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The 6 Best Pakistan Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

The 6 Best Pakistan Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

Pakistan is a land of wonder and adventure that beckons to the intrepid traveler with its vibrant culture, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes. Bordered by Iran to the west, Afghanistan to the north and northwest, India to the east and southeast and China to the northeast, Pakistan will surely leave you in awe.

Imagine standing at the foot of the Alps, with their snow-capped summits rising into the heavens, or experiencing the Thar Desert, with its shimmering sands and sweeping dunes. Pakistan’s landscapes are as varied as they are beautiful, ranging from the rugged grandeur of the Karakoram Range to the verdant green plains of Punjab. This article will give you the 6 best tours to discover Pakistan with ease.

This distinct region of the world has a long and illustrious past that dates back thousands of years to the old Indus Valley Civilization. From the Mohenjo-Daro ruins to the majestic Mughal forts and castles, Pakistan’s historical landmarks bear witness to the country’s lengthy and intriguing history.

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Of course, no trip to Pakistan would be complete without engaging in some of the country’s exciting activities and experiences. From mountain trekking to camel excursions in the desert, Pakistan has an abundance of possibilities for the adventurous visitor seeking an immersive adventure.

For those seeking to indulge themselves in local culture, there are numerous festivals, fairs, and celebrations held throughout the year, each providing a distinct glimpse into Pakistan’s heart and spirit.

And there are the people, with all of these experiences – friendly, cordial, and passionately proud of their culture and customs. Whether you’re sipping chai in a busy bazaar or eating biryani and kebabs with a local family, the kindness and generosity of the Pakistani people will make an indelible impact on you. 

But even so, the thrills of Pakistan are best experienced on a group trip, trekking and riding camels with other travelers on an exciting day. Pakistan can be challenging to navigate, particularly for those unfamiliar with the local language and traditions.

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Traveling on a group trip, on the other hand, allows you to profit from the knowledge and skills of experienced guides who are acquainted with the terrain and culture. This can help to reduce possible risks and ensure a secure and enjoyable journey, as well as provide extra security measures, such as traveling with a security escort or having access to emergency medical assistance if necessary.

The most difficult aspect of traveling is the cost and planning involved. Fortunately, when you choose to travel on a group tour, the trauma of planning a trip all on your own is completely removed from you, and the best part is that you will save money, allowing you to invest your resources in the adventure itself.

When you choose a group trip, you will save your energy for the thrill and challenges that await you, as you will not have to worry about organizing every detail on your own. What’s more thrilling is the chance to form new friendships and create lasting recollections with like-minded people with whom you can share your experiences. With all that said, let’s dive into the 6 best tours to discover Pakistan with ease.

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best tour operators in Pakistan - best Pakistan tour package - best tours in Pakistan - best tour companies in Pakistan - best Pakistan tours
best tour operators in Pakistan - best Pakistan tour package - best tours in Pakistan - best tour companies in Pakistan - best Pakistan tours
best tour operators in Pakistan - best Pakistan tour package - best tours in Pakistan - best tour companies in Pakistan - best Pakistan tours

Karakoram Highway and Hunza Shangri-La, Pakistan

Penguin Travel

Penguin Travel is a tour and excursion company that organizes tours and expeditions all over the globe. Penguin Travel is the ideal option for an unforgettable journey to the world’s most remote and captivating regions if you’re looking for an exciting experience.

They provide a variety of thrilling experiences, including cruises, fly-and-cruise adventures, and land-based excursions. They work with different operators and boats to provide their customers with diverse choices to experience the core of their marvelous locations.

Penguin Travel can design a tour to suit your requirements, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time traveler; the choices are limitless; you can cruise the high seas, fly and cruise to your location, or take a land-based journey to explore the breathtaking landscapes along the way.

You are about to travel the Karakoram Highway, which connects China and Pakistan via the rugged and beautiful Karakoram mountain region. The breathtaking majesty of the Khunjerab Pass, which lies at a dizzying elevation of 4,693 meters, will welcome you as you put foot on this route. This motorway, built with great care and courage, is often referred to as the World’s Eighth Wonder.

Your pulse will race as you consider the difficult circumstances under which this road was constructed. Between 1959 and 1979, the governments of Pakistan and China labored diligently to finish this route, and over 1,000 courageous laborers died in the process. But you’ve come to see the fruits of their labor and the beauty of the Silk Road that this road once traced.

As you proceed on this path, you will come across the mighty Nanga Parbat, the ninth-highest mountain in the globe, towering 8126 meters above you. Take your time photographing this beautiful mountain before continuing to your next destination, Rakaposhi peak, which is part of the Karakoram range and has an elevation of 7780 meters.

However, the journey does not end there! You will spend some time visiting Attabad Lake, a stunning body of water formed by a huge landslip in 2010. Take an exciting boat ride and soak in the majesty of this natural marvel before making your way to Gulmit or Passu for a well-deserved overnight stay in a comfy hotel.

This tour takes a group of 12 between the ages of 18 and 80 years old. It is fully guided and family-friendly and costs $1116 per person. It includes your lodging, meals and transportation for 11 days.

Karakoram Highway and Hunza Shangri-La, Pakistan Penguin Travel - 8 Days Expat Explore Travel - best tour operators in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Karakoram Highway


Explore Travel Company will take you on an adventurous adventure! As the name implies, this European travel organizer has over four decades of experience curating and conducting excursions both within and outside of Europe.

Their proclivity for uncovering hidden jewels of locations that the general public has yet to discover is similar to a secret society that only they have access to. What else would you expect from a business that has been in the game for so long?

Explore believes that tourists should not just watch a nation, but should completely engage themselves in its culture and way of life. After all, why were you embarking on this adventure in the first place? The business claims to bring you up close and personal with the local people and their customs, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.

Your journey starts today in the heart of Pakistan, in the cultural and commercial center of Islamabad, the country’s capital city. Islamabad, which arose from the ruins of the former coastal capital Karachi, has broad, leafy streets and the majestic Margalla Hills in the backdrop.

With its old-world charm and contemporary building wonders coexisting in perfect equilibrium, it transports you back to the colonial period.

After a brief orientation by your guide, prepare for an exciting afternoon visit to the modern Faisal Mosque. The mosque’s one-of-a-kind design, influenced by Bedouin tents, is breathtaking. Its triangular prayer space can hold a staggering 10,000 worshippers, making it South Asia’s biggest mosque. You can’t help but experience awe and surprise as you gaze upon the mosque’s magnificence.

The Pakistan monument, a petal-shaped building inspired by Mughal architecture, is next on your schedule. The memorial stands tall and defiant, devoted to the people of Pakistan, with each petal symbolizing the various ethnicities that make up modern-day Pakistan’s melting pot. As you stand in the shadow of this magnificent building, you can’t help but feel proud of our wonderful country.

The tour concludes with a visit to the Heritage Museum, which provides an interesting look into the country’s ethnology and history. The museum’s collection of artifacts, manuscripts, and remnants will transport you to Pakistan’s rich past and culture. The museum provides a look into Pakistan’s varied and colorful history, from ancient civilizations to modern-day Pakistan.

This tour takes a group of 18 between the ages of 16 and 85 years old. It is fully guided and family-friendly and costs $3710 per person. It includes your lodging, meals and transportation for 14 days.

Pakistan's Karakoram Highway Explore! - best tour operators in Pakistan

Concordia & K2

Exodus Travel

Exodus Travels, the daring European travel operator that has taken thrill-seekers on mind-blowing adventures for 45 years, asks you to join them on an adrenaline-pumping expedition. Nothing compares to the feeling of exploring uncharted territory, immersing oneself in new cultures, and embracing undiscovered views – whether a magnificent mountain range, harsh desert, or verdant jungle.

We concur; the sensation of finding new landscapes is nothing short of incredible. Exodus Travel has consistently stretched the boundaries since their first trip to the Himalayas Mountains, and they now have an incredible collection of over 500 exciting trips spanning over 90 countries.

Your journey brings you to the stunning Concordia, one of the most spectacular mountain views on the planet. This remarkable location is overshadowed by K2, the world’s second-highest peak, and is nestled at the confluence of the Baltoro and Godwin Austen glaciers. You can’t wait to see it for yourself.

Your trip starts in Askole, where you proceed on a breathtaking walk through the Braldu gorge to the Baltoro glacier’s snout. As you walk, you will be surrounded by unrivaled grandeur, with scenic beauty so wild that it will take your breath away.

You will be grateful for the full-service camps that await you each evening, providing a warm and comfortable place to rest your head after a long and worthwhile trek through the mountains.

You will awaken early one morning for a guided trek to the ruins of Skardu fort, which overlooks the town and provides spectacular vistas of the Indus Valley. You will stop in small villages as you travel, connecting with the locals and learning about their way of life, and the most exciting part will be marveling at the organic veggies grown in this rugged and merciful topography.

Another day takes you through the Braldu gorge, where you can take in the natural splendor of this remote place. The fantastic granite rock forms of Trango Towers and the Cathedral, towering over you like guardians of the wilderness, will take your breath away.

Several glacially fed rivulets run down into the main valley as you reach your camping spot. You put on your river crossing sneakers, ready to ford the water and feel the adrenaline rush through your nerves. As you glance around, you’ll notice that you’re encircled by some of the most magnificent mountain views on the planet, and the sheer majesty of it all will humble you.

This tour takes a group of 18 between the ages of 18 and 99 years old. It is fully guided and family-friendly and costs $6079 per person. It includes your lodging; some of which are camping style, meals and transportation for 21 days.

Concordia & K2 Exodus Travel - best tour operators in Pakistan

Northern Pakistan: Hindu Kush Adventure


Exploria Travel Company is a tour agency located in Orlando, Florida. This bold venture provides a variety of exciting holiday goods and services that are guaranteed to get your pulse beating, such as property ownership, holiday accommodations, hotel stays, cruises, and guided excursions.

Exploria Travel, with names like Club Exploria and Resorts Condominiums International (RCI), is a daring explorer of the seven oceans of holiday ownership. If that isn’t enough to get your heart racing, the company’s Exploria Passport program gives daring travelers like you exclusive access to the most thrilling deals on all kinds of travel-related goods and services. A thrilling adventure beckons!

Set out on an amazing journey along the Northwest Frontier, traversing the rugged landscape from Islamabad, Pakistan’s fascinating capital city, to the charming kingdom of Chitral. The trip promises to be an utter thrill as you drive through the breathtaking scenery, taking in the stunning views along the way. The old country of Chitral will be your first destination, where you will spend two glorious days with the Kalash tribe.

The Kalash are renowned for their distinct culture and way of life, which has survived for generations. You’ll be able to submerge yourself in their rituals and traditions, getting a better grasp of their intriguing way of life. If getting closer to the locals and trying out new things as well as trekking remote and nature-adorned terrains do not mean real adventure then we don’t know what does.

The actual journey begins in Islamabad, the “City of Islam,” which functions as Pakistan’s beating center, nestled against the lush Margalla Hills; beaming a spectrum of a unique combination of conservatory and contemporary beauty, with modern structures and retail malls living alongside traditional homes and mosques.

The trip proceeds over the majestic Shandur Pass, which rewards you with one of the most breathtaking vistas on the planet. On the other side, the stunning Hunza Valley greets you, encircled by tall mountains and crystal-clear rivers on this pure natural beauty where deep blue streams meet sky-reaching mountains, creating stunning views that will leave you speechless.

You will halt in Taxila, a Buddhist university town, on your way back to Islamabad. This is a historically significant site where you will be taken to the old world of Buddhism through t The local museum which is a treasure trove of Gandharan relics, and other Buddhist sites in the region will give you a better understanding of Pakistan’s Buddhists and how they live harmoniously in a Muslim nation.

This tour takes a group of 5 between the ages of 18 and 60 years old. It is fully guided and family-friendly and costs $4000 per person. It includes your lodging; some of which are camping style, meals and transportation for 15 days.

Northern Pakistan Hindu Kush Adventure Exploria - best tour operators in Pakistan

12 days Pakistan Trekking Expedition (Nanga Parbat & Rakaposhi Base Camp Trekking)

Crossroads Adventure

They are the designers of daring expeditions, creating new routes through Asia, East Africa, and the Middle East with a clear goal of discovering edifying and exciting connections between people and the environment.

Their travels are more than just tourism; they serve as a spiritual anchor filling the soul with so much excitement. Each step forward provides a chance for introspection, an invitation to open one’s heart and intellect to a more in-depth knowledge of oneself and the world.

Expeditions with Across Adventure provide opportunities to interact with varied communities and cultures, shed old stereotypes, and accept the transformative force of optimism. They inspire confidence and disseminate positive energy with each new meeting, sharing life-changing experiences and tales that surpass countries and limits.

On this 12-day trekking excursion, you will be brought to the base camps of two of Pakistan’s most formidable mountains, Rakaposhi (9th highest peak in the world) and Nanga Parbat (27th highest peak in the world).

You will be astounded as you look upon these grandiose and regal pieces of nature, which stand like pegs holding the earth together, beaming the lights of beauty and ingenuity of their one-of-a-kind creation.

You will be staying in campgrounds at the foot of these stunning mountains with other travelers, and you will be able to take walks around the beautiful valleys and enjoy the wonderful combination of verdant foliage gazing up to clear skies amid towering mountain ranges.

As that brave explorer, you seek to overcome the majesty of the Karakoram range, and you set your eyes on the Rakaposhi mountain, which rises to a height of 7,800 meters, towering above all others and manifesting its iconic appearance. Locals refer to it as the “shiny wall,” a testimony to its radiance and majestic appeal.

As you travel north of Pakistan, you will come across the Nagar Valley, where the Rakaposhi rules are dominant. The exceptional ascent of the peak over local topography is a sight to witness. It rises 5,900 meters in 11.2 kilometers from the Hunza-Nagar River, a real marvel of nature.

This tour takes a group of 15 between the ages of 15 and 75 years old. It is fully guided and family-friendly and costs $1790 per person. It includes your accommodation; some of which are in camping style, meals and transportation for 12 days.

12 days Pakistan Trekking Expedition (Nanga Parbat & Rakaposhi Base Camp Trekking) Crossroads Adventure - best tour operators in Pakistan

Hunza Cultural Tour- Colors of Hunza

Beyond the Valley

Beyond The Valley (BTV) Adventures is a travel business that provides custom-designed trips that transport visitors on an unforgettable journey to some of the world’s most breathtaking locations. BTV Adventures provides travelers with the excitement of discovering hidden treasures, off-the-beaten-path locations, and one-of-a-kind cultural encounters that will leave them with memories to last a lifetime.

Their expert hosts are well-versed in the local customs, history, and scenery of the Karakoram area, ensuring that visitors have a completely comprehensive experience. Beyond The Valley can create tailor-made trips that fit all types of adventurers, whether they are trekking through the Himalayas, forming strong bonds with the locals, or learning about Pakistan’s past.

You will take a 1-hour journey from Islamabad to Gilgit-Hunza, where you will be captivated by the breathtaking landscape of the valleys and stately High Mountain summits. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable trip as you discover the real grandeur of Pakistan.

You will have the chance to explore the Verano suspension bridge, one of the region’s oldest suspension bridges, as well as the Danyor tunnel on your way to Hunza. There will also be picture breaks at the tectonic plate collision, the old silk route viewpoint, and the Rakaposhi viewpoint.

Your daring spirit will be sparked as you travel through small communities in the Nagar and Hunza regions, experiencing genuine village life.

A full day awaits you in Hunza, beginning with a tour of the 800-year-old Baltit Fort. This historical landmark is a 30-minute stroll away and will transport you back in time. Next, visit the Karimabad Bazar, where you can buy art, jewels, and dry fruits, among other unique items to add to your keepsake collection.

Visit the 900-year-old Altit Fort, where history comes to life and energy travels through your blood. After touring the fort, stop by Kha Basi Café, which is managed by Serena Hotels and administered by local women. This will transport your taste senses on a trip through the vibrant flavors and culture of the residents.

In the afternoon, pay a visit to Altit’s music school, where local children study and perform traditional music. You can even learn to perform area musical instruments. Afterward, travel to Ganish hamlet, Hunza’s oldest community, and tour a local family house to learn about their everyday lives.

As the sun sets, return to your Karimabad hotel to unwind and reflect on the memorable experiences of the day. Prepare to wake up the next day feeling refreshed and energized from your Hunza journey.

This tour takes a group of 12 between the ages of 16 and 70 years old. It is fully guided and costs $1809 per person. It includes your accommodation, meals and transportation for 9 days.

Hunza Cultural Tour- Colors of Hunza Beyond the Valley - best tour operators in Pakistan


These are the 6 best tours to discover Pakistan with ease, they are top-rated by travelers who have traversed that same part you wish to journey on. There is so much to learn and discover in Pakistan but the thrills of all of that are found in the real adventure. Happy Travel!

If none of these tours work for you in Pakistan, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Pakistan now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

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