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The 6 Best Israel Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

The 6 Best Israel Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

Is Israel on your bucket list? A group tour is a perfect way to experience this fascinating country in a safe, exciting, and rewarding way.  Let the experts plan your itinerary while you focus on your enjoyment.  

Israel is an incredible mix of new and old.  History buffs will be in their element as history comes alive with an astonishing amount of sites to visit with great historical, religious, and cultural significance.  Explore Roman ruins, Arab mansions, centuries-old mosaics, and ancient cities to holy sites. 

Be amazed by stunning architecture, the rugged beauty of the desert landscapes, the vibrant, modern city scene of Tel Aviv, and the country’s spectacular coastline.  Israel is a country of many facets waiting for you to discover and explore them. 

Get ready to relish Israel’s middle eastern cuisine. Breakfast takes on a new meaning as you discover a traditional Arabic breakfast, a lavish spread of mezze plates bursting with freshness. Embrace communal dining as you discover the flavors of this exceptional cuisine.  

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Many tours feature cooking classes with local people allowing you to discover the true spirit of Israeli food as it is prepared with love and shared.  Hear the stories of locals as you dine together, or visit one of the vibrant, bustling markets (Shouk’s) and taste some local delicacies. Make sure you try some of the sumptuous Israeli pastries on offer! 

Explore the city of Jerusalem, its magnificent architecture, and its unique atmosphere.  Here, you can discover the differences between the Old City and the New City as the ancient and modern blend together.  

There are many religious sites of importance to visit.  Take a trip to Mount Zion, the city’s highest point, with its spectacular views across the skyline of Jerusalem. Visit the site of the last supper, the tomb of David, the stunning Mosque of Al Aqsa, and the Western Wall.  These are just a few notable sites of religious importance you can explore across the country.  

If hiking is your thing, you can trace the steps of Jesus following sites and events mentioned in the bible.  The Jesus Hiking and Pilgrimage Trail is a 65-kilometer trail around the region of Galilee and connects the places he visited during his life and ministry.  

Israel houses a varied population with different religious worldviews. Be prepared to be open-minded as you soak in the Israeli people’s diverse cultures and religions, expanding your worldview and cultural understanding of this country and its population.  

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Step back in time into the ancient port city of Caesarea.  This restored archaeological site is a national treasure boasting a restored harbor and soaring amphitheater.  Originally built by King Herod, this is an unrivaled way to experience the area’s unique history. It is located on the coastline, with stunning beaches nearby.  

Or head down to the Dead sea to witness this natural phenomenon.  Situated at the lowest point on earth, you can bathe in its hypersaline waters, which are reported to have therapeutic effects. 

Beach and water lovers can enjoy some downtime in Israel’s glorious coastal plain, which stretches from the north to the south of the country. The western border of the country is framed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, with almost half the country’s population living in this area. 

Many tours take in Israel and Jordan, allowing you to experience the differences between these Middle Eastern Countries.   Joining a tour allows you to connect with others, making memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.  Keep the logistics taken care of for a stress-free trip, with transport and transfers included so you can relax.  

Tour operators have forged close links in the countries you visit, giving you access to many unique experiences that can enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the places you visit. There are plenty of hands-on experiences and interactions with local people, guides, and experts, transforming you from a bystander to a participant.  

Read on to find out some of the best Israel Tours offered by Tour Radar that you can join now! Be inspired for your next adventure of a lifetime!

best tour operators in Israel - best Israel tour package - best tours in Israel - best tour companies in Israel
best tour operators in Israel - best Israel tour package - best tours in Israel - best tour companies in Israel
best tour operators in Israel - best Israel tour package - best tours in Israel - best tour companies in Israel
best tour operators in Israel - best Israel tour package - best tours in Israel - best tour companies in Israel

Jewish Israel Luxury Tour

Booking Tours

This 10-day luxury tour starts and finishes in the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv, taking you through 11 other Israeli destinations on a comprehensive tour across the country.  Operated by Booking Tours, you can feel assured you will be in safe hands.  

Founders Vera Veinburg and Aritum Dostman have years of experience in the region under their belt, starting Booking Tours in 2002.  Their experience as tour operators and travel agents is invaluable in creating once-in-a-lifetime visits to Israel, ensuring you visit the best spots.  

Booking Tours focuses on small group sizes with a maximum of 8 per group allowing an intimate and personal experience.  Make new friends and share this remarkable experience with others as you visit this wonderful country.  

You will spend two nights in Jerusalem.  By day your expert guide will help you experience both the historical, cultural, and religious sites of the Old City of Jerusalem and the New City.  

Pay a visit to the Western Wall, otherwise known as the Wailing Wall, a unique site of religious and historical importance.  The only surviving piece of wall from the Temple Mount, the site of the First and Second temples of Jerusalem, dates back to the 2nd century BCE.  Day two sees a visit to Mount Zion for spectacular views from the highest point of ancient Jerusalem and a site rich with religious significance. 

From Jerusalem, head to Masada to visit the remains of the palace complex built by Herod the Great before heading down to the Dead Sea for a spot of relaxation.  The rest of the tour visits the Roman seafront city of Caesarea, the spectacular freshwater lake also known as The Sea of Galilee, Golan, and Safed.  

Hotel accommodation and a three-day stay at a traditional Kibbutz are included in the tour.  If you are looking for a thoughtfully planned itinerary taking in some of the most significant sites of Israel, this could be the adventure for you.  

Jewish Israel Luxury Tour Booking Tours - best tour operators in Israel

Israel and the Palestine Territories Real Food Adventure

Intrepid Travel

Food is Life.  Immerse yourself in the culinary delights of Israel and Palestine on this 9-day tour which takes you from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Experiencing the flavors, history, and culture of each place you visit.  

Put together by Intrepid Travel. You will travel in a small group led by your experienced group leader.  Using their broad local knowledge means you can quickly acclimate to the locations you visit, leaving more time to spend soaking in the experience as the logistics are taken care of for a stress-free travel experience.  

Intrepid Travel has forged close links with local guides and experts, meaning you will benefit from a diverse and authentic experience.  Make the most of insider tips on the best places to visit or food to eat while you relish their unique stories as they shed color on their home environments’ history, culture, and food.  

Experience a Palestine cooking class with local women, with the opportunity to learn from them about the food and ingredients they cook and also learn about their life experiences. During the tour, you will discover many local delicacies, home-grown produce, and traditional meals.

On day three, you will visit a Druze Village, where you will be invited to a cooking demonstration and share a traditional Druze lunch made from fresh, homegrown ingredients from the region.  These unique culinary experiences will create unforgettable memories and experiences while widening your cultural knowledge.  

Sample wines from local wine producers in Nazareth as well as a guided visit to the Mahane Food Market in Jerusalem, where you will enjoy a group lunch of local specialties.  Get ready to experience a riot of flavor and expand your taste horizons.  

As well as the culinary focus, you will visit many religious and historical sites during your adventure, from the magnificent underground passageways of the Templar tunnels to the location of Golgotha and Jesus’ tomb, to the holy city of Bethlehem.  

This incredible adventure blends together authentic culinary experiences with the opportunity to meet a diverse range of local people, chefs, and food producers while traveling to the major religious and historical sites on a stress-free, well-planned journey that will stay with you for a lifetime.  

Israel and the Palestine Territories Real Food Adventure Intrepid Travel - best tour operators in Israel

“Jesus Trail” Hiking Package – Hike Through the Galilee from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee

Abraham Tours

Are you looking for an active adventure in one of the world’s most unique locations?  This 6-day self-guided hike offers a different way to experience the wonders of Israel.  

Put together by Abraham Tours, who operate an extensive range of Tours and hostels in the region.  A tour is an excellent option for independent travelers who still want to benefit from in-depth local knowledge and help with logistics while branching out independently.  

Your journey begins in the heart of Nazareth with a stay at the Fauzi Azar hostel.  An incredible mix of new meets old in this converted 18th-century Arab mansion.  You receive a personal orientation, guidebooks, maps for your walk, and a guided tour of Nazareth to soak up the culture and history of your surroundings, including information on the history of your accommodation. 

Traditional breakfast is provided on both nights of your stay in Nazareth, with a sumptuous spread to start your day right.  

Day Three sees your hike begin.  The trail covers 65 kilometers and traces the footsteps of Jesus in the Galilee region, starting with the 406 steps out of the Old City.  Traversing through the Zippori National park, you view an important archeological site that contains numerous stunning mosaics before arriving in Cana, which is said to be the location of Jesus’s first miracle turning water into wine.  

As you follow ancient remains of roman roads, you trace the likely route of Jesus as he made his way to the sea of Galilee.  Staying overnight in a traditional kibbutz, you will be rewarded with a traditional buffet dinner for your efforts.  

From here, ascend 250 meters up the Horns of Hattin, an extinct volcano affording you stunning views of the surrounding plains.  Your final day sees you pass through Mount Arbel national park onward to the sea of Galilee, completing your epic journey.   

This incredible experience offers a unique way to experience the wonders of the natural environment of Israel, connecting with the many religious and historical sites along the route.  With expert advice and carefully selected accommodation, you can be reassured your hike will be safe and successful. 

If you are keen to strap on your hiking boots and embrace this ancient landscape under your own steam, this self-guided tour could be just what you are looking for.  

“Jesus Trail” Hiking Package - Hike Through the Galilee from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee Abraham Tours - best tour operators in Israel

Israel and Jordan: Walking in the Footsteps of Abraham

World Expeditions

World Expeditions have been creating experiences that take you off the beaten track onto the road less traveled since 1975. 

Their focus is on facilitating adventurous trips which inspire and invigorate their guests, providing a mix of experiences and activities that add unique value and cultural immersion to your adventure. 

This epic 14-day tour comprehensively explores the landscapes and sites of Israel and Jordan.  With numerous day hikes built into the trip, you can relish exploring on foot, soaking up the natural environment at your own pace.  

World Expeditions work closely with industry experts in the adventure travel field, from mountaineers to photographers, allowing you to learn and be inspired by these passionate individuals.  They also work closely with local guides to bring you an authentic experience and get under the skin of the countries you visit.  

Promoting a philosophy of thoughtful travel, World Expeditions aims to create a positive influence while traveling by minimizing the impact tourists have on the local environment.  Each of their itineraries is designed with sustainable travel practices in mind.  

As you explore Israel and Jordan, your journey will connect you with a diverse range of local people from different religions, visiting holy and historical sites across the two countries.  Crossing into Jordan, there is a full day of exploration at the Red Rose City of Petra. This awe-inspiring piece of historical legacy stuns with its scale. 

A highlight of the tour is an overnight stay at Wadi Rum to experience the wonders of this valley cut from sandstone and granite.  The otherworldly desert environment is home to the bedouin of the Zalabien tribe.  You will stay in a Bedouin camp and be treated to a traditional meal before exploring the area by 4wd the following day.  

This tour provides incredible experiences and the opportunity to forge new friendships and connections as you travel safely and sustainably across the dazzling natural environment of these countries while soaking in the region’s rich historical and cultural legacies.  

Israel and Jordan Walking in the Footsteps of Abraham World Expeditions - best tour operators in Israel

Explore Israel and Jordan National Geographic Journey

National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures

G Adventures are a world leader in the adventure tourism industry.  They operated well-organized, small-group tours that provided a safe, sociable travel experience for like-minded travelers.  

They offer various adventure styles to choose from, catering to a wide range of passions and interests.  This incredible trip through Israel and Jordan is part of their National Geographic range.  

G Adventures and National Geographic have formed a formidable partnership to bring their guests an in-depth exploration of the regions they are visiting, with enhanced hands-on interactions, freedom to roam, and interactions with local guides and experts.  They encourage their guests to open themselves up to new experiences and friendships that are the backbone of a transformational travel experience.  

Focusing on education as a tool to better understand the world, our environment, and our cultural interactions, the tour contains several learning experiences, which are an excellent opportunity to travel more consciously.  

In Jerusalem, you will meet with a local scholar to discuss interfaith issues, political conflicts, and hopes for a peaceful future.  There is also a visit to a Palestinian Refugee Camp where you will have the opportunity to visit a Woman’s collective and gain insight into the lives of women refugees.

At the same time, they teach you how to create traditional Palestinian meals in the camp kitchen before sitting down to enjoy a shared meal together.  While visiting a kibbutz, you will learn about the origins of this communal movement before staying overnight in a hotel operated by a kibbutz. 

As you journey to Jordan, a host of exceptional experiences await you.  You will experience a visit to a G Adventures-supported cafe where local women will treat you to a cooking class and delicious shared lunch, followed by a visit to the Jordan Archaeological museum and exploration of the citadel’s ruins.  

Traveling onto Wadi Musa, enjoy an illuminating talk from an expert archeologist to give you an understanding of the history and ongoing excavations at the sandstone city of Petra, ready for your visit to this rugged, otherworldly desert environment. 

During your stay at Wadi Rum, you will camp in a Bedouin camp and stay overnight in a traditional goat wool tent, allowing you a taste of life as a Bedouin.  Your Bedouin guide will take you on a nighttime walk giving you a chance to connect with the environment and native people of the area.  

The National Geographic tour to Israel and Jordan gives you a chance to enjoy a deeper cultural understanding of these two remarkable countries while participating in practical hands-on experiences that bring history, food, and culture alive.  There are many opportunities to meet with local people from different backgrounds and religions throughout the trip. 

This could be your ideal tour if you want a travel adventure that promotes cultural exchange, learning, and respect while creating fun and meaningful experiences.  

Explore Israel and Jordan National Geographic Journey National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures - best tour operators in Israel

Israel Discovery: Classic Summer

Insight Vacations

Take a summer vacation to Israel with an action-packed itinerary that takes in the best of this fascinating country.  

Traveling in a group with a maximum size of 40, you can guarantee you will enjoy a relaxed and social trip.  Insight Vacations offer premium guided tours, using local connections to create authentic experiences while enjoying premium coach transport between locations and carefully chosen accommodation.  

You will be traveling in a customized purpose-built coach with fewer seats, so there is more space on board, air-conditioning, and Wi-Fi to keep you connected as you travel. Most coaches also have an onboard washroom for your convenience and comfort. 

This tour starts in Tel Aviv, where you will meet your traveling companions.  You will enjoy a drink on the first night of the tour to allow you to relax into the start of your adventure, where your group leader will brief you on the up-and-coming itinerary.  

Day two sees you take in the vibrant atmosphere of Tel Aviv, hitting the classic sightseeing spots and exploring the artist quarter, where you will have the chance to meet and connect with local artists to discuss their work and inspiration.  

Begin your journey from Tel Aviv through Caesarea to visit the ancient remains of the city built by King Herod on to Nazareth with a visit to the Church of Annunciation before enjoying a lively traditional Shabbat Dinner.  

Insight Vacations are committed to reducing the impact of travel as well as offering insightful and meaningful travel experiences.  A visit to the Agmon Hahula natural reserve allows you to learn about wildlife specific to this region from a local expert.  

Once arriving in Galilee, you will have the chance to customize your trip depending on your preference, with a choice of activities available to participate in. Choose from a lake cruise, a trip to the dead sea, or sightseeing at religious sites close by.  

Your tour finishes with a thorough exploration of Jerusalem and a celebration dinner to toast the success of your holiday and the new friendships you have formed.  

Insight Vacations offer well-polished tours with various activities and experiences to suit varied interests.  If you want to experience the best sightseeing spots relaxed and stress-free, this 9-day tour could be perfect for you.  

Israel Discovery Classic Summer Insight Vacations - best tour operators in Israel

If none of these tours work for you in Israel, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Israel now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

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