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Why You Need To Stay At Selina Hostels On Your Next Round-The-World Adventure!

Why You Need To Stay At Selina Hostels On Your Next Round-The-World Adventure!

If you are a travel fanatic, your first mission when out exploring the world should be to find accommodation that offers friendly surroundings and a point of difference. 

And this is why you are going to want to seek out Selina Hostels, a popular digital nomad / coworking / holistic hostel chain with 100-plus locations worldwide (and still growing). Their goal is to have 100,000 beds globally and 350 locations – and we have no doubt it is going to happen. Just like Uber or Airbnb, Selina will soon be a household name (or at least one that all travellers know).

But what makes Selina so different? 

Well, Selina is designed from the ground up to be a digital nomad hotel, a place that provides guests with exquisite places to stay, travel, and work abroad indefinitely – along with luxe amenities.

Combining elegantly designed accommodation with recreation, wellness, co-working, and local experiences, Selina is custom-built to provide the global infrastructure to travel and work abroad seamlessly. A place to network, meet like-minded individuals, relax, explore and yes – get some work done.

Core to the Selina offering is also their in-depth local knowledge with thousands of experiences and activities on offer to participate in daily. From rock climbing and river-trekking to urban walking tours, jungle treks, cooking classes, music workshops and surfing on deserted beaches, the local Selina guides provide a source of authenticity.

Then there is the focus on music (they have their own radio station and music summit), food (organic, nutritious and locally-inspired wherever possible) and wellness (think detox retreats and rooftop yoga).

From urban jungles to the depth of the Amazon, Selina locations all put have one thing in common: they each impart their heart, soul, and wanderlust into forever-travellers, break-takers, and staycaters.

Therefore no matter which of the fabulous Selina Hostel chain locations worldwide you choose to stay at, you can rest assured you will be able to join a like-minded travel community and find the ideal balance of travel, work, adventure, wellness, and more.

Curious? So were we. So let’s say goodbye to dull hotel decor, and forgettable accommodation stays and say, hello to the inspiring surroundings of just a few of Selina’s global locations.

Our Favourite Selina Hostel Locations To Inspire Your Future Wanderlust

Boavista Ericeira, Portugal

The beautiful hotel is hosted close to Praia de Norte and Praia dos Pescadores beaches, inspired by Californian beach house design.

Beautiful beaches are visible as soon as you wake up and set the vibes for the day. Selina Boa Vista Ericeira has become a stylish stunning destination for locals and travellers, equipped with restaurants, bars, outdoor pools, and a rooftop patio.

Get up early and gaze towards the beach, where you’ll notice groups of Lisboêtas, international yogis, and fishers all enamoured with the sublime sea.

Had enough of the beach? Go to Sintras-Cascais Natural Park and go up to the top of the mountain. Take a rock-climbing walk around Praca da Republica and grab some fresh fruit and vegetables for your refreshment. Can’t be bothered cooking? Don’t worry. Spoon ‘ouriços’ (sea urchins) for dinner like Boavista Ericeira’s natives. It will be an extraordinary meal you will never forget. 

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Take a short trek through the murky Bosque Nuboso reserve. The hotel is located high enough to kiss the clouds. Monteverde is home to countless gorgeous flowers and precious bird species as well to biodiversity-rich forests traced in Costa Rica. Here you can experience bungee jumping and stunning views of a bunch of animals’ liveliness. Unlike other hotels in the area, Selina forest chalet is equipped with locally curated design, a jacuzzi, spacious co-work, a fire pit, room, library, movie, restaurant, a bar, and a yoga deck that claims beautiful views and an air of tranquillity.

Geres, Portugal

The scenic naturals along the Cávado River can be seen as soon as you open the window. Don’t skip to enjoy an outdoor walk. Located just 7 minutes drive from Peneda-Gerês National and eight from the town centre.

Please do not leave without having a remembrance of surfing on the shore. Peneda-Gerês National Park, beautiful waterfalls with milky white water and scenic spots just for you at Selina. Not only the natural beauty, but it’s historically valuable also captivate you unless you intentionally sight away.

Medellin, Colombia

Its location in the Provenza neighbourhood makes you a yoga-calm place. Grab your memory of sipping a Colombian coffee and listen to recording songs in the hotel’s rooftops music station.

A spacious covered area comprising a fully modern meeting room and communal tables. Guided meditation program for photography workshop plus weekly arranged events and program stick locals and foreigners amazingly. Step out of the room for dinner at an onsite restaurant and link to the music, bubble the whole night with a DJ set.

San Jose, Costa Rica

A rare location where enabling reach to the hotel within 10 minutes from Spirogyra Butterfly Garden, National Museum of Costa Rica, and Jade Museum. As it’s in the centre of the Barrio Otoya historical region, it blends with Selina’s art gallery, movie theatre, coworker place, wellness centre, a bar, and activity playa ground in-built. Head to the yoga, turn on the roof deck, tuck into traditional breakfast with the coffee grounder in Selina garden itself. Embraced by spectacular architectures with things you would ever never witness without Selina.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

You realize once you just after taking out your suitcase from the taxi, this is a picture-perfect paradise. Travellers prefer its amenities since all stuff including pools, free Wi-Fi, pubs, bars, yoga session, and so on. You are exposed to have a traditional plate of Mexican Chilaquiles for breakfast after stretching out with a yoga schedule on Selina’s rooftop. Float on the pool, sipping a pina colada.

Porto, Portugal

The city Ribery, inspired by medieval culture close to Selina Porto‘s, which is a newly renovated building locates on the hill. You are provided daily excursions from Serralas museum, or Virtudes Ganden Coliseu do Porto enabling you to enjoy Portuguese guitar players to show-offs. If you are someone like a digital nomad or stay productive, head to Office cowork space, access fast Wi-Fi keep your business steady. Lunch at Selina’s onsite cafe might be a splendid retouch to your mind. Cruising along the river Douro, with a sipping a glass of sweet port wine, would be your precious action. Later drink on a well-crafted cocktail and rocking to the beat for residents DJs.

Milfonte, Portugal

Selina Milfontes is lined with rocky Alentejo Coast and Alentejo Coast halfway between Lisbon and Faro. It is the heart of local and foreign visitors with scenic sand beaches. This Selina is perfect for surfers and beach runners as it shared a love of sand and seas. Start morning with cliff jumping is a perfect choice. Just five minutes walk from Southwest Alentejo or the Vincentian Coast Natural park to Selina’s in-built restaurant. Lunch is packed with locally smoothy ingredients, veg-friend dishes, and spicy sources. Your chances of relaxing in a plant garden, immerse in the dark in the cinema room should not be missed.

Nosara, Costa Rica

In the stunning Guanacaste region, Selina Hostel Nosara lies in were sandwiched between Playa Pelada and Playa Guiones. No matters you are a surfer, a yoga student, a natural beauty explorer, an evening social event gather you all together, staying close together. You can enjoy breakfast under sunshine following the green Chorotega trail all along the way to Playa Nosara And Playa Pelada.

Get some of the best swings in Costa Rica at a group surf session given at Selina Nosara Hotel. Tour the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge to spot baby-hatching sea turtles.

Maderas, Nicaragua

Twenty minutes drive from San Juan del Sur’s town centre is the Selina Maderas. A window view of coastal hills and jungle destinations fulfils your stay at Selina all day. Extra peculiarities include an outdoor pool, cocktail bar, eatery, and a yoga session with breathtaking mountain landscapes. Selina’s activity centre offers you yoga classes, surfing sessions, ocean kayaking, and snorkelling.

Playa Venao, Panama

Endless stretches along with the coastline marble, its beauty, blending palm trees, surf shacks with fruits stalls. As sunshine wakes you up, you can sight over the surfers with their expert guides. Waves are waving you for surfing; then you ought to run along with the board with guards. You will surely gain much more skills.

Secret Garden Lisbon, Portugal

Built-in another fascinating region where European climatic features while perched on a mountain range. Selina’s Secret Garden in Lisbon blend with the ever-growing ecosystem, history, culture, and nightlife. Enjoy lunch facing the river. Trace the vintage shop with an art gallery.

Art gallery vintage shop is for exploration which curious you by their amazement.

Puerto Viej, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo, the tropical centre of Costa Rica, is a cultural spring, flowing the reggae, delicious Caribbean food, rabic shouting from frogs. Unlike other hotels in the country, Selina’s unique accommodation, including teepees,

with hand-created with materials from closed indigenous communities, which are 100% eco-friendly. Snorkelling, waterfall jumping, trek in the Gandoca Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge, apart from Cahuita National Park, is ideal for Serina residents. Regional dishes come from hotel restaurants, homemade desserts with dark ground coffee make your day memorable in the resort’s period.

Peniche, Portugal

The city was once a fishing hub now became Portugal’s new surfing capital is run by local surf experts. Witness mouth-watering delicacy and join an outdoor roaming with an expert guide. Weekly workshops, live music events are scheduled daily while the library and co-work spaces are designed for someone seeking productivity. Selina’s dedicated specialists for you climbing Sao Joao Baptista fortress make you more confident in hiking and prevent you from likely to happen accidents.

Tulum, Mexico

The hotel is covered by the Sian Ka’an’s nature reserve and Tulum port ruins, which are the heart of art, wellness, culture, and music.

Selina offers a bunch of host activities merged with Mexican Mayan culture. From cacao ceremonies to temazcal is the seat to traditional Mayans massage therapy. Weekly social events include mindfulness talks, drink, and draw, gong bath run by experts. Place you to Selina’s inner hub with spicy tamales, grilled fish, crunchy Marquesitas connecting cocktail bar, or rock to beats of DJ.

Sleep in a canopy-topped tent or the bamboo tepee while counting stars

Santa Teresa South, Costa Rica

Go to Selina Santa Teresa if you want to experience the beauty of this tropic, keeping you away from the annoying noisy surroundings. As the day opens, the food truck is committed to serving you breakfast with delicious traditional meals. Directly reach the beach for a snorkelling program on Tortuga Island after unique horse riding or hike Curu Wildlife Reserve with experienced well caring horse guides.

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

In the centre of a calm beach town that hugs the sun, bohemian party culture, and surfing. Selina fuel you with fresh juices, acai bowls, typical Mexican breakfast.

Adventure seekers can ride through pipeline waves on the very popular beach. Pass your day staying at comfy couches, hot desks, and a meeting room if you need a more professional environment.

If you are curious to leave a footprint on Zicatela Beach, it is a world-famous paradise. You are to have a ride with dolphins and whales with the personal instructors from Serina surf club. 

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

The Surfer-friend coast in the region is close to the hotel there is sandwiched by Playa Langosta and Playa Grande.

Environmental-adapted plans to comprise meditation, yoga, water sport unique Serina than other counterparts.