Why Oahu Is The Best Island To Visit In Hawaii For First Time!

Hawaii – The Aloha State and the Paradise Islands are one of the world’s most idyllic dream destinations with an amazing local culture, perfect temperatures and explosions of colour from the rainbow reefs and turquoise waters to the deep green rainforest. A treat for all your senses, whether your want history, nature, adventure or blissful relaxation – but with limited time, it’s impossible to see everything and so you are probably wondering ‘What is the best island to visit in Hawaii for first time?’ – and I can tell you, Oahu is that island!


Not only is Oahu the cheapest Hawaiian island to visit for your first time, but it is the cultural heart of the Hawaiian Islands – and home to the state capital Honolulu – with something to satisfy every visitor. Whether you want to find yourself on a beach at sunset, watch turtles bobbing in the surf, hike mountains covered in lush jungle or relax in a boutique spa, Oahu will have you covered… In fact you can actually do all of these in one day! So let the relaxing start now as you read on to find out everything you need to know about your first trip to Hawaii, including how to see find off the beaten path Oahu with unique Oahu Beach Rentals. 


Why Oahu Is The Best Island To Visit In Hawaii For First Time!

Where To Stay In Hawaii Oahu For The First Time? 

The island of Oahu is actually made up of two mountain ranges – the Koolau Range which runs along the east of the island (and is the back drop to Honolulu) and the Waianae Range which runs parallel but along the West coast. This means that pretty much no matter where you stay you are guaranteed awe inspiring views, so while the majority of people on their first trip to Hawaii stay in Honolulu and the famous Waikiki beach area, you should not be afraid to get out of town, away from the giant cookie-cutter hotels of Oahu and discover the pristine Windward Coast, North Shore or Leeward Coast Regions. I personally loved my stay in the North Shore, home to the largest big wave beach in the world – perfect for surfing – but the Leeward Coast is more lush and wet with many secluded beaches to explore and sleepy villages to hide away in (and the perfect answer for where to stay in Hawaii for the first time!)


Why Is Oahu The Cheapest Hawaiian Island To Visit?

If you are price conscious then Oahu will appeal more as the cheapest Hawaiian Island to visit. Not only is it easier to find accommodation and packages due to increased competition, but there are more shops and groceries stores in Honolulu resulting in lower prices across the whole island. Items in Hawaii are often more expensive than the mainland, but because Oahu has the main cargo port it is spared the brunt of this. In addition Oahu International Airport is by far the largest airport in the Hawaiian Islands and has air connections through-out the United States and Pacific Rim – You can even fly direct from New Zealand as I did on my first trip, making it all the more appealing. Of course – price is not the only factor to consider but with great weather, incredible beaches, more tour and accommodation options Oahu is easily the best island to visit in Hawaii for the first time!


What To Do In Oahu For A Week For Your First Trip To Hawaii?

Ok – so you have decided Oahu is the best island to visit in Hawaii for the first time – now you have to decide what to do in Oahu! Many people choose to stay for one week for their first trip to Hawaii so I have put together a few ideas of things you cannot miss in Oahu Hawaii for first timers!


Go snorkeling at Three Tables Marine Reserve!  This famous spot is located just off the Kamehameha Highway in North Shore and is famed for its marine life – for both divers and snorkelers. Entry is free and with many wading and tidal pools to explore it’s perfect for advanced swimmers or those who only want to go up to their knees. Plenty of turtles to be spotted here (a must see highlight on your first trip to Hawaii!) but take care in the swell during the winter months. Waikiki 


See Turtles From The Honolulu Sea Wall Or Just Try Out Waikiki Snorkeling! Yes – if you decide not to go to the North Shore you can see turtles in Honolulu just off the sea-wall in front of the luxury Waikiki resort. If you’re brave you can even try some Waikiki snorkeling with turtles for a better look, but be careful not to touch or harass them as you will be in for a large fine!


Pay Your Respects To Those Who Passed In Pearl Harbour And Learn About Hawaii’s WW2 History! – It may not be ‘fun in the sun’ but no first trip to Hawaii would be complete without touring the Arizona Memorial, Aviation Museum, Battleship Missouri and the Bowfin Submarine. Tours can be arranged in Honolulu or done independently but this is not something to be missed.


Kick Back And Relax On The Famous Waikiki Beach! – No list of where to go in Hawaii would be complete without mentioning the glorious Waikiki Beach, where you can chill in the sun, dip into the ocean or partake in a wide variety of water sports here. Endless hours were spent on this beautiful stretch of Aloha Paradise and are a large reason why I think Oahu is the best island to visit in Hawaii for first time.


Watch The Sun Dip Behind The Horizon And Look Out For The Mysterious Green Flash! – The number one answer to where to go in Hawaii was always going to be the beach at sunset – and Oahu has these in spades. My favourite were the hundreds of tiny coves along the North Shore, grab your loved ones, pack a picnic, take a dip and enjoy the nightly show as the sky changes colour and paints an unforgettable memory.  And if you’re really lucky on your first trip to Hawaii you might even see the green flash just at the moment the sun disappears!

And there you have it – What to do in Hawaii for a week! As you can see Oahu is the best island to visit in Hawaii for first time, and also the cheapest Hawaiian Island which is also a nice bonus. While there is no real wrong answer for where to go in Hawaii I hope you consider Oahu for its serene nature, beaches, wildlife and more – In time you will discover the best way to see Hawaii is however you want, but I do think a small house on the beach could be a great place to start! 
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