The Royal Chitwan National Park – Jewel of the Nepalese Foothills

Nestled at the foothills of Nepal, the Royal Chitwan National Park is recognised as one of the worlds’ biodiversity hotspots and falls amongst WWFs’ 200 Global Eco-regions. And its also a UNESCO World Heritage site so bonus! The spectacular landscape, covered with lush vegetation and the Himalayas as the backdrop really is an exceptional natural beauty….and what better way to explore it than with a Chitwan Jungle Safari!

Information on the Royal Chitwan National Park - Chitwan Jungle Safari

If this is not ‘exceptional natural beauty’ then I don’t know what is…

An incredibly diverse natural ecosystems of subtropical lowland, wedged between two river valleys produces a mosaic of riverine forest, grasslands, forested hills and alluvial flood plains.

About Royal Chitwan National Park - Chitwan Jungle Safari

So much green, so much wide open space…I think I’m in love

One of the parks main rivers that flow through is the Narayani river, the third-largest river in Nepal which originates in the high Himalayas and is a tributary of the Ganges, the most sacred river in India.

The Royal Chitwan National Park - Chitwan Jungle Safari

Not too shabby I guess…Ok, who am I kidding! If there were no crocodiles in here I’d swim all day, every day!

Chitwan is also famed for its rich flora and fauna and 800 animals are found in Chitwan National Park including 68 species of mammals and over 500 species of birds (one of the highest concentrations in the world). Keep your eye’s keenly peeled for anything that moves on a Chitwan Jungle Safari because you never know what you will find!

The Royal Chitwan National Park - Chitwan Jungle Safari

And the best part  is..You don’t have to look far for any of it! Seriously from the park entrance you can see a elephant and a crocodile (can you spot both?)

The park is home to one of the last populations of single-horned Asiatic Rhinoceros and is also one of the last refuges of the Bengal Tiger. It also gives shelter to many other endangered species including sloth bears, clouded leopards, otters, hyenas, mongoose, civets, pangolins, monkeys, gaurs, crocodiles and wild elephants.

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But its not all about the big stuff. Look at this little guy! I had to laugh when our guide was more excited to find him than all the rhino’s. I guess its like diving in Sipidan where after a while its the macro stuff that really gets you going.

During our 3 night excursion we managed to spot over 16 rhinos, a ridiculous amount of birds, elephants, civets and deer. Make sure you do a jungle trek as opposed to a jeep safari as you will be immersed more and really get a feel for this incredible wonderland! We also saw Tiger marks but no tigers, however luckily we saw them in Ranthambore National Park later on! But I’ll still be back…

Chitwan National Park

I mean.. Does it get any better than this? Just like a painting, but I swear this isn’t staged! Trekking over jeep safari does have its perks!

I highly, highly recommend contacting a local guide to Chitwan, Bali, [+9845150440] for a passionate and safe Chitwan Jungle Safari in the Royal Chitwan National Park. Seriously this guy is the man, highly respected in the community and being doing it for donkeys years. He still loving doing his job everyday, and even goes out on his days off, which really says something about his passion!

Chitwan National Park

And look at that smile! He was the nicest guy we meet in Nepal..where there is alot of competition!

I would place Chitwan National Park and it’s Chitwan Jungle Safari alongside the Amazon, Borneo, Yellowstone and Galapagos as the greatest natural landscapes I have witnessed and highly recommend it to anyone in the area with even a passing interest in wildlife and geographic processes! Two days trekking over 50 km and even I am still craving more! But now its off to Poon Hill. Until next time Chitwan …

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