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Unlocking Adventure: The Top 5 Best Contiki Tours for Every Traveler!

Unlocking Adventure: The Top 5 Best Contiki Tours for Every Traveler!

Is this year the time to get ticking off your bucket list destinations? An adventure with Contiki Tours could be just what you are looking for!

If you are between 18 and 35, Contiki offers out-of-this-world group tours that are great value, fun-packed, and a great place to meet like-minded fellow travelers. Wherever your wanderlust is calling you, Contiki has you covered.  So what can you expect from the best Contiki Tours? 

With sixty years in business, the Contiki team has the business of traveling down. Their travel program spans worldwide and covers the hottest travel destinations.  Contiki’s vision is to provide accessible, affordable travel options for young people looking to get out there and explore the world.  

Joining a trip with Contiki is more than just a holiday.  Become part of the Contiki community, meet your travel goals, grow your confidence, forge lifelong friends, and have a meaningful, fun travel experience.  Contiki offers the perfect place to make global connections with both your travel mates and local communities you meet en route.

All Contiki trips come complete with an expert Trip Manager who is essential for creating world-class adventures for all Contiki guests. Using their in-depth knowledge of the destination. They will give you all the info you need to dive in and make the most of every place you visit. They set the vibe for a fun, exciting journey, help you orientate to new cities, and provide any assistance you need while on the road. 

best Contiki tours

Operating an inclusive policy, Contiki offers a fun experience regardless of your personality, previous travel experience, or individual differences.  There is something for everyone. Contiki values its diverse and vibrant community, and your trip manager is skilled at helping new groups bond and break the ice. 

Are you thinking of traveling solo? Contiki could be the perfect option.  Around sixty percent of travelers who join a Contiki tour do so solo.  Embrace the freedom of solo travel and combine it with the chance to meet a whole group of new friends.  Contiki offers the right mix of scheduled activities and space to get out and explore how you want.  

In addition to your trip manager, transport between destinations is included, and a professional, safe driver is responsible for getting the crew from A to B.  Take the stress out of the journey with all the logistics taken care of so you can concentrate on the good stuff.  

Significant expenses are all included in the trip price.  Transport, accommodation, and a range of activities are all-inclusive, making Contiki trips easier to budget, so you don’t need to stress about running out of money.

Carefully curated accommodation is provided for every night of the trip.  Accommodation choices vary depending on the trip, but rest assured all accommodations will meet the Contiki standards from centrally located city hostels, glamping or camping experiences, hotels, and Contiki special stays.  Contiki only works with the best in the business. They know what makes a great stay, and their accommodation choices reflect this.  

Contiki endeavors to make every trip a memorable experience. With a massive range of tours available, you can choose a tour that suits your needs and budget. If you travel with friends, you can request to stay in the same room as your mates.  If you travel solo and want a little more privacy, you can upgrade to a private room.  Whatever the experience you are looking for, Contiki can make it happen.  

With years in the business, Contiki knows how to provide the ultimate travel experience, from the best places to visit, to uncovering hidden gems, unique experiences, the best parties, restaurants, cultural experiences, and active adventures. Whatever you are into, Contiki has you covered with mind-expanding experiences.  

best Contiki tours
Worldwide Multi Day Tour Deals

As the world leader in youth travel, Contiki’s mission statement is Make Travel Matter.  Travel has a profound impact on the communities, the places, and the communities we visit.  By making sustainability and responsible travel the cornerstone of their vision, Contiki helps facilitate young travelers to leave a positive impact on the places they visit.  

Make Travel Matter Experiences visit innovative projects which support local people, the natural environment, and wildlife. You may visit local community projects, meet local people and artisans, learn more about indigenous cultures, or visit innovative projects which benefit the natural environment and wildlife.  These amazing experiences help educate travelers about global issues and allow a deeper connection to the destinations they visit.

Contiki has undertaken a sustainability pledge and a 4-point climate action pledge.  They have implemented a carbon calculator to determine how much carbon each trip produces and have invested in carbon offsetting to reduce the impact of their tours.  In addition, they are committed to lowering emissions on their trips wherever possible.  They have invested in their fleet of coaches, which are both modern and fuel efficient. Coach travel offers a more sustainable option than the traditional road trip. 

If you take a trip with Contiki, you can be assured they are doing everything possible to make the trip as sustainable as possible and travel responsibly.  

Contiki provides life-affirming travel for young adventurous people looking to discover what the wider world offers. So if you are ready to book an unforgettable adventure, stop dreaming and make those plans a reality. Pick your destination and get involved.  

Whatever your adventure style, vibes, or wherever you want to go, Contiki has it covered.  Read on to find out the best Contiki tours which we have sorted for you to provide the ultimate travel inspiration. 

Read on for some ultimate travel inspiration for your next Contiki adventure.  

best Contiki tours

Eternal India

Are you ready to sharpen your sense of adventure with an action-packed twelve-day tour of India?  

Contiki offers an epic tour that takes in the multi-sensory extravaganza that is the vast, frenetic, and inspiring country of India, traveling through the Golden Triangle onwards to Mumbai and the exotic shores of Goa.  

This trip is perfect for those wanting to get out and explore India safely, socially, and stress-free. With your expert trip manager, driver, and local guides, this trip will be a breeze.   

The group will embark from the capital of Dehli in all its chaotic glory. 

Under the wing of your local guide, explore the sights and sounds of the historic district of Old Dehli, with its abundance of everything from bicycles, people, and rickshaws to street vendors selling all manner of wares.  Marvel at the ornate architecture and rich, warm colors of the red sandstone buildings before immersing yourself in Dehli’s street food scene. 

Cross over the Yamuna River into the state of Uttar Pradesh towards the city of Agra to make some serious strides on your bucket list with visits to the formidable Red Fort of Agra and the iconic Taj Mahal with its glittering white marble and luscious courtyards, gardens, and spectacular water pool and fountains.

Hit up the expansive Ranthambore National Park with the opportunity to add on a sunrise safari to spot some of the park’s incredible wildlife.  The trip includes visiting the Dhonk craft center, which provides employment and education opportunities for local people and micro-financing services.  Connect with local people here and learn more about their lives with this included Contiki Travel Matters Experience. 

Let loose in Jaipur, where you have some free time to explore.  Your group leader is full of expert recommendations, so grab your new travel crew and head out to savor the visual delights of this city with its distinctive pink-hued buildings.  Make a pit stop at Udaipur for a guided city tour, taking in the stunningly beautiful City Palace complex on Lake Pichola’s banks and the ornate Jagdish temple.  

Next, head to the mega-city of Mumbai with its cacophony of noises.  Watch as skyscrapers rise from it’s sprawling bodies and flotillas of boats sail the busy shores of the Arabian Sea. A local guide will help you experience the rush of this metropolis. Then it’s on to the beaches of Goa to embrace the sounds of the waves.  Your trip ends here, and it is the perfect spot for a farewell party to Goa’s legendary nightlife.  

With transport and accommodation covered, Eternal India provides an accessible and worry-free way to experience India’s incredible history and culture.  Immerse yourself in the amazing sights and sounds, from ornate temples to the city metropolises, lush countryside to beachside shores.  India has it all, and Contiki can’t wait to take you there. 


  • Hotel accommodation
  • Comfortable travel on a private coach
  • Services of an expert trip manager and friendly, knowledgeable guides
  • 11 breakfasts, one lunch, and one dinner
  • Orientation and sightseeing tours with local guides in Dehli, Udaipur, and Mumbai
  • Entry to the Taj Mahal and the Agra Red Fort
  • Visit the Dhonk Craft Centre community project in Ranthambore
  • Internal flight to Goa
Eternal India - best Contiki tours in India
best Contiki tours in India

Food and Wine in a French Chateau

Treat yourself to a gourmet French chateau experience.  

Tease your palette, and meet new friends with an epic four days living in a 16th-century chateau complete with a pool, in-house chef, and bar.  Your travel group will explore the delights of the Beaujolais wine region, which has an abundance of vineyards and a rich culinary tradition that highlights fresh, seasonal produce.  

A complimentary transfer will whisk you from the station of Villefranche sur Saone to your stunning accommodation.  Settle into your well-appointed rooms and explore the sprawling grounds of this 16th-century chateau, a fantastic example of the architecture of the French Renaissance. 

Savor a locally produced wine and cheese tasting before heading for a three-course welcome dinner in a picturesque local village.  Food on, drinks on!

The next day heads out for a day trip to the gastronomical capital of France, Lyons.  Take a tour of the city’s culinary highlights with a local expert.  Your guide ensures you will hit the best spots and taste this region’s best food and wine. 

Sip spectacular wines and stop by some of the Bouchons Lyonaise, traditional, rustic restaurants that specialize in serving regional dishes.  Uncover the city’s authentic culinary heritage before returning to a fun dinner at the Chateau, making the most of your beautiful accommodation.  

Hit up a winery tour in the Beaujolais Wine Region.  Visit three wineries and sample wines, meet local winemakers, and learn more about viticulture.  Enjoy an included winery lunch with paired wines as you live the good life in France. 

Relax at the chateau as the in-house chefs prepare a farewell dinner of traditional French fare for the group to round out your foodie adventure in style.  Expect plenty of laughs, delicious food, and flowing drinks. Your trip ends the next day, but there is still time for a tasty breakfast or dip in the pool.  

This lavish tasting experience will leave your buttons straining as you enjoy an introduction to this region’s exquisite food and wine.   With accommodation and gourmet tasting experiences included, this upmarket adventure is excellent value.   


  • Three nights’ accommodation in Chateau De Cruix.  
  • Complimentary transfer from the station of Villefranche sur Saone
  • Local wine and cheese tasting
  • Moveable Feast Walking Tour of Lyons
  • Three Breakfasts in the Chateau
  • Winery visits and included lunch in the Beaujolais Wine Region
  • Three Luxurious French Dinners
  • Small Group Size for an intimate experience
  • A Few Extra Inches on the Waistline
Food and Wine in a French Chateau - best Contiki tours in France
best Contiki tours in France

The Explorer with (Inca Trail Trek)

Embark on a journey of exploration in Peru, Argentina, and Brazil.  This eighteen-day adventure lets you experience some of South America’s finest destinations, from the wonders of the Matcha Pichu to the dynamic capital of Buenos Aires and the flamboyant streets of Rio de Janeiro.   

Soak in the complex cultures of South America, the intricate stonework of the ancient Incan civilization, and the breathtaking beauty of the densely-forested, high-altitude hills of the longest continental mountain range in the world, the Andes.  

This trip is perfect for those wanting an in-depth exploration of this awe-inspiring region. 

Begin your adventure at 11,000 feet in the city of Cusco, the historic capital of the Incan empire, surrounded by the sacred Andean peaks of Ausangate, Salkantay, and Veronica and the formidable ruins of the mighty Incan Empire.

With a local guide, you will visit the ruins of Pisac and Ollantaytambo to start uncovering the legacy of the Incan people and their agricultural and engineering prowess.  Those who choose the one-day Inca trek can follow some of the original Inca trails, traversing mountain paths into the clouds and taking in views of the iconic peak of Huayna Picchu and the valleys below.  

Those who choose not to take the Inca trail trek will catch a train to Aguas Calientes, a gateway city to Machu Picchu; nestled between imposing mountains and lush rainforest, the town is only accessible via train or foot.  

This location offers an early start for one of the trips, highlighting a guided tour of Machu Picchu. Located high amongst the Vilcabamba mountain range, wonder at the shifting shapes of the mist and clouds as they shroud these ancient structures. This spectacular architectural complex was abandoned in the 16th century.  

Take a rest day in Cusco with some free time.  Explore with new friends, or choose one of the optional extra excursions available. Tomorrow your journey takes you airborne to the heart of the Amazon.  

Reaching Puerto Maldonado is an adventure in itself as your plane cuts through the mountains before descending into Peru’s Amazon basin.  Then you will voyage by boat to a spectacular jungle lodge deep in the pristine rainforest of the Amazon. 

From your comfortable lodge accommodation, smash your bucket list with a two-night stay in the jungle. Take a hike to a canopy tower to take in the incredible biodiversity of this verdant paradise, kick back and relax in your bungalow as the rich audioscape of gushing water, the howl of monkeys, calls of birds, and the patter of rain wash over you.  The next day enjoy an unforgettable guided canoe trip down the mighty waters of the Amazon.

Catch an internal flight to the city of Lima.  Spend a free evening with your new travel mates in Peru’s capital.  Experience the city come alive as night settles, meander through the Plaza de Armas, the city’s main square, stroll past the illuminated facade of the cathedral of Lima, follow the boardwalk along the cliffs for a spectacular view of the cities skyline, or visit the lively neighborhoods of Miraflores and Barranco.  

On to Buenos Aires next for an epic four-night stay in this energetic Latin-American destination.  Launch straight into the good times with a hearty dinner out. Get ready to experience the fire of the Argentinian tango dancers in a wild night of romance and dancing. 

The city is yours to explore. With the help of an expert local guide, get under the skin of this diverse metropolis. Follow insider tips and craft your adventure on the tree-lined streets, party until dawn breaks or join the optional extra excursions.  

Suppose this incredible city destination wasn’t enough for you. In that case, it is onto Brazil to experience the natural wonders of the unbelievable Iguassa National Park, home to one of the world’s most jaw-droppingly beautiful collections of waterfalls.  Surrounded by tropical rainforest, this semi-circle-shaped waterfall contains multiple cascades creating a dazzling visual display.  

Finnish this adventure of a lifetime, with a multi-day stop in Rio De Janeiro with beachside accommodation.  Get ready for the time of your life.  

Check out the famous sunsets of Rio, its vibrant city beaches, and unbeatable nightlife. With an orientation tour to get your bearings, there is plenty of free time to soak in the carnival atmosphere.  

These last days pack a punch with a Contiki Make Travel Matter guided tour through the favelas and an epic boat cruise in Guanabara Bay, taking in the stunning waterside view of the city’s iconic landmarks.  Toast your mates, toast the experience, toast yourself! This is you living your best life.  

Contiki makes the journey easy with a stress-free, safe, in-depth travel itinerary.  With an expert trip manager and local guides, a driving team, accommodation, and amazing included activities, this truly is a life-changing travel experience.  


  • Expert trip manager, driving team, and local guides
  • 13 nights of hotel accommodation and 4 nights of hostel accommodation (including a 2-night stay in the Amazon)
  • 17 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 5 dinners
  • Exploration of the Sacred Valley (Urubamba), including the Pisac and Ollantaytambo Ruins
  • Visit Machu Picchu with a guided tour and entry.
  • Flight through mountain terrain and descending into the Amazon Basin to Puerto Maldonado
  • Orientation tour of Puerto Maldonado, Buenos Aires and Rio De Janerio
  • Amazon jungle canopy Hike and guided canoe ride
  • Flight to Lima
  • Flight to Buenos Aires and tango and dinner experience
  • Flights to Iguassu, exploration of Iguassu National Park
  • A Contiki Make Travel Matter Experience – Guided Favela Tour
  • Visit Christ the Redeemer Statue
  • Guanbara Bay Boat Cruise
  • A full Instagram feed
The Explorer with (Inca Trail Trek) - best Contiki tours in South America
best Contiki tours in South America

Sun and Steam ( New Zealand )

Is New Zealand on your mind this year? Contiki offers an incredible North Island mini-break.  

Make life easy and join in on this sublime roadie that heads up to the sunny shores of Paihia in the upper Northland, then onto the geothermal delights of buzzing Rotorua.  

This social tour has a maximum group size of 45 and is the perfect place to meet new friends and travel companions.  A group tour is an excellent way to make the most of your time in New Zealand and shake up your social life while getting out there and trying new experiences.  

Travel in comfort on a spacious private coach. Your expert trip manager is a fellow New Zealand enthusiast with in-depth knowledge of the best activities and scenic spots.  In short, they have your back with on-the-road support! 

Meet your group in Auckland before heading toward Paihia. Take in the views as you cruise the open road. There is a scheduled pit stop in Whangarei. Stroll around the marina, with plenty of cafes and restaurants overlooking the waterfront. It is the perfect place for a leisurely lunch.  The city has a vibrant arts scene, and culture vultures will enjoy visiting the Huderwassert art center. 

On arrival in Paihia, the group will take a guided tour of the Waitangi Treaty Grounds to learn more about the history and culture of New Zealand’s indigenous people.  After a busy day, tuck into New Zealand’s classic fish and chips overlooking the idyllic Bay of Islands.  A free day in Paihia lets you explore the spectacular coastal beauty of this small town.  There are plenty of optional extras to try if you want, or kick back and do your own thing.  

Overnight in Auckland before hitting up the bright lights of Rotorua.  Here you will meet New Zealand’s national bird, the Kiwi, in a Contiki Make Travel Matter visit to New Zealand Kiwi Hatchery.  The evening sees you experience a traditional hangi dinner and Maori cultural experience.  

You have a free day to explore Rotorua, visit some of the town’s geothermal features, or get involved in some adventure sports. Your trip leader can hook you up with a raft of optional activities. The tour heads back to Auckland for your departure point.    

With included transport, cultural activities, accommodation, and a whole heap of fun, this tour offers a stress-free way to experience some of the North Islands’ premium locations and activities with a shorter New Zealand break.  


  • 4 nights of hotel accommodation and one night in a hostel
  • Private coach travel and professional driver
  • 5 breakfasts, 2 dinners
  • Visit the Huderwassert arts center.
  • Guided tour of the Waitangi Treaty grounds
  • Fish and chip dinner in Pahia
  • Visit the New Zealand Kiwi Hatchery
  • Maori Cultural Experience and Traditional Hangi Dinner
  • Visit Auckland, Whangarei, Pahia, Rotorua
Sun and Steam ( New Zealand ) - best Contiki tours in New Zealand
best Contiki tours in New Zealand

Beaches and Reefs (Australia)

This incredible tour offers your ultimate east coast Australian Adventure.  

Join your trip manager and travel crew for this epic adventure. With a maximum group size of 30, this trip offers the perfect blend of social and intimate.  Prepare to make some serious inroads on your Aussie bucket list as you blast along the Pacific coast from Sydney to Cairns.  

Your adventure takes in the best of the east coast and is jam-packed with visits to stunning tropical islands.  This one is all about sun, sea, sand, and fun.  

Send an incredible three nights in Australia’s cosmopolitan capital Sydney.  Kick off with a day trip to the spectacular blue mountains, with their dramatic sandstone cliffs and shrouds of blue-tinted mist. Next day enjoy an orientation tour of Sydney with your group leader, including the Opera House and Bondi Beach.  

Hop on a plane for the laid-back shores of Byron Bay.  Embrace surfer life with an included surf lesson.  Be warned. You might catch the surfing bug! With a two-night stay in Byron, you have plenty of time to get acquainted with the town’s bohemian vibes, luscious natural surroundings, and thriving art and music scene.  

Hightail it to your next amazing destination with a two-night stay in a stunning eco-camp in the unique Noosa Everglades.  Soak in the surroundings with its dense vegetation and lush wetland ecosystems.  Later experienced a Contiki Make Travel Matter experience with a visit to an 80-acre sustainable farm.  

A day trip to Fraser Island guarantees unforgettable memories.  Head out early with the team to experience paradise, from its pure white sand beaches to the coastal dune system, abundant wildlife, marine life, and verdant rainforest.  Blast down the longest sand highway in the world and dip in Lake Mackenzie’s crystal-clear waters.  There is incredible wildlife to see here.  Prepare to be blown away but its rugged, wild, and isolated beauty.  

Things get pretty tropical where you are going next, with a base in one of Australia’s premier holiday destinations, Airlie Beach.   Located in the heart of the Whitsundays, it is the perfect jumping-off spot for a day trip to the jaw-droppingly beautiful region, surrounded by the coral sea, home to the Great Barrier Reef.  This is the place for exploring this extensive coral ecosystem, its spectacular array of marine life, and crystal clear turquoise waters.

Next up is a two-night stay on Magnetic Island, home to many Australian wildlife, from koalas to wallabies and possums. Head over by ferry before enjoying a hike to watch the spectacular sunset, with unobstructed views across the coral sea; the sunsets here are literally to die for. Next morning experience a uniquely Aussie breakfast experience with a slap-up feed at Selina Koala Village set amongst native trees. A wildlife ranger will introduce you to some of the residences of the onsite wildlife sanctuary.  

The last destination on the itinerary is Cairns.  Get acquainted with traditional bush cuisine with an incredible dining experience hosted by a local chef who demonstrates the uses of native ingredients before enjoying a traditional dinner using the native game.  

Join an expert guide for a guided tour of the Daintree Rainforest, one of the oldest and most diverse in the world.  As part of this Make Travel Matter experience meet with the local Kuku Yalanji people and learn more about the history and culture of the Aboriginal people.  Next, head over to the Janbal gallery to meet with an Aboriginal artist to explore the artistic expression of Dreamtime and try your hand at creating your own masterpiece.  Spend your last day in Cairns taking in the sights or join an optional extra Great Barrier Reef cruise.  

This incredible adventure takes in the breadth of Australia’s stunning East Coast for an epic journey of beaches, wildlife, and stunning tropical destinations.  


  • 13 nights in hostels, 2 nights in an eco-camp
  • 9 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners
  • Expert trip manager, driver and local guides
  • Day trip to the Blue Mountains
  • Guided tour of Sydney, including Bondi Beach and the Opera House. 
  • Flight to Byron Bay and a surf lesson 
  • Fraser Island Day Trip
  • Flight Brisbane to Airlie Beach
  • Day trip to the Whitsundays
  • Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef.  
  • Ferry to Magnetic Island 
  • Magnetic Island Sunset Hike and champagne 
  • Breakfast with koalas on Magnetic Island
  • Train to Cairns
  • Make Travel Matter bush tucker dinner experience
  • Guided tour of the Daintree Rainforest
  • Immersive Make Travel Matter Aboriginal Art Class
Beaches and Reefs (Australia) - best Contiki tours in Australia
best Contiki tours in Australia

The Powder Rush

Are you craving fresh powder? Dreaming of hitting the Canadian slopes for some world-class skiing and snowboarding?

Contiki’s Powder Rush Tour offers the ultimate Canadian Ski adventure on this 9-day tour for snow lovers.  Join a maximum group of 52 other powder hounds for your best winter holiday yet.  

This trip is perfect for meeting new slope buddies, sharing snow stories, and experiencing Canada’s stunning natural beauty. Your expert trip manager will set the vibes and get the excitement going, and your expert driver will handle the logistics.

Begin this epic adventure in the pumping city of Vancouver, where snow-capped mountains meet the shores of the Pacific.  

Jump aboard the comfortable Contiki coach to trace the coastline on the spectacular Sea to Sky Highway.  Keep your eyes open because the scenery is out of this world, with epic coastal views, rugged snowcapped mountains, the winding Squamish River, and lush forested hillsides.  

With anticipation kicking in, arrive at the legendary Whistler, home to the mighty Coast Mountain range, bucket loads of snow, and an electric apres-scene.  Spend a three-night stay in North America’s largest ski resort.  With varied skiing terrain and some of the best backcountry in Canada, Whistler has something for everyone.  Contiki has local connections and can hook you up with great deals on lessons.  

You might be sad to leave Whistler’s stunning slopes but fear not; your travel crew is headed to the magnificent Banff National Park.  Jump on board a flight to Calgary before a short drive takes you to Banff.  

This place is outdoor magic in all its glory, set against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains.  With its timeless natural beauty, the park is one of the biggest in Canada and home to next-level skiing and snowboard terrain.  

With three ski resorts in the park, you are spoilt for choice.  Banff Mount Norquay is located minutes from Banff town. It has approximately 60 runs, a terrain park, and also offers night skiing.  Lake Louise is Bannff’s most extensive area and has several terrain parks, good access to incredible back-country skiing, and amazing views of the Rocky Mountains and Lake Louise. 

Sunshine Village spreads across three mountains, has expansive views and access to the continental divide, and is located at an incredibly high altitude, benefiting from excellent snow conditions.  The choice is yours!

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, there is a wide range of activities in the national park, from hiking to dog sledding, glacier hiking, and canyoning.  Your trip manager will help you out with any advice you need.  Exhausted from all the activity? Check out the natural hot springs or get out and enjoy the town’s lively apres-ski scene.   

When packing up your gear and waving goodbye to new friends, transport is provided to Calgary for your departure point.  

This tour offers an incredible way to visit two of Canada’s premium winter destinations, meet new friends, ski and snowboard to your heart’s content, and experience jaw-dropping mountain scenery.  


  • Expert trip manager and driver
  • Eight breakfasts
  • Three-night accommodation and stay at Whistler Ski Resort
  • Flight to Calgary
  • Four Nights Accommodation and stay at Banff National Park
  • Departure Point in Calgary
The Powder Rush - best Contiki tours in Canada
best Contiki tours in Canada
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