That one time when … I slept in a castle!

Just a quick update as I have been pretty quiet, I have now left Germany and arrived in Austria … And as the post title says, yea I stayed in a freakin castle!! – a bucket list type thing for me and one of the experiences that just highlights why I love travel so much!


This castle in particular … Let me just pick my jaw up off the ground!

I won’t go into too much detail as I stayed here through a personal friend (a ‘prince’) who’s family owns the castle estate and I’m sure he would rather have his privacy respected but I just had to share it as it just completely unknown to me… The wee little kiwi from New Zealand where we have absolutely nothing like this!!


Well I guess we do have the gardens …. But I mean just look at that!

I have know this friend from when I lived in Vienna two years ago and he is one of the coolest people I have ever meet. During my quick visit to Vienna he invited me and another friend to come to the countryside for a party and then to stay at his house up the road…. I always knew about his ‘imperial’ roots but never really have much thought to it but when we arrived – WOW! I am a little embarrassed to say I went fully tourist fangirl and took photos of everything!! It’s hard to do it justice in one photo as there are so many different sections but for your imagination it is even compete with a clock tower and its own chapel!! 

Seriously its own chapel...Who said you need to get out of your PJ's to gain forgiveness

Seriously its own chapel…Who said you need to get out of your PJ’s to gain forgiveness

The party was fantastic and really a view into another society I could never have imagined being part of. Whenever I travel people are always the highlight and experiences like this just really bring it home to me. Yes you can visit Austria (and you should!!) and see the museums and old castles but you really get to know a place when a local takes you in and shows you their life and family. I think this is when you really go from like to love and it is truly something special!


Next step … Get invited to a royal banquet! Seriously WOW!

Anyway we returned that night from the party and I was quite freaked out being in a 50 room + castle with creaky floors, little light, statues, oil portraits from generations ago in long corridors with deer skulls mounted! I was sure I wouldn’t make it through the night but in the morning we really go to explore and while I didn’t even see half the space it was exactly like a museum that no one has access to… They are very private people and I feel so honored to be allowed to see this side of their life. While I think a castle is not for me I will always be so grateful for being taken in and given the ‘royal’ treatment , and of course for an experience I will never forget!


When I grow up, I want a room just like this complete with Melk Library and Murano Glass Chandelier

Final Picture…Look at the car for scale, and the castle goes back some ways!

When you travel it can be difficult, and this will sound a bit clichéd, but always make an effort to get to know the real locals. Don’t force it but if it happens you will have some of the most unique and rewarding travel experiences of your life – I promise! Or alternatively make friends in your own country and then go visit them in theirs! This is what I love to do and have made some friends for life this way… Nothing solidifies a friendship like racking up the carbon miles and the globe to visit someone’s small unknown town to stay and learn about their life! So give it a go, who knows you may even find yourself surviving a night in a castle too!!

P.S. If your reading this from somewhere warm and tropical I am always available to come visit 😉 


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