Cheap Ferry From Turku to Stockholm

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So your in Finland and looking to pop over to Scandinavia? One of the cheapest and easiest ways is a cheap Ferry from Turku to Stockholm – And incase you arn’t already inspired to visit here is a handy sight-seeing guide for Stockholm!

Cheap Ferry from Turku to Stockholm

The two biggest ferry lines are Viking Line and Silja Line. Each one has a morning and an evening departure from Turku, Finland, with a brief stop at the Åland Islands. For a scenic view, a morning departure is best but if you want to save a nights accommodation either side [as it takes 11-12 hours] the evening overnight departure is best.

Cheap Ferry from Turku to Stockholm

On the evening departure don’t forget to watch the sunset!

Both companies offer incredibly competitive rates but the trick is to search for same day return fares rather than ‘one way’. I’m not quite sure why this is but when looking in mid-summer Silja was cheapest at 29€ per person, return, versus 60€ per person one way. This price includes a two bed indoor cabin with bathroom which is ridiculously cheap for this part of the world and there is even free wifi on board. Don’t worry at the port on either end you literally just walk off the ship – there are zero checks and stops, only getting on!

Cheap Ferry from Turku to Stockholm

Also surprisingly no checks to get up here… Don’t fall over!

Food is not included so for those on a budget I suggest to bring with you [the nearest supermarket is 20 mins from the Turku terminal so be sure to organise before hand] but they do have plenty of dining options onboard at a cost – It set up just like a normal cruise ship.

Cheap Ferry from Turku to Stockholm

Including all the gambling – Just like Vegas but sad!

On the evening departures you will find plenty of night club activities on board as the Finns and Swedes cut loose. Alcohol is heavily taxed in this part of the world and the locals catch these ‘party boats’ to stock up duty free and have a good time in the process. Perhaps the extra profits the line assumes will be spent on-board is why the return ticket is cheaper.

Cheap Ferry from Turku to Stockholm

Plus the entertainment is … Haunting!

The Port of Turku is next to Turku Castle and is easily reached on bus line 1 from the Market Square (Kauppatori). The port is also directly reached by train station from other parts of Finland and you can also use Onnibus [find out why it is an incredible deal here]. Of course while we have focused here on a cheap ferry from Turku to Stockholm, the exact same trip can be made from Stockholm to Turku. In Stockholm the port is under renovation at the moment but is about a 10 min walk to the metro or 45 mins into the city centre.

Cheap Ferry from Turku to Stockholm

Turku Castle is worth a quick look in if you have time!

So now you know how to get a cheap ferry from Turku to Stockholm, there is exactly no reason to extend your time in this region of the world. Enjoy slow and relaxed travel and then admire the views of the “Capital of Scandinavia” when you Visit Stockholm.

Cheap Ferry from Turku to Stockholm

And this gorgeous city will greet you when you arrive!
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