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Exploring Old Dubai: Photos of Dubai Creek, Dubai

Exploring Old Dubai: Photos of Dubai Creek, Dubai

Beyond the glass and concrete jungle of modern Dubai, lies the forgotten crown of the city, the commercial center known as old Dubai.

Old Dubai is divided into two parts, Deira and Bur Dubai, by a saltwater body known as Dubai Creek.

dubai tourism images - photos of dubai creek dubai

Dubai Creek, Dubai

Back in the 20th century the Dubai creek was the commercial center of Dubai. It served as a minor port of Dhows bearing goods from as far as India and East Africa.

dubai tourism images - photos of dubai creek dubai

After the construction of major ports like port Saeed and Jebal Ali free zone, business shifted away from the Deira Creek. The cheapest way to cross the creek is a Abra, which is a traditional boat made of wood.

dubai tourism images - photos of dubai creek dubai

The Dubai creek at present is a heritage site consisting of the traditional souks preserved on its banks. The souks sell a variety of things ranging from textiles to spices. Most of the merchants in these souks are traders from South Asian countries like India and Pakistan.

dubai tourism images - photos of dubai creek dubai
dubai tourism images - photos of dubai creek dubai

The Dubai Creek also houses the heritage center of Dubai known as Al Bastakia, which consists of Museums and heritage houses promoting the traditions and way of life of the local people before the Oil boom.

The Creek has undergone many renovations to make it attractive for the tourists. There are many restaurants at its sides so that the people can enjoy the charm of the creek while having a meal.

dubai tourism images - photos of dubai creek dubai

The Dubai Creek and old Dubai is my favourite part of Dubai – and one of its most photogenic parts. It was actually part of the reason I started selling photos on Shutterstock.

I often get bored by the modern glass and concrete buildings of Dubai and the corporate culture of the city; The creek and its charm is a breath of fresh air in this city of concrete. The hustle and bustle of the souks make me feel lively and energetic. I visited the creek during the hours of the sunset to capture some amazing moments.

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dubai tourism images - photos of dubai creek dubai

I would recommend everyone who visits Dubai to check out the Dubai creek and feel its charm. The old architecture of Dubai and its ports and souks bustling with activity is what sets it apart from the rest of Dubai.

And while your in the area, why not check out Abu Dhabi or if you want to read more – Here is a full guide to all the landmarks of the UAE.

Guest Post by Febin Thomas.

Febin is an architecture student from India. Born and raised in Dubai. He hopes to travel around the globe one day. Fascinated by the cultures and ways of life of the people around the world. For more of his photography, you can contact him via Facebook.


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