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The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Use A Holafly eSim On Your Next International Adventure!

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Use A Holafly eSim On Your Next International Adventure!

When you travel to one place outside of your home country for an extended amount of time or go on an extended road trip through different countries, it’s always good to have access to a working phone plan.

Something that most don’t know when they head away is that your mobile plan will not work on every inch of the world – even if you have an international phone plan. Most would head straight to the nearest local cell phone service company and request a SIM card. However, some of these phone companies don’t keep SIM cards in stock, and to add to it, it is exceedingly rare for one of these cards to work in a phone not made in that specific country. This is where having an eSIM comes into play. 

There are dozens of options out there nowadays when it comes to your options with eSIMs. I’ve tried about five of them over the years, and Holafly eSim is my absolute favorite – and as horribly cheesy as it sounds, I’ve listed out ten reasons why I love it! 

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#1. The Internet!

As I mentioned above, the international phone plan that your mobile is on is not as international as you think. If I am being completely honest, most phone plans only work where there is a high population of people.

The further out you go from civilization, the less likely you are to have cell service. The nice thing with Holafly, is that no matter where you are globally, you will have internet service. I have taken this eSIM on an African Safari in Tanzania and on some small islands off the coast of Bali, and I have always had the internet!

Whether you are using data to hail a ride share in Kuala Lumpur, to check directions to your Denarau Island Hotels, or book the top hotels with free parking in Vegas, your access to the internet through Holafly will be fast and unimpeded.

holafly international esim - holafly esim - holafly sim

#2. Keeping In Touch

As I mentioned above, thanks to Holafly, I now have continuous access to the internet. While some will think that this only implies that I will have unlimited access to Google, and they are not wrong, I will have the ability to keep in touch with my friends and family back home.

Nowadays, iPhones and Androids have created ways for iPhones to talk with iPhones, and Androids to talk with Androids. But what if your parents have Androids, and you have an iPhone. How are you to keep in touch with them and let them know that you are still alive? You can download an app called WhatsApp.

This is a globally used text, video call, and phone call application that runs completely off of internet and phone service. If I don’t have access to one, then the app will use the other. With the power of WhatsApp and Holafly, I will never be out of reach of my loved ones. 

holafly international esim - holafly esim - holafly sim

#3. User Friendliness

When I first turned to Holafly, I was just starting out on a three-month visit to India to spend time with my significant other’s family. At this time, I was using another eSIM that claimed it could ‘give me the moon’ when it came to everything that it had to offer.

While this other eSIM got me through my holiday in Hong Kong, it couldn’t do anything for me in Karnataka. After some quick research on my in-law’s computer, I discovered Holafly. It was the easiest thing in the world to get set up and connected. If I’m being honest, it only took me 15 minutes to get it going!

#4. Being Protected

As I mentioned above, I spent an extended amount of time in China before COVID. While China is absolutely breathtaking, it is extremely easy to get lost in all that it has to offer – I didn’t want to take the chance of losing important information on my phone.

Having Holafly on my mobile brought me an immense amount of relief that all of my logins and passwords were protected at all times. 

holafly international esim - holafly esim - holafly sim

#5. There Is Nothing To Lose

Speaking of trying not to lose personal items, an added benefit of getting the eSIM from Holafly is that I don’t have to remove the physical SIM card that my phone is currently holding.

Instead, I simply have to “turn on” Holafly from my phone settings, and it’s done! I don’t have to worry about keeping track of my old physical SIM card while I am out of my home country. 

#6. A Holafly eSim Is Always There When I Need It

One of the things that I really enjoy about Holafly is that it works almost like a subscription box. I can have my account and use it while I’m abroad; then, when I return home, I can pause my usage. For example, let us say that I was in Africa for my last visit, then I went home for a stint before I made my way to Europe. I can pause Holafly while I’m at home spending time with family, then reactivate it for my European Exploration.

The same applied when I was in Sydney and then home searching for the best eSim for USA travel!

holafly international esim - holafly esim - holafly sim

#7. High Quality For A Low Price

Whenever you are planning a trip, the last thing that you want to do is be confronted with another expense. While money tends not to be an issue on a trip, it’s always the topic of conversation when you are planning for it.

This is when Holafly is helpful. Not only are its plans fairly priced, but they also own up to what they promise. 

#8. It Works With Almost Every Type Of Phone

There are a ton of SIMs and eSIMS out in the world that claim they will work with your specific phone. However, when they make these claims, more than likely, they are only thinking about the standard iPhone that everyone seems to have.

These other providers don’t understand that there are other types of phones out there. With Holafly, your phone is guaranteed to work with this eSIM. 

holafly international esim - holafly esim - holafly sim

#9. 24/7 Assistance 

Let’s say that you are out exploring, and all of a sudden, something starts acting up with your Holafly (which is a rarity). You’re going to want to reach out to a human and get some assistance. Holafly is there for you!

Unlike other companies that utilize robotic phone trees or only hold office hours in their home country. Holafly is available 24/7 for anything that you need. 

holafly international esim - holafly esim - holafly sim

#10. I Have The Option For Two Lines.

There are other benefits of Holafly outside of being globally connected while traveling. Adding an additional eSIM to your phone also gives you a secondary number.

Personally, I always have three types of SIMs working at all times. I have one for my home country for personal use, one for my home country for my freelancing business, and the third specificity for Holafly when I travel. While this setup isn’t for everyone, it works out perfect for a lot of digital nomads that I know and work with. 

Are you ready to simplify your (travel) life and have the convenience of fast data and a hassle-free eSim? Then take a look at Holafly’s option today. Even better is that readers can also access a 5% discount by using code INSPIREDBYMAPS at checkout!

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