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The 6 Best Sweden Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable

The 6 Best Sweden Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable

Welcome to Sweden, a mesmerizing Nordic nation that offers a fusion of untouched natural beauty, a rich cultural legacy, and cutting-edge modernity. Sweden is a place that leaves a lasting impact, from the breathtaking scenery of Lapland to the energetic streets of Stockholm.

Explore the pristine wildness of the Swedish archipelago, the charming cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, all while discovering historical places like Gamla Uppsala to learn about the extensive Viking legacy. 

In Sweden, guided tours are common, especially for tourists who value convenience, knowledgeable guides, and a well-thought-out schedule. Sweden provides a wide selection of guided tours to suit all interests and preferences.

These tours can focus on a variety of topics, including exploring the nation’s cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, taking in the breathtaking Lapland landscapes, going on outdoor adventures like hiking and kayaking, or visiting important cultural and historical sites like Visby. 

Organized tours frequently offer expert guides who may shed light on the nation’s history, culture, and regional customs. Additionally, they handle practicalities like lodging, transportation, and admission costs, making it possible to travel with ease, knowing everything is planned for you. Going on an organized tour can improve your trip to Sweden; whether you’re an action-adventure traveler or a beach bum, guided tours are often your best bet.

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Organized tours handle all the planning and logistics, including lodging, travel, and itineraries. As a result, you spend less time and effort arranging specific itineraries and more time concentrating on having fun on your trip. Tours also frequently have well-planned itineraries, ensuring you get the most out of your trip by swiftly covering a mix of the main sights and hidden gems. This reduces the requirement for you to conduct in-depth planning and study.

It’s also important to note that Tour operators frequently offer access to special encounters and neighborhood contacts that may be challenging to arrange on your own. This can involve private visits to cultural sites, participating in customary pursuits, or interacting with regional groups of people. 

The ideal way to visit Sweden is on a multi-day tour, which enables a thorough understanding of the different landscapes, historic monuments, and cultural experiences. Travelers may make the most of their stay and fully experience everything Sweden offers with knowledgeable guides, practical logistics, and a well-thought-out itinerary. Without further adieu, here is a look at the top six best tours in Sweden. 

best tour operators in Sweden - best Sweden tour package - best tours in Sweden - best tour companies in Sweden - best Sweden tours
best tour operators in Sweden - best Sweden tour package - best tours in Sweden - best tour companies in Sweden - best Sweden tours
best tour operators in Sweden - best Sweden tour package - best tours in Sweden - best tour companies in Sweden - best Sweden tours
best tour operators in Sweden - best Sweden tour package - best tours in Sweden - best tour companies in Sweden - best Sweden tours

Swedish Lapland: Hunting for the Northern Lights


In Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, we begin our journey. You might be wondering why Lapland is so far from our point of arrival. Well, Stockholm is considerably simpler to reach from the UK; this way, we experience a lovely night train (a singular experience in and of itself!), enabling us to quickly cross the country.

The northernmost town in the nation and the center of Lapland, Kiruna, is where we will explore. Our goal is to enjoy and take pictures of the amazing Northern Lights! The surroundings are ideal. We are outside the Arctic Circle, so the light pollution that plagues the big cities is not something to worry about out here!

Here in winter, there are nearly 24 hours a day of total darkness, so it is an experience you must enjoy for yourself! You will spend 7 days on tour with the chance to explore three different cities in Sweden. Here is a look at your full itinerary for this tour. 

Day One: Arrive in Sweden.

Day Two: In the morning, we will visit the Vasa Museum. In the afternoon we are free to visit other museums. Next, we propose a street art tour in the evening.

Day Three: Go Dog Sledding in Kiruna.

Day Four: go on a Hiking in Abisko National Park

Day Five: visit a Sami village to discover the history, tradition, and way of life. We will also visit the Ice Hotel and the famous Ice Bar.

Day Six: Free day to explore on your own. 

Day Seven: The tour ends here.

The captivating splendor of Sweden’s northernmost region is highlighted on this Hunting for the Northern Lights tour, which is spectacular. The combination of carefully chosen activities and the chance to see the breathtaking Northern Lights genuinely distinguish this experience from others.

Travelers are escorted by knowledgeable guides on exhilarating excursions such as snowmobiling through pristine wilderness, husky sledding over icy landscapes, and becoming fully immersed in the native Sami culture.

The journey offers a close encounter with nature and allows visitors to see the Aurora Borealis dance under the great Arctic sky. Swedish Lapland: Looking for the Northern Lights is an astonishing adventure that will leave you with priceless memories and a profound appreciation for Sweden’s incredible natural beauty. Overall this is easily considered one of the best tours in Sweden. 

Swedish Lapland Hunting for the Northern Lights by WeRoad - best tour operators in Sweden

Wolves, Moose, and Beavers

Wild Sweden

Welcome to the Wolves, Moose, and Beavers tour with Wild Sweden, a remarkable wildlife journey that will leave you in awe of Sweden’s natural splendors. As you set off on this wonderful excursion, allow the alluring beauty of Swedish nature to sweep you away.

Discover mighty wolves in their natural environment, see the grandeur of moose roaming free, and watch diligent beavers build their dams. This tour, led by professional guides, provides a special chance to get in touch with nature and learn much about these amazing creatures. With Wild Sweden, join along on an amazing wildlife adventure where the magic of the wild comes to life.

You will start your journey in Stockholm and end there too. You’ll have five days to go through two different Swedish cities. Accommodation, an expert guide, meals, transportation, and more are completely included in the cost of the tour. Here is a look at your full itinerary. 

Day One: Arrive in Sweden.

Day Two: Experience Moose watching and immerse yourself in nature on a hike.

Day Three: Go on a canoe trip and enjoy beaver watching

Day Four: Enjoy a wolf howling tour.

Day Five: return to Stockholm. 

For intrepid tourists looking for an unmatched wildlife encounter, Wild Sweden’s Wolves, Moose, and Beavers tour is the ideal tour to take. This tour provides a unique chance to see the famous animals of Sweden in their natural settings. Discover the elusive and beautiful wolves, see the stately moose as they graze, and watch the resourceful beavers in amazement as they sculpt their surroundings.

This tour, led by knowledgeable guides, offers in-depth insight into the conservation initiatives involving these amazing creatures. The time also takes place in the unspoiled Swedish forest, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in spectacular vistas and forge deep connections with nature.

This wildlife tour with Wild Sweden is necessary for everyone looking for a really amazing and socially responsible wildlife encounter. This is one of the best tours in Sweden. 

Wolves, Moose, and Beavers by Wild Sweden - best tour operators in Sweden

Arctic Circle Winter Traverse

Wildland Trekking

Greetings and welcome to the Arctic Circle Winter Traverse tour, a unique journey that immerses you in true Arctic nature. This immersive trip is intended for daring explorers looking for a genuinely exceptional and unforgettable winter experience.

You’ll start a unique journey into the Arctic Circle’s ice areas under the direction of knowledgeable guides. Discover the magic of the northern lights dancing across the night sky as you travel through pristine snow-covered terrain and take in stunning views of the freezing landscape.

Experience Arctic animals, discover native customs, and partake in thrilling winter activities. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the Arctic’s untamed wilderness and unadulterated beauty is provided by the Arctic Circle Winter Traverse tour. Here is a look at your full itinerary!

Day One: On this Swedish Ski or Snowshoe Tour, our team will pick you up from the Kiruna airport. 

Day Two: head to the train station in Kiruna and catch a ride to Abisko, the starting point of the Kungsleden or “King’s Trail”. After meeting with our Sami friend and snowmobile porter, we’ll start on our Nordic ski/snowshoe tour for the day. This stage takes us through a Birch forest and along the frozen Abisko Lake until reaching our refuge for the night, the Abiskojaure hut.

Day Three: start by packing up our gear and leaving the hut as clean or cleaner than we found it. Our ski/snowshoe tour continues by following the Kamajakka Valley through another Birch forest until we climb up between two high mountains, Kieron and & Kartinvare.

Day Four: Today’s stage is through the big open valley of Alesatno and up a long scenic gradual climb to a mountain pass. The highlight today comes during our extremely beautiful descent from the Tjäktja Pass.

Day Five: descend into the splendid Sälka Valley past the Nallo mountain refuge and enjoy the stunning beauty.

Day Six: We will follow the wild valley of Cuhcavaggi as we ski through the remote wilderness of Sweden.

Day Seven: ascend towards a small mountain pass before dropping down into the wide-open Laddjuvaggi Valley. This river valley leads us back into a Birch and Arctic Pine forest for the first time in many days.

Day Eight: continue down the scenic Laddjuvaggi Valley. Our route today glides us past the Laddjujarvi Lake, eventually landing us into a bit of civilization and the quaint Sami village of Nikkaluokta.

Day Nine: The Tour ends here.

The Arctic Circle Winter Traverse tour offered by Wildland Trekking is a genuinely exceptional and one-of-a-kind, adventure-loving tour operator that distinguishes itself in several noteworthy ways. First of all, it gives visitors a chance to immerse themselves in one of the wildest and most pristine parts of the planet and discover the unspoiled beauty of the Arctic Circle.

This tour, led by experts, also offers a unique chance to see the breathtaking winter sceneries, including frozen lakes, snow-covered forests, and spectacular mountains. The possibility of seeing the mesmerizing northern lights also gives the experience an enchanted touch.

Additionally, the tour includes a variety of thrilling sports like dog sledding, ice fishing, and snowshoeing to guarantee an exciting experience for all visitors. This tour is easily considered one of the best in Sweden.

Arctic Circle Winter Traverse by Wildland Trekking - best tour operators in Sweden

Women’s Wilderness Adventure – Guided Kayak & Wild Camp the Archipelago

Do The North

We cordially invite you to join us on the Women’s Wilderness Adventure – Guided Kayak & Wild Camp, the Archipelago tour, a transforming and uplifting excursion created especially for intrepid women. This extraordinary journey encourages a profound connection with nature and within yourself while inviting you to see the breathtaking splendor of the Swedish archipelago.

You’ll set out on exhilarating kayak adventures under the direction of experts, skimming across crystal-clear waters amidst stunning surroundings. Learn vital outdoor skills while setting up camp on remote islands and immersing yourself in the peace of the wilderness.

Women can reconnect with nature and gain strength in their skills on this journey since it excitingly combines adventure, friendship, and personal growth. This tour includes lodging, transportation, meals, accommodation, and more. You’ll have five days to discover a total of five Swedish cities. Here is a look at your full day-to-day itinerary for this tour. 

Day One: head towards Lammskär, a gorgeous atoll formation of islands with lots of shelters and amazing sunset views. 

Day Two: we aim west toward the middle part of the archipelago and the narrow beautiful passages between Missjö and its long parallel islands.

Day Three: We keep paddling towards Harstena village. We visit the museum in the old school, the little bakery with divine cinnamon swirls, and stroll around this picturesque place. A short distance west is Torrön. It’s a large forested island surrounded by very shallow waters and hundreds of little islets. 

Day Four: We aim south through a passage between Kråkmarö and Armnö, quietly paddling past idyllic old wooden houses dotted over the islands. After a pretty open crossing, we set up our camp for the evening somewhere close to the lookout at Gubbö Kupa.

Day Five: We round Fångö island, and kayak through the beautiful clusters of islets to the south, then zig-zag our way around the islands until we reach Fyrudden – the end point of our mind-opening adventure together.

The experiences you had on your Women’s Wilderness Adventure – Guided Kayak & Wild Camp the Archipelago tour will be with you always. You have enjoyed the tranquility of sailing over clear waters, the friendship of other daring ladies, and the beauty of the uninhabited islands.

You will return home feeling more self-assured and connected to nature as you reflect on the difficulties you overcame, the campfires you shared, and the self-discovery experiences. This incredible journey will give you the confidence to accept your inner strength as well as broaden your horizons and make lifelong friendships.

Women's Wilderness Adventure - Guided Kayak & Wild Camp the Archipelago by Do The North - best tour operators in Sweden

Sweden: Hiking Stockholm and Beyond


Welcome to the enthralling Sweden: Hiking Stockholm and Beyond tour, which will take you on a memorable adventure through the country’s natural beauties. For outdoor lovers and thrill seekers who wish to explore the beauty of Stockholm and its surroundings on foot, we’ve created this unique hiking experience.

You’ll travel picturesque pathways under professional guides’ direction while taking in the breathtaking mountain panoramas and clean mountain air. Experience the peace of historic woodlands, pass through stunning lakes, and find hidden treasures as you travel.

This tour offers a well-rounded adventure that highlights the best of Sweden’s outdoor riches by mixing the beauty of Stockholm’s bustling city life with the peace of its pristine surroundings. This tour starts and ends in Stockholm. You’ll have eight days to explore Sweden in detail with visits to 5 Swedish cities. Here is a look at your itinerary for this tour. 

Day One: Arrive in Sweden.

Day Two: Transfer to Tullgarn Palace, walk to Trosa

Day Three: Hiking in the Stendörren and Sävö nature reserves via Nynäs Manor & Sandvik beach, return to Trosa

Day Four: Boat to Nynäshamn and an evening walk along Strandvägen

Day Five: Hiking in the Häringe-Hammersta nature reserve or a local Strandvägen hike

Day Six: Hike Nåttarö and Ålö islands, transfer to Utö island 

Day Seven: Hike on Fjärdlång island to Tysta Klint, boat to Stockholm 

Day Eight: tour ends here.

The Hiking Stockholm and Beyond tour distinguishes itself from others by combining urban discovery with intense outdoor adventures. Unlike typical city tours, this journey takes you outside Stockholm’s busy streets to enjoy a trekking expedition and explore the nation’s natural marvels.

You can immerse yourself in the untainted beauty of Sweden’s landscapes by exploring historic woods, beautiful trails, and tranquil lakes. This journey, led by experts, offers a chance to appreciate the peace that the Swedish wilderness offers while fostering a closer relationship with nature.

A genuinely exceptional and unforgettable experience, it strikes the ideal mix between urban discovery and outdoor adventure. Overall it is one of the best tours in Sweden. 

Sweden Hiking Stockholm and Beyond by UTracks - Guided Kayak & Wild Camp the Archipelago by Do The North - best tour operators in Sweden

The Österlenleden Trail (Ystad – Alunbruket), Self-guided Walking Tour


You are encouraged to go on The Sterlenleden Trail (Ystad – Alunbruket) Self-guided Walking Tour, a unique adventure that permits you to take your time discovering the alluring landscapes of southern Sweden. This self-guided tour is ideal for independent travelers seeking a tailored and engaging experience.

From Ystad to Alunbruket, the Sterlenleden Trail takes you past lovely seaside communities, undulating countryside, and picturesque nature reserves. Follow the well-marked trails and get lost in the gorgeous country as you pass through charming hamlets, important sites, and spectacular vistas.

This self-guided walking tour promises an unparalleled experience of the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Sterlen region, whether you’re a nature lover, a history enthusiast, or just looking for peace. This tour gives you eight full days to discover 3 Swedish cities. You can also count on lodging, meals, and transport as included in this tour. Here is a look at your full itinerary. 

Day One: Arrival in Ystad

Day Two: reach the Ystad harbor and follow the promenade to Sandskogen. You will cross the curious Nybroån Creek and continue inland past Kabusa. Soon you will reach Hammers Backar, rejoin the coastal trail, and enjoy the hilly landscape.

Day Three: follow the self-guided hiking route to the shores of Kåseberga and rejoin the Österlenleden trail. Continue to Löderup Beach. Enter the Hagestad natural reserve. You will rejoin the coastal trail at Sandhammaren.

Day Four: hiking route will take you to the village of Gislövshammar.

Day Five: pass the famous Tobisvik. Continue walking to the old town of Knäbäckshusen. Then you will visit Stenshuvud national park.

Day Six: You will gently walk along the Vitemölla natural reserve, passing the stream spring Verkaån. You will finally reach Haväng. The trail turns west towards the mainland, following the valley of the Verkeån River.

Day Seven: Visit the Verkaån River from the hills of Brösarp and through the beech forests of Skåne, where you will see Hallamölla waterfall. At the end of the trail, you will reach the Andrarum alum mine.

Day Eight: Departure Day.

One of the top tours in Sweden is unquestionably Traventuria’s “Sterlenleden Trail” self-guided walking tour, which runs from Ystad to Alunbruket. First, it provides the independence and adaptability of a self-guided tour, letting you go at your own pace and design your schedule based on your tastes.

A hidden jewel, the Sterlenleden Trail showcases the breathtaking scenery and little towns in southern Sweden. You can count on clearly indicated paths, carefully chosen lodgings, and comprehensive maps with Traventuria’s perfectly constructed route, providing a smooth and delightful journey.

Additionally, the tour offers the ideal blend of nature, culture, and relaxation, letting you immerse yourself in the tranquil countryside while learning about the region’s rich history and cultural legacy. This tour promises to be a remarkable and unforgettable exploration of the best Sweden offers. 

In conclusion, there are many scheduled tours available in Sweden that provide visitors with lifelong memories. These top six trips provide a thoroughly immersive experience by showcasing the nation’s various landscapes, rich culture, and amazing wildlife. These tours have something for everyone, whether looking for adventure, cultural exploration, or natural beauty.

The well-planned itineraries, expert guides, and remarkable experiences offered by these top six organized tours in Sweden cater to a wide range of interests. These excursions provide the ideal chance to see the finest that Sweden has to offer, whether you’re looking for natural wonders, cultural immersion, wildlife encounters, or personal growth. Enjoy a wonderful journey and make priceless memories in this alluring Scandinavian nation.

The Österlenleden Trail (Ystad – Alunbruket), Self-guided Walking Tour by Traventuria - Guided Kayak & Wild Camp the Archipelago by Do The North - best tour operators in Sweden

If none of these tours work for you in Sweden, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Sweden now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

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