantastic group leader.  What better time to experience delicious food than after a hard day walking in the fresh mountain air?  

If you love to hike, this epic multi-day hike through the best of the Balkan Alps should be next on your bucket list.  

Peaks of The Balkans Small Hiking Group Tour in Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro Adventure and Fun Albania - best tour operators in Albania

If none of these tours work for you in Albania, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Albania now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

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