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The Academias Hotel Athens Review: Tranquility On The Edge Of Chaos!

The Academias Hotel Athens Review: Tranquility On The Edge Of Chaos!

Visiting Athens, Greece, has been high on my bucket list for some time. When my friends unexpectedly invited me along for a trip to the city, I jumped on the opportunity. We booked our accommodation at Academias Hotel, and, truth be told, I hadn’t a clue of what to expect.

Upon arriving at the hotel, I was stunned. The building, the location, and the amenities blew me away. It was the perfect place to experience such a special city, and now I can’t imagine staying anywhere else in Athens.

The Academias Hotel is a part of the Autograph Collection, which consists of top-tier luxury hotels independently owned under the Marriott umbrella. Academias Hotel was inspired by the philosophy, science, and arts that originated in Athens. Moreso, the facility is meant to be a contemporary interpretation of Plato’s Academy.

After spending a very relaxing few days at the property, I can confidently report that the hotel hit its mark….and I have greatly increased my knowledge of Greek philosophy! This hotel offers a refuge from the glorious chaos that Athens often presented, a place to recharge, regroup and relax before heading back out again to tackle this ancient city.

The Academias Hotel Athens Review
The Academias Hotel Athens Review
The Academias Hotel Athens Review
The Academias Hotel Athens Review Greece

The Academias Hotel Location

Before I dive into all the wonderful aspects of Academias Hotel, I want to highlight its location. When you’re visiting a historical city like Athens, no one wants to stay far away from all the action, right? Well, on this property, you won’t have to worry about missing out on any of the attractions. The hotel is just a few blocks from Athens’s most beloved and visited ancient ruins.

To give you an example of how accessible all these sights are, we took a 25-minute walk from the hotel to Parthenon, an ancient temple built in the 5th century BC. From there, we meandered over to other temples, museums, and historical sights. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get from the hotel lobby to the destinations I had read about in books and seen in documentaries.

Of course, renting a car is an even quicker way to get around more far-flung areas of Greece (public parking is possible at a location nearby (reservation is not needed) at a cost of around EUR 20 per day), but I can’t recommend walking enough.

The Academias Hotel Athens Review: Tranquility On The Edge Of Chaos! Greece

It’ll give you a chance to explore the city and stumble across restaurants and shops you may miss while driving. Plus, the traffic is horrendous, and there is a perfectly functional metro with stations just a block away. Before heading out to explore Athens, we spoke to the hotel staff for a few recommendations. They were very knowledgeable and gave us a few excellent tips on places to go and the best times to see certain attractions.

Once you are finished with all the historic attractions, Kolonaki – the most stylish neighborhood in Athens – is right around the corner, where international brands and chic-Greek boutiques share space with elegant concept stores and galleries. There is also a range of mid-and-fine dining options, elegant cocktail bars, and department stores to keep you busy. Wanting something a bit more active? Trails and a funicular railway behind the hotel lead to the summit of Mt. Lycabettus, with dramatic views and the famous Agios Georgios chapel.

So… if you’re unsure where to go or what to see, don’t hesitate to ask someone at the reception!

The Academias Hotel Athens Review: Tranquility On The Edge Of Chaos! Greece

The Academias Hotel Accommodations

Let’s get into what kind of accommodation the hotel has to offer. There is a total of 60 rooms and suites on-site. You’ll have the choice between three different room styles and one suite option. I personally stayed in the deluxe room, called the Anesis.

My room was elegantly designed and spotless. I love opening the door to a freshly cleaned hotel room, plopping down my luggage, and hopping onto a perfectly made bed. As my body sunk into the cozy mattress, I couldn’t have been much happier, and I hadn’t even explored what else the room had to offer.

Each guest is provided with a robe and pair of slippers. I highly encourage you to indulge in this luxury even if you’re not a robe-and-slippers type of person. You’re in Athens; why not soak it up? On the counter by the flatscreen TV, there’s a nice little expresso and tea machine that actually works and makes nice drinks. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to make a cup of coffee at other hotels only to be disappointed by some nonfunctioning, janky machine.

The Academias Hotel Athens Review Greece

As nice as the bedroom area is, I have to say, the bathroom stole the show. Everything in the room, from the walls to the counters, is designed with beautiful granite. It adds an upscale feel to the overall accommodation experience. The modern mirrors, lighting, and golden hardware of the faucet and knobs just screamed luxury, luxury, luxury. Then there was the futuristic switchable glass that went from see-through to opaque at the flix of a button, allowing either full visibility in the shower or none at all. I can only imagine such wizardry is the work of Dolos, the Greek god of trickery.

I had forgotten to pack conditioner, so I was pleasantly surprised to find complimentary Molton Brown bath products, a brand that makes great shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. It saved me from having to run to the store.

Each night, I fell asleep to perfect silence. The black-out curtains were a great feature when we came back to our rooms for a nap after exploring the city. If you decide to stay at Academias Hotel, I can assure you that you won’t have any trouble getting your beauty sleep.

The Academias Hotel Athens Review Greece

What Room Should You Choose?

I also was lucky enough to get a peak of The A Suite Room which was nice–very nice! It had everything my room had, but the bedroom and living room were separated. Was I a little jealous? Yes, of course. A suite is a great option for anyone looking for a bit more space, especially if you’re bringing kids along.

However, the room options are equally as wonderful and a great way to save a few bucks so that you can spend that money to try different restaurants and experience everything Athens has to offer. Whichever accommodation you choose, you’ll have a memorable experience and no regrets about staying at Academias Hotel.

The Academias Hotel Athens Review Greece

Food and Beverage At The The Academias Hotel

At most hotels, you’re lucky if the facility has a restaurant that serves somewhat edible food. Well, I hope you’re sitting down to hear this news because Academias has not one, not two, but three dining options. When the front desk agent told us about each restaurant and bar, I couldn’t believe it.

Not to mention, the food and drinks are outstanding. Of course, you will want to go out into the city to taste the local cuisine, but it’s nice to know that such delicious food options are within arm’s reach.

Symposium Restaurant

In the mornings, Symposium is open each day between 6:30 am and 10:30 am. The restaurant serves up some tasty breakfast plates that have a Mediterranean influence. It was nice that it continued serving until the late morning and gave everyone in our group a chance to sleep and still have a chance to grab a bite to eat.

There were fresh-pressed juices, sweet and savory buffet options featuring a selection of Greek and international choices – and my favorite: an à la carte menu. Honestly, all hotels should do this as it allows you to have a more formal and delicious breakfast prepared and graze on a few other things you want to try but don’t necessarily want to be the main course.

With this, breakfast each morning was such a refined experience – completed by fabulous coffee that was as good as any other we had tried in the city!

The Academias Hotel Athens Review- Tranquility On The Edge Of Chaos! Breakfast

Plato Lounge Bar

The Plato Lounge Bar is open all day long, from 8:00 am to midnight. It’s a great place to hang out and order a few cocktails and appetizers or to sit down for lunch and dinner. The menu is full of mouthwatering options, such as Margherita pizza, seabass fillet, steak tartare, and a delicious lemon tart.

We stopped by the bar for a nightcap on more than one occasion and really enjoyed the ambiance. You can watch the coming-and-goings of other guests and have a great chat with the bartender, who undoubtedly can help you with any Athens planning you still need.

The Academias Hotel Athens Review Greece

NYX Japanese Fusion Gastrobar

The highlight of the three dining options was the NYX restaurant located on the hotel’s sumptuous rooftop. You can order Japanese-influenced cuisine, which you will be thinking about long after the last bite is gone. If you are looking for that one elegant and memorable meal that defines the trip – book a table here at sunset, and you will have it.

Here you will be treated to 360 views of the spirited city, with both majestic Acropolis and picturesque Lycabettus Hill outlooks – not to mention exceptional service. Exceptional, fresh, and raw produce features heavily in elegant dishes such as crispy tuna tartar, King Crab marinated with kosho sauce and marinated seabass ceviche infused with yuzu and green herbs.

The Academias Hotel Athens Review: Tranquility On The Edge Of Chaos! NYX Athens
The Academias Hotel Athens Review: Tranquility On The Edge Of Chaos! NYX Athens
The Academias Hotel Athens Review: Tranquility On The Edge Of Chaos! NYX Athens

The menu is sharing style, and one of those rare places that manages to perfect every dish yet still offer more choices than you could possibly try in one sitting, which is perfect as you will undoubtedly want to come back. You might book for the view, but you will return for the food – and the cocktails.

Oh yes, the cocktails here are next-level (in a city with an already exceptional cocktail game) and feature creative concoctions like the “Tears Of Negroni” (Skinos mastic liqueur, blended Vermouth, raspberry shrub, Campari, orange bitters) or the “Rooftop G&T” (Star of Bombay Premium Gin, rhubarb & vanilla shrub, tonic water, Nyx’s secret bitters)

Open until 1:00am from Thursday to Saturday; there is plenty of time to duck in for a pre-or-post dinner drink if you are short on time. Having one of the best views in the city, just a short elevator ride away from your room is reason enough for us to stay at Academias Hotel Athens again!

The Academias Hotel Athens Review: Tranquility On The Edge Of Chaos! NYX Athens

Pnoe Wellness Center

Vacation is all about relaxing, right? The Pnoe Wellness Center is the perfect place to unwind and let go of your stresses. The facility includes advanced spa treatments, a 24-hour fitness center, a sauna, and an indoor heated pool. The gym and sauna were great amenities to have after indulging in all the local cuisine and treats – and the pool plays old-school movies like A Night in Casablanca on repeat which really add to the atmosphere. If their selection for the day doesn’t work for you… you can always watch some of these extraordinary movies set in Greece back in the room…

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up your workout routine on vacation, but that won’t be the case at Academias Hotel. If you want a full relaxation experience, you can book massages and facials. Whichever aspect of the Pnoe Wellness Center you choose to use, I promise you’ll come out feeling like a brand-new person.

The Academias Hotel Athens Review Greece

Reading Time

One of my favorite parts about the hotel was the daily Reading Time. For an hour each day in the early afternoon, the hotel encourages everyone to turn off their phones and open a book. What a wonderful little activity, right? Don’t worry if you forget to pack reading material; there are numerous books to choose from on the property.

There’s even an in-room book delivery service–I couldn’t believe it, either. The reading hour was a really nice touch and accentuated Athens’s history of philosophy, art, and science. I highly suggest that you participate in the activity each day – or just read all the wonderful Greek quotes dotted around your room (or those in the lobby from the bar with a drink in hand- it is still technically reading!)

Final Thoughts On The The Academias Hotel

Athens is one of those cities where you could keep going back over and over again and still have new places and attractions to discover. Finding the right accommodation that would accentuate the Athenian experience was my number one priority here, and I couldn’t have been happier to have stayed at Academias Hotel.

Everything about the facility was top-notch, from the dining experiences to the elegant rooms and the hotel’s subtle philosophical theme. Each person in our group enjoyed their stay at the hotel, and we were never more than a stone’s throw away from restaurants, shopping, and historical attractions.

So, if you’re looking to book your trip at a property that has it all, Academias Hotel will not let you down!

The Academias Hotel Athens Review Greece