How To Find The James Bond Skyfall Location in Scotland!

Want to know about the James Bond Skyfall Location in Scotland? Here is a exact step-by-step guide, GPS location and plenty of information of Skyfall in Scotland. Not to be missed!

Are you a massive 007 fan and always in awe of the amazing locations that Bond is always jetting off to? Well if you’re on a trip to the Highlands don’t miss this James Bond Skyfall Location Scotland!! A magical place shrouded in mist and seemingly as old as time itself, this filming location is even better in real life and will surely be the highlight of your trip to Scotland. Perfect for visiting all year round, this hidden gem will leave you mesmerised. If you are heading here on a road-trip, why not compare car rental prices in Scotland – you are going to need it to get here!

James Bond Skyfall Location in Scotland

Remember this Skyfall Scotland scene… On the way to Bond’s childhood home! A key part of the whole Skyfall plot I would say! 

It’s incredibly scenic, just off a major tourist route and yet barely anyone goes to the Skyfall location Scotland as its a dead end road! Which is such a shame as the Skyfall House getting blown up in the Scottish moors scene was literally my whole reason for wanting to travel to Scotland in the first place! If you can’t remember it from the Skyfall plot …it’s when James Bond (Daniel Craig) and M are compromised at take shelter in the depths of wild Scotland from the crazed ex-MI6 agent Silva. Here you can imagine a young Bond growing up, mystery and pain lingering in the air – and while the Skyfall house is no longer here, the scene is just as epic in real life!

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Where is Skyfall in Scotland? How To Find The James Bond Skyfall Location in Scotland

Ok so for those of you asking ‘Where is Skyfall in Scotland’ – It does exisit, but of course the Skyfall Scotland location is not called that, and is actually known as Glen Etive, the turn off for which is just a few kilometers after the Glencoe Mountain Resort heading towards Fort Williams. You will cross a bridge and it’s just on your left. If you have GPS available (just chuck into google maps) the exact co-ordinates are 56°37′10.31″N 04°55′51.23″W however the vista is almost unmissable and there is only one bridge along the road. There is also a modified road sign to mark the spot. Check out all the best prices for accomodation in Glencoe near the Glen Etive Skyfall location now!

James Bond Skyfall Location in Scotland

We visited in summer and freedom camped [read more here about Freedom camping in Scotland] which was an amazing experience however be aware of two things. One, in summer it’s completely green and doesn’t quite look like the film. Two, there are midges everywhere. It’s horrible and incredible at the same time. If you get the chance better to visit in winter as it is all accessible from the car.

 Skyfall House Location Scotland Smores in Scotland glen etive skyfallJames Bond Skyfall Location in Scotland

It’s no Aston Martin but WOW was it a fun road trip!

Don’t forget to drive the entire road as the vistas change at everything before you eventual reach a dead end at the sea. Be slow and steady on the roads and you will soon be wondering how the hell 007 got an Aston Martin down here! Sadly the SkyFall house doesn’t not exist and was created as a film set in Surrey, England on Department of Defence land but if you continue along the road you might notice that one house bares a striking resemblance to the film!! It’s private property however so be sure to keep out. Down to the left…Its more than a passing resemblance you have to admit!

James Bond Skyfall Location in Scotland

To find the road in look for the signs to Glen Etive, it’s just after the Glencoe Ski area heading into Glencoe. Go over the next bridge and its just after the sign on your left! The road to the Skyfall scotland location should look something like this…

James Bond Skyfall Location in Scotland

So now you all know about the James Bond SkyFall Location in Scotland! Make sure you don’t miss it on your next trip to the incredible highlands! And don’t forget while your there to explore up to the end of the road…It’s worth it!

James Bond Skyfall Location in Scotland

Oh and incase you were wondering the Glen Etive Skyfall location is only just the beginning of the wondering Scotland has to offer. Much like the Skyfall house Scotland is a country of hidden history, mystery and awe-inspiring beauty. It is host to some of my favourite natural landscape in the world – all of a which a sure to bring a teat to your eye – and it offer’s incredible diversity, so there is something for everyone. I have written a few other article about Scotland, so if you are interested here is a selection of the other popular places to visit in Scotland (with inspirational photos!) for you to browse to enhance your trip to Glen Etive Skyfall:

And if your heading wider afield check out some of the amazing accomodation available in the Scottish highlands now as the best boutique places sell out fast, and get your trusty Lonely Planet for those times you don’t save internet access! 

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So there you have it – The James Bond Skyfall location in Glen Etive. Hopefully you miss most of the the temperamental Scottish weather on your weather (thought for movie authenticity maybe some light mist!) and enjoy the most of your Skyfall Scotland location! If you are going on a epic road-trip don’t forget to check the best car rental prices in Scotland well in advance to save, and of course to book all your accomodation prior as Scotland tourism is booming currently and supply has not kept up with demand.
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