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M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!

M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!

There are many thoughts one faces when standing face to screen with an egg-preparing robot. On a surface level, I was wondering whether a machine’s diligence could match the art form of a high-quality chef’s egg.

Meanwhile, I was in awe of the fact that food can be prepared on account of me pressing a couple of buttons and selecting the accessories of my omelette, for it to be fulfilled literally by a robot. This of course took me down the typical nihilistic, terminator, root which debated topics of robot-employee takeovers and machines gaining consciousness. But… let’s not get into that for now! 

M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!
M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!
M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!

Instead, I would like to talk to you about my experience at the M Social Singapore hotel. An experience that yes, involves robots at reception and breakfast, but also goes so far beyond that futuristic touch. You see the M Social company is a global chain of trendy, smile-friendly, hotels that each possess a wow factor of contemporary design and excitement. 

My experience with this hotel chain was during my travels in Singapore. Despite, Singapore being a land of mystery and wonder, I actually found myself as intrigued and pleased with the M Social hotel, as I was with the country itself. In this M Social Singapore Review, I will be laying out everything you need to know about the hotel, including the amenities, its location, particular packages on offer, and of course its uniqueness. 

In terms of practicality, the foundations of the hotel provided everything I needed to build upon for a great time in Singapore. No matter where I was during the day, I always knew I could return back to my comfort zone at M Social. 

M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!


The first M Social Hotel in the world, M Social Singapore is a 293-room lifestyle design hotel that was opened in 2016 and conceived by none-other-then Philippe Starck (a French visionary designer). Creating a space where friendship, community, and new experiences interact is at the core of the M Social experience, and as such, there is an appeal to both Singapore’s socially active residents and international travellers with a millennial mindset.

Intended to be an experimental space in the thriving neighbourhood of Robertson Quay, here the Singaporean spirit is fostered in an environment where harmony between people, ideas and food from across the globe is championed. The hotel believes everyone should have the freedom to be themselves, thus whether you are just looking for the best things to do in Singapore or want to explore LGBT Singapore, you know that you have the freedom to do what you want, how you want, with whoever you want, whenever you want.

M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!


I work on the go, and so am highly dependent on a good connection. I wasn’t disappointed here and was able to complete all bits and bobs of work whilst enjoying what the hotel had to offer. 

Additionally, as a lifestyle geek, I have become accustomed to extensive fitness routines and exercise. The hotel provides both a spacious swimming pool and an honest gym which worked for me. The gym and pool aren’t what make this hotel special or unique, but it is provided to a high enough level. There’s an excellent range of weight categories and enough space for some decent gains. So break a leg! 

M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!

For me the most important factor in how I judge a hotel is its staff and in particular the concierge. I am not a demanding customer, I rarely complain, move rooms or get into tussles with the manager. All I seek is friendliness, laughter and some help or guidance here or there. I have to say, the hotel staff were fabulous. Not only did they speak tremendous English but I also observed one staff member engaging in a ping-pong-style conversation with a Spanish family!

Staff members were all multi-lingual, and the concierge was ridiculously helpful with advice for day trips and restaurant bookings. Satisfied would be an understatement. 

Other amenities include a sister restaurant and bar called Beasts & Butterflies. Having spent a lot of time eating out in Singapore, I was impressed with the new and innovative dishes on offer here and the social atmosphere. Locals and travelers mingled, with meetings taking place day and night. There was a wonderful range of modern alfresco cuisine, and plenty of daily specials to tempt hotel guests down. However, the majority of the menu is also available through an “Order & Grab” service whereby you can order by scanning a QR code and collect the food at Beast & Butterflies as takeaway food – if you feel like enjoying it in the comfort of your room.

M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!


The hotel’s location is like the centre of a spider’s web. The strands of the web to attractions such as the Natural Museum of Singapore are equidistant and all equally engaging. In particular, I was taken aback by the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, as well as the Gardens by the bay, which if you know me as a writer, you will understand how often I speak about botanical gardens and city nature. 

The hotel is very close to the Downtown Core, which has great shops, restaurants and key elements of Singapore’s unique culture. Anything beyond walking distance is easily accessible through the well-connected bus and taxi services. 

M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!


The five main rooms in order of price are below (lowest to highest):

  • Alcove Cosy Rooms – Iconic rooms with a 4m-tall pitched roof / chapel-inspired ceiling, bare concrete walls with mirrored surfaces, and either queen or twin beds.
  • Alcove Terrace Rooms – The same as the Alcove Cosy Rooms except with gorgeous terraces to sit and enjoy Singapore’s year-round warm climate.
  • Loft Gallery Rooms – A très chic duplex-style loft with a comfortable sofa and work desk on the mezzanine level and a queen bed on the first floor.
  • Loft Premier Rooms -A ultra-fashionable loft with an expansive ground floor including a work desk and lounge area and a queen bed on the mezzanine area.
  • Loft Terrace Rooms – A loft room with the addition of an outdoor terrace garden with natural lighting. Great for longer stays or lovers of the outdoors There are only 8 exclusive rooms for this room type and are highly sought-after!
M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!

All of which are great choices, and I can certainly testify that you get what you pay for. Prices are affordable but not cheap, which of course allows the hotels to make the experience delightful and worthwhile. 

There is also typically a range of packages and promotions available, so I do recommend checking out their website to find one that matches the experience you are trying to cultivate. While I was there a Singaporean Independence Day menu was on offer, along with a perfume-making workshop in collaboration with Maison 21G called the Bottled Up Happiness Package.!

M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!


As we have already said, Phillippe Starck, a renowned French industrial designer, created the complete hotel’s façade and interior. The hotel’s spaces have been produced according to Philippe Starck’s “democratic design” principle, which focuses on comfort while making them easily accessible and adaptable to the demands of visitors.

Even before guests reach the hotel, the prominent tropical wall painting outside the door and the vibrant tiles on the walkway create a lively and contemporary millennial arts ambience. The 2 Giant Bronze Peanut Sculptures intrigue visitors and give the hotel a sense of mystery – there is even a surprise encased inside of these sculptures by the original artist, however, no one will ever know what it is until they are cracked open and the art destroyed.

M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!

There are several open areas in the foyer of M Social Singapore where visitors can congregate, mingle, and conduct business across the opulent marble-lit table. Upstairs, the guest rooms are designed with millennial travellers in mind. Each room offers a chic haven for guests to unwind, with luxurious carpeting and raw marble floors. The pleasant, moderate colour scheme of the suites contrasts with the lively social areas downstairs.

The entire hotel is popping with unique interiors that delight at every turn, from bare-bones stainless-steel and concrete to whimsical one-of-a-kind elements in furnishings that create an appealing experience and represent the classic chic yet cosy house away from home.

Each piece of custom furniture, including the extendable workstation and tan leather sofa, is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. This is still a hotel, however, which is never forgotten throughout the entire process and each room has a 40-inch HDTV (to watch some movies set in Singapore), a minibar, a safe deposit box, free WiFi, and a mega rain shower.

M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!


As a modern lifestyle hotel designed with a range of travellers in mind, the M Social Singapore has many unique selling points. I’ve spoken about robots and high levels of technology, but really this all contributed to an artistic loft-style presentation. The purpose of this is to capture the essence of the hotel as a hip and trendy hotel. The loft-style rooms are unique, and other hotels which do it often execute it poorly. Evermore reason to stay at the M Social Singapore

Singapore is great for many things. It’s the pinnacle of the modern world’s tourist attraction. High tech, well-off local residents and lots of bling. This hotel does nothing but matches that high bar set by its city. It lives up to the name of trendy and certainly holds its own when compared to the competition. I believe that if you know what you’re looking for, then you can’t really go wrong with this hotel. I had an excellent time with my family and much enjoyed what the hotel and its location had to offer. I hope you can experience the same! 

M Social Singapore Review: Spectacularly Sociable & Super Stylish!