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The 6 Best Estonia Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

The 6 Best Estonia Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

Welcome to Estonia, a mesmerizing gem in Northern Europe that draws you in with its fusion of deep history, breathtaking scenery, and forward-thinking technology. This charming nation, sandwiched between the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, provides a fascinating combination of historic castles, bustling towns, and untamed wilderness. There is no better way to discover Estonia than on a multiday tour for an intensive and unique experience.

Estonia’s appeal comes from its unusual fusion of traditional charm and modern vitality. The charming capital of Tallinn is home to an exquisitely maintained medieval old town that transports visitors back in time. Old city walls are traversed by cobblestone streets, while fanciful spires rise above bustling marketplaces and inviting cafes.

A multiday excursion reveals the nation’s varied landscapes beyond Tallinn. Explore the unspoiled nature of Lahemaa National Park’s deep forests, interspersed with manor buildings and charming fishing villages. Experience the magic of Estonia’s islands, such as Saaremaa, where windmills and lighthouses remain as stoic guardians of the past, and discover the breathtaking coastline cliffs along the Baltic Sea.

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Estonia brings its complex history to life through its UNESCO-listed sites and open-air museums, where old traditions coexist peacefully with modern culture. Discover Estonia’s artistic heritage at the Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn and learn about the distinctive traditions of the Seto people, an ethnic group with lively folklore and a unique way of life.

You’ll discover that a multiday tour not only offers convenience and professional direction but also presents an opportunity to establish long-lasting relationships with fellow tourists and locals as you immerse yourself in Estonia’s culture and stunning surroundings. The shared experiences and memories created during the voyage, whether you’re a lone traveler or a member of a group, will be with you long after your tour.

In conclusion, Estonia’s appeal promises a remarkable vacation that highlights the best of this enthralling country when combined with the thorough and well-crafted experiences of a multiday tour. Experience the spirit of Estonia through the eyes of knowledgeable guides, and let the nation’s captivating history and breathtaking scenery reveal themselves to you. 

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best tour operators in Estonia - best Estonia tour package - best tours in Estonia - best tour companies in Estonia - best Estonia tours
best tour operators in Estonia - best Estonia tour package - best tours in Estonia - best tour companies in Estonia - best Estonia tours
best tour operators in Estonia - best Estonia tour package - best tours in Estonia - best tour companies in Estonia - best Estonia tours

Highlights of the Baltics – 8 days

On The Go Tours

Welcome to On The Go Tours’ 8-day excursion across the enthralling nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on the intriguing Highlights of the Baltics tour. Discover these Baltics and their fascinating histories, stunning structures, and lively cultures. This well-planned tour ensures an unforgettable exploration of everything from Tallinn’s historic alleyways to Jurmala’s stunning beaches and the UNESCO-listed Curonian Spit.

You will be led through these varied landscapes by experts who will share insights into the distinctive heritage and welcoming culture that make the Baltics a must-visit location. Prepare yourself for this extraordinary 8-day adventure where you’ll make lasting memories and experience the magic of the Baltics. Here is a look at your full itinerary for this tour.

Day One: Arrive in Lithuania to start your tour of the Baltics!

Day Two: This morning, we head into the Old Town to discover some of the highlights of the city. We will start with a visit to Vilnius Cathedral before continuing to Gediminas Tower. We’ll also visit the Peter and Paul Church, St. Anne’s Church, the Old University and the Gates of Dawn. This afternoon is free for you to explore further.

Day Three: This morning, we head for the Hill of Crosses, a pilgrimage site located in Northern Lithuania. We’ll then cross into Latvia and make our way to the magnificent Rundale Palace. We then continue through the rolling hills of Southern Latvia, reaching Riga in the late afternoon.

Day Four: This morning, we will explore Riga. We’ll enjoy a walking tour of the Art Nouveau district and the Old Town this morning. Next, we’ll visit the Dome Cathedral and St Peter’s Church. Continuing on, we’ll explore the areas that are home to the Three Brothers as well as the Large and Small Guild buildings. This afternoon is free for you to explore Riga independently.

Day Five: Free day to explore Riga.

Day Six: We will continue along the coastal highway this morning; crossing the border into Estonia, we make our way to the beautiful summer resort town of Parnu. We will be Arriving in Tallinn this afternoon. The rest of the day is at leisure.

Day Seven: This morning, we will embark on a sightseeing tour of Tallinn. The sightseeing tour takes us around the old medieval city walls and into the Old Town, where we see Toompea Castle, Dome Church, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, medieval Old Town Hall and Great Guild Hall. This afternoon offers free time to explore Tallinn independently.

Day Eight: Departure Day.

You wave farewell to this alluring region as your captivating tour of the Highlights of the Baltics with On The Go Tours comes to a close, your heart full of priceless memories. You’ve experienced the best of the Baltic states, from Tallinn’s historical charm to Jurmala’s coastline beauty and Lithuania’s cultural diversity.

This adventure has been made spectacular by the perfectly crafted schedule and flawless logistics provided by On The Go Tours. As you leave, you feel a stronger connection to the distinctive history of the Baltics and a desire to go back for more wonderful adventures. Safe travels and happy recollections of your time in the Baltics till we meet again on your next expedition!

Highlights of the Baltics - 8 days by On The Go Tours - best tour operators in Estonia

Classic Baltics

Intrepid Travel

Experience Intrepid Travel’s Classic Baltics, a timeless tour of the fascinating nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Immerse yourself in the fascinating histories, breathtaking structures, and dynamic cultures of these Baltic treasures. This exceptionally planned tour offers an amazing adventure, including exploring historic Old Towns, gorgeous coastal vistas, and local traditions.

You will explore the heart of the Baltics under the guidance of knowledgeable guides, finding the undiscovered jewels and genuine charm that make this region such a desirable travel destination. Prepare yourself for this extraordinary journey by embracing the spirit of the Baltics! Here is a look at your full itinerary for this tour.

Day One: Welcome to Lithuania. Tonight you’ll attend an important welcome meeting at 6 pm at the hotel. Afterward, you’ll have the option to join your leader and new travel companions for dinner at a local restaurant.

Day Two: This morning, join the group for a city tour led by a local guide. Pass through Cathedral Square and the UNESCO-listed Old Town. Continue to the painting of Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn. The afternoon is yours to spend as you wish.

Day Three: Hop aboard a comfortable public bus to Riga, Latvia. On arrival, transfer to the hotel located a short walk from the symbolic Freedom Monument. Head out on a guided walk with your leader. You’ll stop for lunch at the sprawling Central Market. The rest of the day is yours.

Day Four: Free day in Riga.

Day Five: Rise early for the trip to Saaremaa island. Arrive in the island’s south by late afternoon and transfer to your accommodation for the evening.

Day Six: After breakfast, head to the biggest town on the island, Kuressaare. One of the biggest draws is Kuressaare Castle. Later, hop on a public bus to the Estonian capital of Tallinn.

Day Seven: Today, your leader will get you acquainted with the key sights of Tallinn on an orientation walk. Then you’ll take a tram to the outskirts of the city to visit Kadriorg Palace Art Museum.

Day Eight: Departure Day.

You will experience the beauty of the Baltics, from the ancient splendor of Tallinn to the artistic vibes of Riga and the cultural treasures of Vilnius. After this particular tour, you will continue to be drawn to the Baltics due to its enduring attraction, motivating your future excursions. Overall, this is by far one of the best tours of the Baltics and, of course, Estonia.

Classic Baltics by Intrepid Travel - best tour operators in Estonia

Best of Estonia in 8 days

Baltic Nature Travel

Welcome to Estonia, a magical place where the beauty of the natural environment coexists peacefully with a long history. Discover the best of Estonia with Baltic Nature Travel on an engaging 8-day adventure. Travel back in time to the medieval old town of Tallinn, where cobblestone alleys and historic fortifications recount historical events.

Discover the nation’s unspoiled nature in Lahemaa National Park, which is decorated with lovely scenery and mansion-like homes. Every day offers something new to marvel at, from the breathtaking coastline cliffs to the charming islands. Here is a look at the full itinerary for this tour.

Day One: Arrival in Tallinn.

Day Two: In the morning, you will go on a guided walking tour of Tallinn to explore a well-preserved medieval center known as the Old Town. At the end of the tour, you will enter Great Guild Hall. The rest of the day is free for you to explore.

Day Three: After breakfast at your hotel, you will transfer to Lahemaa National Park; you will visit Käsmu village, as well as stop at fishermen’s villages and historic manor estates, including Palmse Manor.

Day Four: Enjoy breakfast at your hotel, and afterward, you will visit the shores of Lake Peipus. You will go on the guided walking tour and indulge in Tartu’s young, bohemian atmosphere. After all, this city is home to Tartu University.

Day Five: Today, you will join a guided tour of the Estonian National Museum. The rest of the day is on your own leisure to enjoy Tartu.

Day Six: In the morning, you will continue an hour west from Tartu to the town of Viljandi. In the afternoon, you will arrive in Parnu and then go on a guided walking tour of Parnu.

Day Seven: After breakfast, you will visit another seaside resort town of Haapsalu. Visit the Haapsalu Castle Museum, and After, you will continue to Tallinn.

Day Eight: Departure Day.

On this exciting multi-day tour, You will take in all of Estonia’s mesmerizing wonders, from the historic elegance of Tallinn’s cobblestone alleyways to the majestic nature of Lahemaa National Park. Let Estonia’s adventurous spirit continue to fuel your desire to discover more of the world’s undiscovered wonders.

Overall, this tour gives travelers an in-depth look into Estonia and everything there is to know about it. It is easily considered one of the best tours of Estonia for this very reason alone.

Best of Estonia in 8 days by Baltic Nature Travel - best tour operators in Estonia

Tallinn Christmas Market

Smart Travel OU

Are you ready to experience the Christmas cheer in the Baltics? Where the holiday spirit comes alive in one of Europe’s most captivating cities! Get into the holiday spirit as Tallinn’s Old Town is transformed into a winter wonderland of sparkling lights, wooden shops, and the aroma of mulled wine and gingerbread.

Embrace the warm customs of the festive season while learning about traditional handicrafts and tasting delectable local fare in this well-crafted event. Prepare to enjoy the excitement and charm of Christmas in Tallinn with Smart Travel OU as you make priceless memories on this tour. Here is a look at your full itinerary.

Day One: Arrival in Estonia.

Day Two: During the morning walking tour, we will get to know the most important sights in the Old Town, including the Toompea Castle, the Dome Cathedral and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in the Upper Town as well as the St. Nicholas Church and the medieval Old Town Hall in the Lower Town. The tour ends at the Old Town Hall Square.

Day Three: In the morning, we propose an optional excursion to Kadriorg Park with a visit to the KUMU museum and its art collections. The afternoon is free to explore more of Tallinn on your own.

Day Four: Departure Day.

As the festive lights and aromas of mulled wine fade, cherish the memories of this winter wonderland. From the sparkling Christmas tree in Town Hall Square to the artisanal crafts and delectable treats, you will experience the true spirit of the holiday season. Keep the warmth of Tallinn’s Christmas Market in your heart, and let it inspire the joy of giving and the spirit of togetherness throughout the year. If you enjoy the Christmas season, this is the best tour for you!

New Year in Tallinn (Minimum booking of 2 guests)

Smart Travel OU

Happy New Year!! Start your year off in the perfect place, Tallinn! Where the countdown to an amazing party starts! As Tallinn’s lovely Old Town transforms into an enthralling paradise of lights and celebrations, embrace the holiday mood.

This expertly planned excursion ensures that you will have an amazing holiday journey filled with jubilant celebrations, mouthwatering traditional food, and breathtaking fireworks displays over the picturesque city skyline. With friends or family, ring in the New Year in style as you make lasting memories and usher in the next chapter amid Tallinn’s festive charm. Here is a look at your full itinerary.

Day One: Arrive in Tallinn.

Day Two: During the morning sightseeing tour, we will get to know the most important sights in the Old Town, including the Toompea Castle and the Dome Cathedral, as well as the St. Nicholas Church and the medieval Old Town Hall in the Lower Town. In the afternoon, we offer an optional guided shopping tour of the boutiques in the Old Town. In the evening, the New Year Gala dinner is included in the program.

Day Three: The morning is at leisure, and in the afternoon, we will propose an optional visit to the new Maritime Museum.

Day Four: Departure Day.

Tallinn’s New Year’s Eve party will be one to remember, thanks to Smart Travel OU! You’ll have a unique experience as the clock strikes midnight. Enjoy the exuberant celebrations, including the brilliant fireworks illuminating the historic skyline and the energetic parties that fill the air with excitement.

By day, take in the ancient splendor of Tallinn and the friendliness of its inhabitants. Make special memories as the year progresses that will serve as the foundation for an amazing trip to come. If you’re looking to see the city of Tallinn just for the Holidays, this is definitely one of the best tours to consider!

Tallinn New Year City Break – 4 days

On The Go Tours

Welcome to the exhilarating 4-day Tallinn New Year City Break, where the charm of Estonia’s attractive capital city awaits the magic of the holiday season. Discover the magical atmosphere of Tallinn’s Old Town, adorned with lights and holiday decorations.

You can immerse yourself in the festive environment, savor mouthwatering local food, and watch breathtaking fireworks light up the night sky as you ring in the New Year with this thoughtfully planned city vacation. Prepare to make priceless memories and ring in the New Year in the center of Tallinn’s holiday charm, whether you’re celebrating with friends or loved ones.

Day One: Arrive in Tallinn.

Day Two: This morning, we explore the charming city of Tallinn on a walking tour, taking in its unique blend of medieval architecture and modern urban life. The tour takes us around the old medieval city walls and into the Old Town locally). This evening we celebrate New Year’s Eve with a delicious New Year Gala dinner at the hotel.

Day Three: Enjoy a leisure day in Tallinn or perhaps enjoy an optional tour of the Harbour.

Day Four: Departure Day.

On this tour, You will experience the festive atmosphere of Tallinn’s winter wonderland, from the ancient streets decked out in holiday decorations to the exhilarating New Year’s celebrations.

This excursion will be made exceptional by the brilliant fireworks that light up the night sky and the charming fusion of modern festivities and old-world charm. Bring the warmth of Tallinn’s welcome and the wonder of this holiday season so they can inspire future adventures.


As a whole, Estonia is a fascinating place that provides a wide variety of experiences, from its medieval allure to its stunning landscapes and thriving cultural scene. The best way to thoroughly experience Estonia and make the most of your trip there is to go on a multi-day tour.

The small size of Estonia can be misleading since it conceals a variety of sights and treasures that are best discovered over several days. A multi-day journey enables you to effectively see the best of the nation, from the quiet islands to the cobblestone alleyways of Tallinn’s Old Town.

It will take some time to properly grasp Estonia’s rich history and distinctive culture. A multi-day tour also provides the chance to explore historic castles, medieval villages, and museums, where knowledgeable guides offer intriguing insights into the nation’s past.

Furthermore, Estonia’s natural beauty is absolutely stunning, with its unspoiled coastlines, lovely lakes, and virgin woods just waiting to be discovered. You can experience these stunning settings up close on a multi-day tour, which gives you plenty of time for hiking, wildlife viewing, and relaxing.

Another thing to consider when deciding whether or not to partake in a multi-day tour is tour operators manage transportation, lodging, and carefully thought-out itineraries; traveling with a tour also ensures convenience and knowledgeable direction. As a result, you may unwind and focus entirely on the experiences without worrying about the details.

Interesting Estonia welcomes visitors, luring them in with its captivating blend of deep history, breathtaking scenery, and kind locals. This Baltic jewel provides a wealth of distinctive experiences, from the historic majesty of Tallinn’s old center to the untamed nature of its national parks.

Enjoy authentic cuisine, embrace the cultural heritage of historic castles, and observe how tradition and modernity coexist harmoniously. For adventurous travelers looking for off-the-beaten-path countries or places, Estonia, one of Europe’s secret gems, delivers life-changing experiences and is just that. Estonia is a place of surprises; perhaps it may surprise you. Visit Estonia!

If none of these tours work for you in Estonia, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Estonia now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

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