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The 7 Best Indonesian Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

The 7 Best Indonesian Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable!

Are you ready for an epic, mind-expanding South East Asian Adventure? Indonesia is the perfect place to visit to experience unrivaled natural beauty, unique culture, delicious food, stunning wildlife, and endless beachside vibes.   

Glittering turquoise waters, sunshine, and endless beaches await you. This incredible country is the world’s largest archipelago comprising over 18,000 islands. From uninhabited islands to bustling party destinations, you can choose the island to match your personality and preferences.  

Experience rich culture and history with microcultures spread across a diverse range of islands. Join a group tour to experience more of the local traditions. Many tours operate with local guides so you can connect with local people and gain insight into their daily lives. 

As anyone that has watched even one film set in Indonesia will know, this is a fantastic place to get active and connect with nature.  The natural environment is a tropical wonderland, from steaming active volcanos rising from the sea to luscious green rice fields to temples carved from the rock faces of cliffs.  

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Tour Radars’ collection of adventures is the perfect way to experience the country’s natural wonders.  Whether you want to summit volcanoes and swim in the crater lakes, kayak between islands, learn to surf, practice yoga,  spend your day relaxing on the beach or get acquainted with city life.  The options are there, easily accessible, and stress-free.  

Food lovers will be delighted to discover Indonesia’s diverse cuisine.  With an incredible mix of culinary influences, you will be guaranteed to experience an explosion of flavor as you try new dishes.  Join local cooking classes and share meals with local people as you travel.  Many tours offer unique culinary experiences to open up your taste horizons.  

Connecting with nature and learning new skills will enhance your travel experience. Trek the rainforest and spot monkeys or snorkel with Manta Rays.  Experience the beauty of tropical coral reefs and learn about this fragile ecosystem firsthand.  Swim with dolphins, or search for Komodo dragons.  These living dinosaurs are unique to Indonesia.  Discovering the wildlife of the country will be a highlight for many travelers.  

Indonesia is an approachable South East Asian destination. Get the logistics taken care of by joining one of the ranges of tours so you can focus entirely on your experience.  Transport and accommodation will be taken care of by your tour operator, and your tour leader will be able to give you access to the best spots to enjoy with plenty of practical advice for making the most of your time.  

If you are ready to launch into a tropical adventure of a lifetime, the diverse country of Indonesia should be next to tick off your bucket list.  So don’t wait. Your next adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you!

So, much as we have done for the best Guatemala tours and best Austria tours, here we are going to be talking about one of the best Indonesia tours (and their operators), so you can be inspired – and then choose with confidence.

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best tour operators in Indonesia- best Indonesia tour package - best tours in Indonesia - best tour companies in Indonesia- best Indonesia tours
best tour operators in Indonesia- best Indonesia tour package - best tours in Indonesia - best tour companies in Indonesia- best Indonesia tours
best tour operators in Indonesia- best Indonesia tour package - best tours in Indonesia - best tour companies in Indonesia- best Indonesia tours

Komodo Island Hopper


Are you ready to launch into an Island Hopping adventure of a lifetime? It’s a big statement, but this island hopping journey has the goods to seriously deliver.  Tour operator TruTravels promise to deliver trips that aren’t just good but next-level,  life-changing, mind-blowing travel experiences.  

Hitting some incredible destinations, this trip is designed by the TruTravel team to showcase Indonesia’s hottest spots.  By joining the Trufamily, you will be guaranteed fun, friends, and seriously good vibes. Heading out on tour is an incredible way to find your traveling feet.   

Before the trip, you will be signed up for a tour Facebook group to start connecting with your travel mates.  Build bonds spins some yarns, and get ready to make some lifelong friends and special memories. The transport during your tour is all taken care of, so you can feel safe and reassured your adventure will be stress-free.  

Headed up by your group leader, who has all the best knowledge and traveling know-how. The Tru group leaders are your own personal travel ninjas and have heaps of practical advice for you for onward travel and making the best out of your experience. They will go out of their way to provide you with the best possible experience, insider tips, heaps of travel experience, and wicked stories and laughs. 

The tour starts from Lombok with a pick-up from the airport if your flying directly in.  From there, you will head out to Sasek village to get a taste of Indonesian culture and customs before heading off for a jungle trek to find the mind-blowing Benang Kelambu waterfalls! Welcome to your best life!   

Spend a day at Lombok beach for beach day vibes with the crew before traveling to Subwawa the next day. From there, you will take a boat to Moyo island for an incredible day exploring. A local guide will show you around, and you will experience an epic local lunch. Waterfalls, sunsets, beaches, and the best-hidden spots await you.  

This phenomenal tour finishes on a high with a Tru Exclusive travel experience with a two-night / three-day liveaboard boat trip hopping between islands. Go snorkeling with manta rays, and discover Komodo dragons on Komodo island, one of only five places in the world these amazing creatures inhabit, with the help of an expert local guide.  

Sound like a bit of you? Get involved and kickstart your island dreams! You won’t regret it.  

Komodo Island Hopper TruTravels - best tour operators in Indonesia

Indonesia Hammocks and Hikes

G Adventures

This G Adventures tour caters to 18 to 30-somethings and covers an incredible variety of experiences in this comprehensive journey across Bali from Jakarta to Kuta.  

They provide small-group travel that is inclusive, safe, and social. You can have the time of your life with your new mates.  

Your group leader will help you acclimatize to the new places you visit, and the trip has plenty of free time built in so you can go out and explore.  Letting you build your experience around your interests and passions.  

As world leaders in innovative, thoughtful travel, they carefully curate their trips to get you off the beaten path so you can see more and connect better with the places you visit.  They have pledged to help find solutions to the world’s problems, help their guests make a positive impact, and leave a smaller footprint as they travel.

The tour combines various activities, from nights out to a visit to the Golden mountain tea plantation and volcano hikes to sunset and star gazing.  Wander bustling city streets and meander down sandy beaches with surfing, snorkeling, and all-around beach vibes on the menu.  

Accommodation is carefully chosen with a mix of hotels, hostels, a surf camp, and homestays. Get an authentic taste of Bali as you share food with your local hosts, get tips for the best dinner spots, and relish the street food of Yogyakarta.  This journey will surely expand your horizons as you open yourself to new experiences.  

If you are after an in-depth cultural introduction to this beautiful country mixed in with a whole lot of fun, the Hikes and Hammocks tour could be just the one for you.  

Indonesia Hammocks and Hikes G Adventures - best tour operators in Indonesia

Bali Island: See and Experience it ALL in 7 days, 1st Class Traveling


If you are searching for a memorable trip. An adventure to Bali courtesy of CharlieTheTraveler would be what you are searching for.  

Specializing in luxury group tours, this journey will elevate your everyday travel experience.  Focusing on small groups with no more than eight guests, this intimate journey soaks in the essence of Bali in an action-packed seven days. 

This tour is a fantastic way to explore Bali.  Perfect for those who want a fully guided experience but in the company of your own traveling companions. This tour is private so you can book it specifically for you and your group. Your tour guide will focus entirely on you, ensuring this is your ultimate holiday of a lifetime.  

Accommodation is fully customizable, so you can choose the level of your lodgings to suit your preference and budget.  Choose from 5-star hotels or more simple rooms.  Using their local connections, they can organize your perfect choice of accommodation from their recommended hotels.   

With transport and accommodation sorted, your adventure will be stress-free.  Take the planning out of the equation and let the experts handle your itinerary while you focus on making memories. 

Your first day will see you launch into the thick of the action making sure every moment counts by visiting a host of beautiful Bali beaches and enjoying sunset dinner so you can soak in the holiday vibes and start your trip off right. 

Based in Ubud, you will spend two days exploring the area.  Take an incredible tour of the region’s temples, including Goa Gajah, an ancient cave dating back to the 11th century, an active Hindu worship site, and the Gunung Kawi temple complex, which overlooks the Pakarisan river.  Be prepared to be dwarfed by the 8-meter-high shrines cut from the rock face of the cliffs.  

This breathtaking county will charm you with its unique culture and verdant natural landscape. Marvel at jaw-dropping waterfalls, soak in hot springs and take a boat ride to spot dolphins. Share in a cooking class to get involved in the preparation of some traditional Balinese cuisine.  

This tour packs a punch giving you an epic introduction to Bali’s finest sightseeing spots and activities.  

Bali Island See and Experience it ALL in 7 days, 1st Class Traveling CharlieTheTraveller - best tour operators in Indonesia

10-Day Komodo Kayaker

No Roads Expedition

One for the active adventurers out there.  No Roads Expeditions offer an extraordinary kayaking journey getting you out and about on the water in some of Indonesia’s most stunning locations. 

No Roads Expeditions specialize in organizing adventure travel in remote locations, getting you off the tourist trail and into nature.  Let the natural environment recharge your soul as you challenge yourself with new experiences.  

You will spend five days exploring the Komodo National Park by water.  Glide across the crystal waters exploring the remote islands.  You will be treated to sea caves, white sandy beaches, soaring cliffs, epic sunrises and sunsets, and camp overnight on Seture Island and Pungu Island in comfortable safari tents.  

This trip is a fully supported sea kayaking tour, allowing you to push your boundaries in safety and comfort. You will be accompanied by a trained sea kayaking guide benefiting from their expert knowledge of the area and the sea conditions, as well as a large support vessel.  Their guest’s safety is paramount, so you can be assured you are well-catered for in case of adverse conditions.  

The show’s real stars are the incredible creatures you will see during your journey.  Get up close and personal with the stunning coral reefs as you spot an abundance of tropical fish. Hopefully, dolphins, sea turtles, and whales will appear, not to mention monkeys. A trip to the small mangrove island of Kaaba, inhabited by a colony of bats, is another highlight as you watch their epic flight as they launch into the sky in search of their evening meal.

On Rinca, you will be treated to a guided tour to spot Komodo Dragons. Marvel at these prehistoric creatures, which are literally living dinosaurs. Your guides will take you to Manta Point for an opportunity to snorkel with Manta Rays. This experience will stay with you for a lifetime.  

This tour offers an unrivaled way to connect with the ocean in Indonesia.  Bask in the glory of the natural world while forging newfound friendships on this adventure of a lifetime. 

10-Day Komodo Kayaker No Roads Expedition - best tour operators in Indonesia

6 Days Surf, Freediving, and Yoga Retreat in Nusa Lembongan

Monkey Surfing

Live out your surf life fantasies with this 6-day retreat in Nusa Lembongan.  

In the safe hands of Monkey Surfing, a surf school located on the island of Nusa Lembongan, you can learn the art of surfing.  They have been operating on the island for seven years and have quality, experienced instructors to help you up your surfing game.  

This tour caters to all levels of experience, from beginner to pro. So don’t delay the waves are waiting for you!  With a maximum of three students per instructor, you can expect a personal, thorough, and safe experience focusing on quality rather than quantity. 

Recharge your batteries in this perfectly put-together package.  The tour comes with yoga lessons.  Relax, stretch, and get back to your center as you practice yoga on the sandy beach, basking in the warm sunshine.  

As you experience island living, you can connect with new friends and like-minded travelers.  Focusing on active fun, Monkey surfing knows how to look after its guests providing healthy breakfasts, lunches, smoothies, and juices as part of the package. As you experience island living, you can connect with new friends and like-minded travelers. You will come away from this journey invigorated by the experience. 

Monkey Surfing also operates the first freediving school in Nusa Lembongan.  Under the watchful instruction of experts, you will participate in an introduction to freediving course.  Push your boundaries with this unique experience as you explore underwater paradise. 

Accommodation is included, and you can upgrade to an air-conditioned room if you want.  Return transport to and from Nusa Lembongan by speedboat is also included as part of the package, so your trip is stress-free and easily accessible. 

Connect with the gentle Manta Rays with an incredible snorkeling trip, allowing you to interact with these ocean dwellers.  Watch as the small fish of the coral reef give the Mantas a good clean in this beautiful symbiotic relationship.  

Focusing on healthy food and active ocean activities, this 6-day tour is perfect for those wanting to relax, experience nature, and learn new skills while making new friends for life.  

Jakarta to Ubud

Intrepid Travel

Relish the beauty of Indonesia from its bustling cities, luscious jungle, beautiful beaches, and uninhabited islands in this comprehensive 14-day tour across the country.  

Operated by Intrepid Travel, experts provide perfectly crafted itineraries and adventures that connect you with the spirit of the places you visit.  

Arriving in Jakarta, your guide will help you settle in with a fully guided tour of the city.  Intrepid Travel works exclusively with local leaders, so you can benefit from expert advice and insider tips from those who know the area the best, allowing you to connect better with the country and its people.  

You will be covering a lot of ground on this incredible adventure.  Intrepid takes care of the transport. Traveling comfortably and safely allows you to maximize your time while the experts organize the logistics so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.  

Visit local villages and markets, journey through the jungle by boat, and plunge into the waters of Green Canyon.  Sun yourself on sandy beaches and explore beautiful coastal reserves.  

This active adventure sees you cycling the countryside surrounding the city of Yogyakarta, experiencing the sights and sounds from a unique vantage point.  Your expert guides can point you in the direction of many optional activities so that you can customize your trip according to your interests.  

An overnight stay in the Seloliman Nature Reserve gives you an incredible chance to connect with nature.  The reserve is located on the slopes of Mount Penanggungan.  This sacred volcano last erupted approximately around 200 AD.  Experience this special and unique environment while meeting with the volunteers at the Seloliman Education Center, where you will share a delicious lunch and dinner from locally grown produce. 

The early bird gets the worm as you head to Mount Bromo to watch the sunrise over a sea of volcanos. By 4wd, you will be whisked to the summit and ascend 45 meters by foot to view the volcano crater. Prepare to have your mind blown by this extraordinary experience. Your journey continues onwards to the west coast to relax at the beachside location of Pemuteran before heading to Ubud, where this journey of a lifetime concludes.  

Intrepid Travel provides a perfect mix of activities, combining active experiences with in-depth cultural activities to allow you to get more from your traveling experience.  If you want to immerse yourself in Bali, look no further than this fabulous tour.  

Jakarta to Ubud Intrepid Travel - best tour operators in Indonesia

Bali, Rinjani Climb, and Gili Islands

World Expeditions

Experience a walking holiday with a difference with an incredible trekking adventure taking you through some of the most stunning scenery in Bali.  

World Expeditions are adventure experts helping facilitate life-changing travel moments for their guests, allowing you to experience the extraordinary magic of an expedition-style trip.  

Departing from Ubud, you will explore the surrounding area by bike on your first day.  Soak in the area’s culture, and the scenery of the sprawling rice fields as your guide shares their local knowledge with you.  

Day two sees you dust off your walking shoes as you journey from Campuhan Bridge to Subak Sok Wayah.  Watch as local life unfolds around you. This leisurely day sees breaks for fresh coconuts and a hot drink at the Sari Organic garden, where you will meet local farmers. 

Connect with your guide from the Widya Guna foundation, which supports local Balanise children with shelter, food, and education, to learn more about the challenges facing some local people and families.  

Experience an epic day trek up Mount Batur, an active volcano with an enormous cauldron lake.  Journey to Lombok to take in Mount Rinjani, one of Indonesia’s highest mountains and active volcanos. This incredible three-day trek will see you camp overnight, giving you plenty of time to enjoy and experience this special place. 

Ascend the summit for sunrise before enjoying a hearty breakfast before descending to the crater lake to swim, explore the hot pools, and kick back and relax in this otherworldly environment.  You will camp overnight before summiting Plawangan 1 Senaru crater rim to enjoy jaw-dropping views across Indonesia.  

After your descent down to Sengara Village through the lush tropical rainforest, you will be transported by boat to Gili Air to finish your tour with two days of leisure in this tropical paradise.  Soak up the sun, snorkel, and bask in the ocean, or treat yourself to a cocktail or two as you congratulate yourself on your epic achievements, a perfect way to end this adventure after your exertions on the Rinjani climb.  

This tour is an unforgettable mix of mindblowing volcano climbs, cultural experiences, and lazy beach days.  Book it now for a life-changing experience. 

Bali, Rinjani Climb, and Gili Islands World Expeditions - best tour operators in Indonesia

If none of these tours work for you in Indonesia, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Indonesia now, which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

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