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The 6 Best South Korea Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

The 6 Best South Korea Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

South Korea with its bustling cities has its capital in Seoul,  which is a modern metropolis with a rich history and culture that draws visitors from all over the world. This magical country, located in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula bordered by two of the biggest players on the world stage; China to the west and Japan to the east will leave you in awe as you explore from its ancient palaces and temples to its cutting-edge technology and world-class shopping malls.

This article gives you the 6 best tours to discover South Korea with ease.

As adventure leads your way through the hidden pearls of South Korea, you will be struck by the diverse landscapes of the country spanning from the stunning beaches of Jeju Island in the south to the majestic mountains of the Seoraksan National Park in the northern part. Hiking enthusiasts will love it here as they will find plenty of challenging trails to conquer at every turn and curve.

The separation of North and South Korea is one of the most fascinating tales from the Korean Peninsula’s history. These two nations have a lengthy and turbulent past that dates back to pre-World War II. After World War II, when Korea was liberated from Japanese colonial authority, it was divided into North Korea, which was controlled by the Soviet Union, and South Korea, which was controlled by the United States.

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There is so much history to learn during your trip, and you will be fortunate to see the scars of the tragic Korean war, which began in 1950 when North Korea invaded South Korea, resulting in a three-year war that killed and displaced millions; the effect of which can still be felt today between the two countries. 

Despite the difficulties of their shared past, the people of both Koreas share a common culture and language, and there is hope for ultimate reunion because the strength of what they share cannot be separated or one-sided. The road is still long and dusty though.

You will concur with us that only traveling with a group can help uncover all the secret jewels and the little but powerful add-ons like trying your hand at traditional crafts such as pottery and paper making or even dressing up in traditional Korean attire for a photograph.

Imagine this lovely scenario with your fellow travelers in an enchanting photograph. This is the flavor that group travel adds to your experience, and we’re sorry, but only group trips have it.

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Having such experiences and saving some money will not only help you to be financially stronger during your trip, but it will also provide you with the best peace of mind a traveler needs during preparations; because it’s simple, industry experts are planning and leading your anticipated adventure, and the last thing they want is to make you unhappy.

When you travel in a group, you are truly covered, and you will have more opportunities to soak up your travels rather than finding out which route leads to the finest shopping mall.

And, when it comes to staying safe in an unfamiliar setting, you have nothing to worry about because, as long as you are on a group trip, you will be under the care of the tour company.

This is an enormous relief for first-time visitors and an added advantage for seasoned visitors because the invaluable information on how to stay safe will be best shared by experienced tour leaders who have interacted with the communities you are visiting. So, give group travel a shot and you won’t regret it. Choose your best tour fit from the following 6 best tours to discover South Korea with ease.

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best tour operators in South Korea - best South Korea tour package - best tours in South Korea - best tour companies in South Korea - best South Korea tours
best tour operators in South Korea - best South Korea tour package - best tours in South Korea - best tour companies in South Korea - best South Korea tours
best tour operators in South Korea - best South Korea tour package - best tours in South Korea - best tour companies in South Korea - best South Korea tours

Best of South Korea

G Adventures

G Adventures is a leading small-group travel service provider with a reputation for providing unique and exciting experiences that shows its travelers the world through the eyes of local communities. With over 30 years of expertise in planning small-group tours, G Adventures has become a trusted name in the travel industry, offering travelers the opportunity to explore places that are not commonly visited by tourists.

The unique feature that sets this experienced company aside from the competition is its commitment to responsible travel; this, combined with its dedication to leaving a positive impact on the destinations they visit gives them the name “G for Good”. This is a well-deserved name as they don’t relent in giving back to the local communities and supporting their social and economic growth.

On this tour, you will join your Tour Leader on an adventurous journey down Cheonggyecheon Stream, where you’ll discover the mysteries of Seoul, South Korea’s scintillating city. As you travel through this country of mystery and intrigue, listen to the soft rumble of small waterfalls and wonder at the nearly two dozen overhead bridges.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, you’ll find yourself in the busy district of Myeongdong, a visual overload that’s alive at all hours of the day. Myeongdong’s shopping, street cuisine, and entertainment are among the finest in Korea, and you’ll be right in the middle of it!

You’ll board a private bus for a tour of the city, where contemporary skyscrapers rise over old Buddhist shrines and lively street markets. You’ll be fully submerged in the culture and history of this unique place, with visits to Gyeongbokgung Palace, the National Folklore Museum, Bukchon Hanok Village, and Insadong alley.

And to cap off the day, you’ll share a delectable group meal with your fellow travelers – a chance to connect over great food and even better stories.

You’ll tour Gyeongju and visit the UNESCO site of Bulguksa Temple after a tranquil morning meditation, martial arts practice, and drum and bell ceremony. Admire the national jewels such as the Dabotap and Seokgatap stone pagodas, Cheongun-gyo, and two gilt-bronze Buddha sculptures.

And as you travel to Cheomseongdae Observatory, Asia’s earliest remaining astronomical observatory, and the nearby Royal Tombs, you’ll be left in amazement at the enchantment and marvel of this memorable experience. There is far more to this journey than we can reasonably write about, so we will leave the rest for you to uncover during your visit to South Korea.

This tour involves a group of 16 individuals ranging in age from 12 to 90 years old and costs $2599 per person for 8 days of lodging, meals, and transportation. It is also family-friendly and fully guided.

Best of South Korea G Adventures - best tour operators in South Korea

Korea Express


Europamundo, the daring tour organizer, traverses twenty-two nations across Europe and beyond each year, bringing over 125,000 daring explorers to the world’s most remote and enchanting regions. Europamundo awakens the spark of wanderlust in every tourist, igniting a passion for experiencing the unknown, with a goal to showcase the world through mesmerizing locations and captivating encounters.

As the only tour operator company in the world affiliated with the prestigious United Nations World Travel Organisation (UNWTO), Europamundo sets itself apart as a trailblazer in the industry, blazing new paths of adventure and discovery.

UNWTO is the forum where the brightest minds and world leaders in tourism convene to discuss the future of travel, and Europamundo proudly takes its place among these giants of the industry. Join Europamundo on this unparalleled adventure and witness the world unfold before your very eyes, as you mingle with the biggest names in travel and discover the thrill of exploration like never before.

This trip will take you on an exciting journey through the ancient and culturally rich city of Seoul, where you will be able to step back in time and observe the 600-year-old Gyeongbokgung Palace, as well as be amazed by the Changing of the Guard event. After a thrilling experience, you will be brought to Suwon, Korea’s former capital and a World Heritage Site known for its old walls and rich heritage.

You’ll travel back in time as you tour Suwon’s magnificent ramparts and defenses and visit the summer palace, Hwaseong Haenggung. A delicious lunch awaits you at a local restaurant before we head to Jeonju, where you will be fascinated by the tiny traditional houses, art galleries, and shops in the old Hanok Village.

Have you ever used a Samsung device? Prepare to be astounded by the Samsung Innovation Museum, which will teach you about the past of this world-renowned technical behemoth. You will be able to ask firsthand questions about the founding and operations of such a large company, as well as how it manages to keep its worldwide standards; business people in the group will enjoy this tour.

Although a visit to the museum is not always assured, if your prospects of getting into Samsung are mitigated, Samsung D’Light will be visited instead.

Your journey continues as you reach Haeinsa, a Buddhist temple constructed in 802 AD amid breathtaking mountain woodland scenery. The Tripitaka, the most comprehensive compilation of Buddhist writings engraved on 80,000 blocks of wood, can be found here.

In this enchanting place, you will tour the mesmerizing shrine and museum before traveling to Daegu, where you will find the traditional medicine market, filled with various herbs, including the famous ginseng, and the Museum of Oriental medicine, where you can learn about the power of plants.

You will enjoy a sumptuous meal before continuing to Busan, Korea’s second-largest and most vibrant metropolis. You’ll have time to tour the magnificent Doosan Haeundae complex, which includes a 300-meter skyscraper and a sports marina.

Prepare to be engulfed in an exciting universe of adventure! Believe us when we say that you will notice variations in metropolis modernization in South Korea unlike anywhere else you have traveled.

This tour takes a group of 50 people from 1 to 99 years and it includes your accommodation, meals and transportation for 6 days costing $1209 per person. It is family-friendly and fully guided as well.

Korea Express Europamundo - best tour operators in South Korea

South Korea Adventure – 12 Days

The Dragon Trip

The Dragon Trip, a reputable travel business, provides daring adventurers with an assortment of exciting group trips and traveling experiences throughout Asia. Their customized plans are designed to satiate even the most adventurous travelers’ desire, with a focus on immersing oneself in varied cultures and establishing important relationships with local communities.

Whether it’s a quick trip or a multi-country journey, The Dragon Trip provides genuine, sustainable, and responsible travel experiences that encourage tourists to stray from well-trodden tourist paths and participate in off-the-beaten-path activities. From climbing the Great Wall of China to learning the art of Vietnamese food to relaxing in traditional Japanese hot springs, each trip promises to be an unforgettable experience.

The Dragon Trip takes pleasure in adhering to sustainable tourism practices, encouraging environmentally favorable travel options and emphasizing responsible contacts with local communities.

On this trip, you will be brought to the Korean Demilitarized Zone, which few visitors ever get to see; here, you can learn a lot about the troubled past and ongoing tension between South and North Korea. Take a bus to Imjingak, where you can get some delicious breakfast before carrying on to Dorasan Station for a tour of the Dora Observatory, from which you can see the nearby North Korean villages.

If that isn’t exciting enough, you’ll also be taken deep into the 3rd Tunnel, which was dug by North Koreans to invade South Korea and was discovered in 1978. The most incredible aspect is that this underground tunnel is only 53 kilometers from South Korea’s capital, Seol. On the journey back to Seoul, you’ll have the chance to speak with a North Korean defector on the bus.

You will be brought to experience and keep the enthusiasm going with a fun K-Pop Dance Class that will have you swaying to the rhythm like a native upon your arrival in Seoul. This will be thrilling!

Following a busy and happy performance day, your journey will take you to Gyeongbokgung Palace, where you will be able to witness the Royal Guard Changing Ceremony and immerse yourself in South Korea’s rich history and culture. You will also be driven to Bukchon Hanok Village, passing by the Blue House and the South Korean Presidential House along the way.

You can even put on traditional Korean clothing and stroll around the historic hamlet like a native. Imagine such a scenario with fellow travelers meeting local people and intersecting with them amid magical camera flashes!

This fully guided tour takes a group of 20 people from 18 to 45 years and it includes your lodging, meals and transportation for 12 days costing $1660 per person. 

South Korea Adventure - 12 Days The Dragon Trip - best tour operators in South Korea

South Korea Real Food Adventure

Intrepid Travel

The world is a vast and wonderful place, full of riches waiting to be found, but many tour companies only see these locations as a means to an end, with little regard for the environmental effect. Intrepid Travel, on the other hand, is a cut above the rest because they realize that travel isn’t solely about the thrills of the journey, but also about preserving our planet for future generations.

Intrepid Travel takes you on a journey unlike any other, allowing you to discover new places while having a positive effect on the world around you. They are dedicated to ethical travel, ensuring that the proceeds from their trips benefit the communities that make them possible. You won’t just have a memorable holiday with Intrepid Travel; you’ll also be making an impact that makes a lot of sense just by the thought of it.

On this trip, you will become fully immersed in the many delectable choices of South Korea’s never-ending food parade, from bibimbap to massive street food markets that will have your mouths watering and wanting to sample as much as they can support.

The best part of this experience is that South Korea’s food scene is often charmingly casual, with dishes centered on creating your own mix and blend for the ideal flavor.

Indulge in a feast of meals topped with a variety of ingredients, including the divine crunch of Korean fried chicken and a revitalizing taste of small-batch craft beer. Enjoy the delicate texture of silky glass vermicelli with a lively salad, and savor the delectable kimchi variants.

Your trip will lead you to Seoul, South Korea’s lively metropolis of cutting-edge technology, glittering skyscrapers, and delectable cuisine. After all of the procedures are completed, your Real Food Journey will begin. You will go deep into the massive market highlighted in the Netflix series ‘Street Food,’ with your guide leading you to the finest vendors for dinner and an unforgettable cultural experience.

Then comes the ‘Chimaek’ experience, which includes a welcome supper of Korean Fried Chicken and beer before going to the Gwangjang Market for an immersive exposure to the sights, smells, and, obviously, tastes of South Korean delectable street food.

The following morning, you will travel the underground to Yongsan Station to begin your journey to Jeonju, a city that values doing things carefully and well – both in food and in life.

You will be served mouthwatering and delectable bibimbap when you arrive just in time for lunch at a famous local bibimbap eatery; the bibimbap here is so excellent that it has been designated an intangible cultural asset.

During a culinary lesson later in the day, you will learn how to make kimchi, a Korean slow-food poster meal. You’ll also learn how to make a delectable kimchi pancake, which you can always recreate at home to commemorate your Korean food adventure.

This tour takes a group of 12 people from 15 to 99 years and it includes your accommodation, meals and transportation for 8 days costing $2788 per person. It is family-friendly and fully guided as well.

South Korea Real Food Adventure Intrepid Travel - best tour operators in South Korea

Seoul Searching & Jeju – 9 days

On The Go Tours

On The Go Tours is a tour business located in the United Kingdom that was founded in 1998. They are now starting on a new and thrilling, more mature phase of their business adventure with their loyal customers who have grown with them over the years.

From humble origins of taking budget travelers to Egypt, they now have the privilege of bringing tens of thousands of clients on a variety of budgets to over 60 thrilling countries around the world. One thing stays consistent, however: their commitment to offering authentic and affordable cultural encounters in the heart of their locations.

At the British Travel Awards in 2020, this highly regarded Tour Operator gathered an astounding accumulation of Awards in ten categories. That’s a lot of recognition! Having all of these accolades implies one thing and one thing only: travelers trust you with their trip experience.

On this tour, you will be taken on a thrilling guided tour of Seoul’s most famous landmarks. You’ll begin your journey by admiring the splendor of South Korea’s White House, Cheong Wa Dae. Imagine standing where South Korea’s President lives, appreciating the stunning building that will leave you speechless as you learn about the rich history of this renowned site.

Following a magnificent visit to the president’s residence, you will visit the fabulous Gyeongbokgung Palace, the largest of the “Five Grand Palaces” built by the last Korean Dynasty, the Joseon Dynasty.

As you walk through the royal palace, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported back to the 14th century, when this very place was all the rage. You’ll see the intricate features of the buildings and learn about the palace’s intriguing past.

But that isn’t all. Your adventure continues as you visit Jogyesa Temple, one of South Korea’s most influential Buddhist temples that are still active today, allowing you to witness the spiritual practices of the locals and acknowledge the tranquillity of the surroundings.

This tour takes a group of 24 people ranging in age from 18 to 70 years old and costs $5495 per person for 9 days of lodging, meals, and transportation. It is also family-friendly and fully guided.

Seoul Searching & Jeju - 9 days On The Go Tours - best tour operators in South Korea

Discover South Korea

Exodus Travel

Exodus Travels, the bold European tour provider that has been taking thrill-seekers on mind-blowing adventures for 45 years, invites you to embark on an adrenaline-pumping adventure. They have always believed that nothing equals the sensation of traveling uncharted territory, immersing oneself in new cultures, and welcoming unexplored views – whether a majestic mountain range, harsh desert, or lush rainforest.

We completely agree; the feeling of discovering new vistas is nothing short of extraordinary. Exodus Travel has continuously pushed the limits since their first excursion to the Himalayas Mountains, now having an amazing assortment of over 500 thrilling journeys covering over 90 nations.

This trip will lead you on an adventure unlike any other, as you explore Seoul on foot and find its hidden gems. The Cheonggyecheon, a historic canal that was filled with concrete in the 1960s but was thankfully reopened to its natural condition in 2005, will be your first stop. The soothing sound of running water and the breathtaking views of the neighboring buildings will take your breath away.

Following that thrilling encounter, you will proceed to Tapgol Park, the birthplace of the Korean independence struggle in 1919. This historic site is a tribute to the Korean people’s bravery and perseverance in their struggle for freedom, as well as a delicate warning to all tourists of how much peace can cost when violence takes center stage.

Your trip will take you to Insadong, a district packed with artisanal stores, traditional teahouses, and one-of-a-kind souvenirs. This area’s warm and inviting ambiance will show you how sweet Koreans can be; cordial and helpful.

This tour takes a group of 16 people ranging in age from 16 to 80 years old and costs $5599 per person for 12 days of lodging, meals, and transportation. It is a fully guided historical tour of South Korea.

Discover South Korea Exodus Travel - best tour operators in South Korea


There you have it, South Korea is waiting for you to discover its rich history, vibrant culture, and warm and welcoming people. We have done the heavy lifting for you, select one of the above tours and find your way to making memories.

If none of these tours work for you in South Korea, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in South Korea now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

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