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Unlocking Adventure: The Top 6 Best AAT Kings Tours for Every Traveler!

In the vast landscapes of Australia, where sweeping deserts meet turquoise shores, and ancient rock formations stand tall against the fiery sunsets, an exceptional journey began. It was a journey fueled by passion, a yearning to showcase the breathtaking beauty and the possibilities of an adventure in this great land to the world.

This is the story of Australian Adventure Tours, also called AAT Kings Tours, a company founded in the roaring 1920s that has become synonymous with remarkable experiences, impeccable service, and an unwavering commitment to sharing the wonders of Australia with travelers from around the globe.

In those early days, AAT Kings was a pioneer, carving a path through Australia’s rugged terrains and vast expanses. With a fleet of sturdy motor coaches, the company embarked on its maiden voyage, offering a revolutionary service that captured the hearts and imaginations of travelers from Melbourne to Brighton.

best AAT Kings tours

Born within the borders of Australia, today, AAT Kings transcends boundaries to encompass a world of adventure with the same spirit of exploration and discovery that ignited its inception. From the mystical landscapes of New Zealand to the ancient wonders of Egypt, from the wild safaris of Africa to the captivating beauty of Canada, AAT Kings has expanded its horizons to offer adventurers a truly global experience.

Wherever your wanderlust is calling you, AAT Kings has you covered.  So what can you expect from the best AAT Kings Tours

Imagine an exhilarating outback of adventures that take you deep into the heart of Australia’s red deserts and awe-inspiring fjord explorations that unveil the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand’s Milford Sound; each tour is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of what makes a journey genuinely exceptional. AAT Kings offer a wide range of tours, each designed to showcase the unique character and allure of the countries they visit and when coupled with top-notch transportation – epic!

Picture yourself aboard a luxurious coach, traversing winding mountain roads, crossing vast plains, and meandering along coastal highways. The panoramic windows reveal a constantly changing tableau of stunning landscapes, while the comfortable seating and onboard amenities ensure a journey of utmost comfort and relaxation. AAT Kings’ coaches are not just vehicles—they are gateways to adventure, windows to a colorful world, and vessels that carry you on a voyage of discovery.

best AAT Kings tours
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We all love dining out, but how about dining under the stars in the Australian outback? Yep, truly magical! AAT Kings understands that travel is not just about sightseeing—the little moments that make the most significant differences. So, expect to participate in traditional Maori rituals in New Zealand or embark on a lion walk in the heart of Africa. These special touches add a sprinkle of magic to each adventure, allowing you to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

In addition to their unparalleled tours and transportation, AAT Kings goes above and beyond to let you add your style and personality to your experience. From the moment you embark on your journey until the last farewell, you will be the champion of your itinerary, guided by experienced guides with insider knowledge. 

So, when you traverse the vast stretches of red desert, feel the sacred heartbeat of Uluru resonating through your being as you stand in awe while the setting sun casts a fiery glow upon the iconic monolith, painting the sky in hues of crimson and gold, let the whispers of ancient stories take you to a time long past, where the land was shaped by dreamers whose spirits still linger in the winds.

Whatever your adventure style, vibes, or wherever you want to go, AAT Kings has it covered.  Read on to find out the best AAT Kings tours which we have sorted for you to provide the ultimate travel inspiration. 

You can trust AAT Kings to make your holiday dreams a blissful reality with the following tours that have been well-filtered to suit your adventure needs. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

best AAT Kings tours

Southern Spectacular (10 Days)

Get set and prepare for a daring in-depth cultural adventure with AAT Kings’ epic 10 Days Southern Spectacular taking you through the best of Christchurch, Twizel, Dunedin, Milford Sound and six other destinations for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Your journey to the land of adventure begins in Christchurch, a city with a unique blend of history and modern vibrancy which can be seen at a glance. As you explore the streets lined with charming Victorian architecture, you can’t help but feel the anticipation for a daring cultural immersion building up, igniting your adventurous spirit. 

Undoubtedly, Christchurch is the gateway to a world of exhilaration, but  Milford Sound is a worthy competitor; this is a place that can only be described as nature’s masterpiece with its towering Mitre Peak, lush rainforests and cascading waterfalls coupled with penguins and an incredible underwater world. Embarking on a World Heritage-listed tour, you will cruise through the sound’s majestic fjords, where dolphins playfully dance in your boat’s wake as you take memorable pictures for your souvenir. 

Leaving the awe-inspiring beauty of Milford Sound behind, you find yourself in Fiordland National Park, one of  New Zealand’s best attractions you must see. Here, nature deliberately unveils its secrets through yawning gorges and gem-like glaciers that will leave you spellbound.

Picture this: you and a group of fellow adventurers hiking through the pristine wilderness, surrounded by azure lakes so vast that they possess their own islands. Every step fuels your curiosity as you happily uncover the hidden corners of this enchanting realm adding to your epic travel memories.

But wait, the adventure doesn’t stop there. Queenstown beckons with glamour. It is a place where adrenaline junkies find their nirvana. You get that right! It is also the adventure capital of New Zealand, so do not expect anything less.

With the Remarkables as your backdrop, you have a choice to soar through the sky on a bungee jump, your heart pounding with a mixture of fear and exhilaration, or take a break and explore the neighboring Arrowtown, where the echoes of a  gold rush era still linger. Walking along its movie-set streets, you can almost feel the excitement that once gripped fortune-seekers in their quest for gold.

Your journey through New Zealand’s southern paradise culminates in a symphony of breathtaking experiences. The memories you’ve made, the thrills you’ve embraced, and the beauty you’ve witnessed will forever stay with you. 


Comfortable transportation on a purpose-built coach and boat. Accommodation will be in the following hotels: Distinction Christchurch Hotel, MacKenzie Country Hotel Scenic Hotel Southern Cross, Distinction Te Anau Hotel and Villas, Millennium Hotel, Queenstown, Scenic Hotel Franz Josef Glacier (Douglas Wing), and Punakaiki Resort. 9 Full buffet breakfasts, 1 Be My Guest lunch, 5 Dinners with wine, 1 Highlight Dinner, 1 Farewell Dinner Basic Travel Insurance and Orientation tours with knowledgeable AAT Kings’ Tour guides.

Southern Spectacular (10 Days) - best AAT Kings tours in New Zealand
best AAT Kings tours in New Zealand

Tassie’s Wilderness Icons (6 Days)

Are you an adventurous traveler who enjoys testing the daring paths to authentic experiences? Well, here you go; hold on to your hats and be ready for an adventure with AAT Kings’ spectacular 6 Days Tassie’s Wilderness Icons taking you from Hobart, Australia’s southernmost city, to Launceston for an adrenaline-filled encounter. 

This tour will blow your mind away as you wander through the enchanting Salamanca Place, where you’ll witness the ingenious transformation of heritage spaces into lively restaurants serving yummy dishes, inviting cafés, and captivating galleries. Submerge yourself in the forward-thinking atmosphere that permeates this city, where the old seamlessly merge with the new, telling stories of the past through the medieval structures that engulf the architectural prowess of today.

Your adventure continues to Battery Point, Hobart’s first and arguably most beautiful suburb, where echoes of a defensive outpost from the 19th century still reverberate. You will feel the thrill of standing at Constitution Dock, the legendary finishing point of the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

And for an unbelievable panoramic perspective of this incredible destination, you will ascend to the summit of Mt. Nelson, where a dreamy outlook over the capital awaits, showcasing the magnificence of Hobart in all its glory. This is touring Tasmania at its finest.

Leaving the bustling city behind, you will venture into a breathtaking encounter as you arrive at Lake St. Clair, Australia’s deepest freshwater lake. Its serene beauty will captivate your senses, offering a peaceful haven amidst the untamed wilderness.

Your journey continues towards Strahan, the gateway to the legendary Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park; you will feel the anticipation filling the air as you approach this World Heritage-listed wonderland unveiling a landscape that defies imagination. Rivers meander through ancient forests, carving through rugged terrain, forming memories of beautiful scenery as you climb aboard a river cruise.


Comfortable transportation on a purpose-built coach. Accommodation will be in the following hotels: West Point, Strahan Village, Cradle Mountain Hotel, Tall Timbers, and Best Western Plus Launceston. 5 Full buffet breakfasts, 1 Lunch, and four dinners: Basic Travel Insurance and Orientation tours with knowledgeable AAT Kings’ Tour guides.

Tassie's Wilderness Icons (6 Days) - best AAT Kings tours in Australia
best AAT Kings tours in Australia

Top-End Highlights (6 Days)

AAT Kings’ Top End Highlights offers the best of Darwin, Litchfield National Park, Katherine and four other destinations that will unlock the adventurous spirit within you and set you on a path to making everlasting memories. This 6-day tour is jam-packed with action-oriented activities for the best experiences, perfect for couples, solo travelers and backpackers.

Your journey begins in Litchfield National Park, the marvelous piece of wonder where water reigns supreme and will effortlessly take your breath away. Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and waterholes await your exploration, promising a truly immersive experience in this protected wilderness.

You will witness one of the most beautiful natural displays of cascading water at Florence Falls, and the journey gets even better with a plunge into the crystal-clear pool of Wangi Falls, where a lush monsoon forest envelops the dreamy setting. Imagine yourself on a hot summer day with friends and family standing in awe of these bodies of water with their soothing roar, the magnetic effect pooling you for a swim. Can there be a moment better than this?

When you think the fun is over, your journey continues to Katherine, which exudes tropical vibes and outback allure. Here, Nitmiluk Gorge, located approximately 320km south of Darwin, takes center stage, carving its way through the countryside with breathtaking grandeur. You will embark on a scenic cruise in this ancient landscape that has been home to the Jawoyn people for countless millennia.

And you will spice up your journey with a Jawoyn guide to learn about their rich culture and baffle your taste buds with bush tucker, supporting the local community while wallowing in unique flavors. Why not cap off your adventure with an optional helicopter flight over Katherine?

You will venture further to Kakadu National Park, a living cultural landscape with stories dating back over 20,000 years. For an even more awe-inspiring experience, ascend to the top of the escarpment and witness the breathtaking panoramic view over Kakadu. From this vantage point, the vastness and wildness of the landscape stretch out before you, offering a glimpse into the untamed beauty of this extraordinary national park.


Comfortable transportation on a purpose-built coach. Accommodation will be in the following hotels: H Hotel, Paraway Motel, Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel. Optional Activities – Kakadu Scenic Flight, Stockman’s Dinner Experience. This tour offers Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal and Kosher food options on request. Let AAT Kings know the food option that you prefer. Basic Travel Insurance and Orientation tours with knowledgeable AAT Kings’ Tour guides.

Top-End Highlights (6 Days) - best AAT Kings tours in Australia
best AAT Kings tours in Australia

Gulf Savannah Wanderer (9 Days)

If you want to be lost entirely in wanderlust through the magical charms of Cairns, Malanda, Georgetown, Karumba, Normanton, and Undara Volcanic National Park, then look no further than AAT Kings’ 9 Days Gulf Savannah Wanderer, ideal for all types of travelers.

Your thrilling adventure begins in Cairns, a tropical paradise where two UNESCO world-heritage sites proudly stand by side, waiting for your exploration. You will have the chance to explore the iconic great barrier reefs and wet tropical rainforests or spice up your journeys with deep relaxation at one of the beautiful beaches scattered in the region.

From the charms of Cairns, you will stumble over the Kuranda Range road, where the path winds through the mystical rainforest-clad Atherton Tableland, where adventure awaits at every tick and turn. You will be charmed by the ethereal beauty of Lake Barrine, a mirror-like expanse nestled within an ancient volcanic mar. While the waterway’s glamour is undeniable, the show’s true stars are the majestic ‘twin kauri pines,’ towering giants that have witnessed the passage of over 1,000 years and still stand today as ancient sentinels of the rainforest. 

Your journey continues to the Historic Village of Herberton, a meticulously recreated tin mining town that breathes life into a bygone era. You will Explore the charming streets lined with over 50 restored period buildings, each adorned with antiques and memorabilia that reminds you of those that once called this place home.

During your free time, you can wander at your own pace, soaking in the nostalgia that emanates from the shops, pubs, grocers, schools, and garages that make up this enchanting outdoor museum. And as you stroll through history, remember to order a steaming cup of coffee, allowing the flavors of the past to mingle with the present.


Comfortable transportation on a purpose-built coach. Accommodation will be in the following hotels: Chillagoe Observatory & Eco Lodge, Latara Motel, Karumba Lodge, Adels Grove, Gulfland Hotel, Cobbold Gorge Cabins, Undara Lava Lodge. 8 Breakfasts, 9 Lunches, 8 Dinners. Basic Travel Insurance and Orientation tours with knowledgeable AAT Kings’ Tour guides.

Gulf Savannah Wanderer (9 Days) - best AAT Kings tours in Australia
best AAT Kings tours in Australia

Outback Safari (11 Days)

Step out of your comfort zones and park your bags with your safari boots on, and get set for an incredible 11 days in the wild with AAT Kings’ Outback Safari taking you through the must-sees of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Alice Springs, Litchfield National Park and four other destinations to quench your adventure thirst. 

Your journey into the heart of the Northern Territory begins at the mesmerizing Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, a designated World Heritage Site located in the heart of the central Australian desert, where you can expect to have the best morning camel rides of all time. 

This tour is stuffed with action-packed adventures; think thrilling Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge tours, exhilarating hikes through Kings Canyon, awe-inspiring stargazing at Earth Sanctuary, unbeatable wildlife viewing, captivating sunrise experiences at Uluru, and tranquil Yellow Water Billabong cruises.

And let’s not forget about the incredible food that will tickle your taste buds at every move. As you venture forth, the ancient Aboriginal Songlines will guide your path, granting you the extraordinary privilege of glimpsing millennia-old rock art and engaging with Elders while savoring the flavors of bush tucker.

If you’re seeking a reason to rise before the break of dawn, there’s nothing quite like an Uluru sunrise, painting the sky in hues of blue and purple while you take a calm and composed walk along the base of the world’s largest monolith. But hey! We are not claiming that this is superior to the previous night’s magnificent sunset that bathed the skies in flaming red with a golden contrast offering one of the most soothing scenes to witness before our eyes. Still, the rewards of being awake with the birds are genuinely magical.

Grab mouthwatering schnitzels and burgers as your journey continues while marveling at the eclectic decorations adorning the pub’s walls. You will feel inspired to leave your mark, just like the countless visitors who have adorned the walls with everything you can imagine, from bras to boots, since the 1980s. So, what will you leave behind? 

In Alice Springs, the beating heart of the Red Centre, you will encounter the vibrant local art scene, wander through captivating galleries, and delve into the rich Aboriginal heritage that permeates the land. And the best part is when you will witness the mesmerizing spectacle of the desert sky at night, where a canopy of stars illuminates the vast expanse above.

And finally, arrive at the majestic Kakadu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site teeming with natural wonders and cultural treasures where Native kangaroos and wallabies, possums, flying foxes, and dingoes call home. 


Comfortable transportation on a purpose-built coach cruise. Accommodation will be in the following hotels: Desert Gardens Hotel, Kings Canyon Resort, Mercure Alice Springs Resort, Bluestone Motor Inn, Parkway Motel, Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel, and Mantra on the Esplanade. Darwin Harbour Dinner Cruise, 16 meals included: 10 Full Buffet Breakfasts, 6 Dinners with wine, including Be My Guest Dinner Experience with the Falzon Family at Earth Sanctuary & Farewell Dinner. Basic Travel Insurance and Orientation tours with knowledgeable AAT Kings’ Tour guides.

Outback Safari (11 Days) - best AAT Kings tours in Australia
Unlocking Adventure: The Top 6 Best AAT Kings Tours for Every Traveler!

Untamed Kimberley (11 Days)

From the rugged and untamed landscapes of Australia’s Northern Territory to the magic of Western Australia, where gripping adventures and spectacular experiences await, this 11-day tour will get you on an action-oriented exploration through the best of Kimberley with AAT Kings leading the way.

Your first stop will be in the vibrant city of Darwin, where the remnants of WWII serve as powerful reminders of the region’s tragic past and our responsibilities to contribute to a peaceful world. From your window, you will catch a glimpse of the former military base headquarters along the Adelaide River and pay a solemn tribute to the lives lost during the war. 

But hey, there is more to experience in the Adelaide River; Salt and freshwater crocodiles can be visibly spotted as they swim along the river finding their prey. You can effortlessly see barramundi, white-bellied sea eagles, bull sharks, Black Flying-fox and whistling kites that will make your mind blown away.

Leaving the charm of the Northern Territory behind, you will be taken to  Western Australia, making your first stop at Kununurra, a remote town owing its existence to the Ord River Irrigation Scheme, which transformed the landscape and brought pioneers seeking farming opportunities for a better life.

At the Durack Homestead Museum, you will uncover the fascinating history of one pioneering family who humbly dismantled and relocated their homestead to higher ground, making way for the dam. You can witness the fruit of their labor as you embark on a sunset cruise along Lake Argyle, where tens of thousands of freshwater crocodiles and a myriad of birds create a mesmerizing spectacle and ambiance.

Take a deeper dive into the heart of nature as you arrive at Emma Gorge and El Questro, immersing yourself in the serenity of Emma Gorge’s crystal-clear waters, cascading waterfalls, and lush greenery. You will perfect your adventure with invigorating hikes, refreshing swims, and moments of tranquillity that will rejuvenate your spirit. And at El Questro, let the vastness of the landscape take your breath away as you explore the rugged wilderness, encountering unique wildlife and soaking in thermal springs nestled within the vibrance of nature.


Comfortable transportation on a purpose-built coach, Cruise. Accommodation will be in the following hotels: Mantra on the Esplanade, Paraway Motel, Kununurra Country Club Resort, Emma Gorge Resort, Tented Cabin with private facilities, Kimberley Hotel, Fitzroy River Lodge, Cable Beach Club Resort, Sandalwood Factory BMG Dinner.

This tour offers Vegetarian and Vegan food options on request. Simply let AAT Kings know the food option that you prefer. Basic Travel Insurance and Orientation tours with knowledgeable AAT Kings’ Tour guides.

Untamed Kimberley (11 Days) - best AAT Kings tours in Australia
best AAT Kings tours in Australia


Six magical AAT Kings Tours to choose from, with a promise of absolute adventure regardless of which one you choose. The tours are crafted to make your holidays the best experiences you will ever encounter.

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