How to get from Kazan to Bolgar

How to get from Kazan to Bolgar – Day Trip in Russia

So your wondering how to get from Kazan to Bolgar?  I guess you want to see the ancient Bolgar Hill Fort perched above the river! Well good choice, its spectacular and a UNESCO site to boot!

how to get from kazan to Bolgar

Just incredible…

Its best visited in the summer. Long Northern Hemisphere days and sun shining with positive temperature makes for the best explore.

How to get from Kazan to Bolgar

In this case the best way to get from Kazan to Bolgar will be a boat trip on the Volga from the Kazan river port. If by some miracle you know even basic Russian you can  try giving them a call about the timetable +78432330808 however honestly I recommend just to head down there the day before and buying your tickets. Someone there spoke English when I visited but maybe ask your hotel to write on a paper what you are looking for. “Bolgar Day Tour, 1 August, 2 people” should be sufficient otherwise.

how to get from kazan to Bolgar

Take your time…There are plenty of gems to be found!

Trips to Bulgar  run from May into August, they leave Kazan at 8 a.m. and leave Bulgar at 3.40 p.m. Its plenty of time there don’t worry! It is better buy tickets in advance because the boat is very popular. Tickets should be 600 rubles per person so quite the deal. It is also possible to get to Bulgar by bus if needed by I really don’t recommend this for day trips. Tourist agencies also offer excursions and day tours, but only once a week and possibly only in Russian. Volgar Tours, Advatour and Kazan Travels will be your best beat. These prices are usually set around 1600 RUB for 10 hrs day excursion!

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Don’t know where or what Kazan is?

how to get from kazan to Bolgar

This pretty much sums up why you should know Kazan

Before you can know how to get from Kazan to Bolgar, you first need to know about Kazan. Kazan is a very beautiful town founded in 1005 at the junction of the rivers Volga and Kazanka. Ivan the Terrible conquered the town for Russians in 1552. This is celebrated by the building of Saint Basils Cathedral in Red Square. Kazan is incredible as it has different cultures intertwined, Tartars and Russians live peacefully together. Christians and Muslims.

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how to get from kazan to Bolgar

Where else can you get a mosque and a church built side by side

Infact while Kazan in the 90’s used to be considered quite ‘dodgy’ it down is one of Russian’s most tourist-friendly towns and will be hosting games of the 2018 FIFA World Cup!  On the other hand, the medieval city of Bolgar, which existed between the 7th and 15th centuries AD is almost completely deserted now days. What was once the first capital of the Golden Horde and represents the historical cultural exchanges and transformations of Eurasia over several centuries is now basically a few buildings crumbing in the sun. Its a gorgeous site and a  symbolic reminder of the acceptance of Islam by the Volga-Bolgars in AD 22.

how to get from kazan to Bolgar

So now you know how to get from Kazan to Bolgar! Next time be sure to take a day to this gorgeous place. Try pick a day with nice weather and long sunlight hours and you will love it even more!

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