Hong Kong Dog Cafe – A Unmissable Unique Experience at On Dog Dog Cafe!

Pet cafes are all the range now in space limited Hong Kong – For my first day here I wanted to do something unique and quirky, so we decided to visit a Hong Kong Dog Cafe, specifically On Dog Dog Cafe for a unique Sunday Brunch Hong Kong style! With three Huskies, one Akita and one Shiba there was alot of dog, though really can you ever have too much dog!?

Hong Kong Dog Cafe

And the answer is clearly no, NO you cannot!…. So much fluffy I can barely handle. What more could you want for a Sunday Brunch in Hong Kong?

Are cat cafes just the same as dog cafes?

While cat cafes are nothing new, the prospect of a unique cafe filled with gorgeous, fluffy dogs to hug appealed much more to us.  On Dog Dog Cafe in this case did not disappoint! It can get a bit noisy — and smelly — at OnDogDog Cafe in Ho Man Tin but we didn’t mind. Located a quick walk from the Mongkok MTR its also very easy to reach. We visited on a quiet Thursday evening before dinner and had the whole place to ourselves! It was a bit weird being on a first floor walk up, its just like entering someones house and hanging out. It was even complete with Chinese soap operas playing,  but that only made me love it even more!

Dog Cafe Hong Kong

But really …what could there be NOT to love!

The Hong Kong Dog Cafe

Five adorable dogs are the main show here, however  they seemed quite tired after their walk when we arrived and just lay around which was perfect for cuddles and selfies. $150 HKG will get you unlimited time with these gorgeous dogs, as well as free food and drink – however the drinks were so-so and clearly not the highlight. I didn’t even dare try any food as the dogs were free to walk in and out of the kitchen!

The dogs, while free spirits, were obedient and I would say well looked after, seem to have regular time out doors and are under no obligation to put up with customers. If they don’t like what you are doing they will bark and move on. Best to let them come to you rather than force your way into their personal space – But this is true for most animals right?

Dog Cafe Hong Kong - Sunday Brunch in Hong Kong

This cute little bugger was the highlight – No drinks or food are going to take away from his spot light!

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A great place overall to chill and relax – Dog Cafe Hong Kong

Take some respite for the frantic Hong Kong pace of life . You can sit and plan out your next adventure or they even have board games to play. I would probably recommend visiting on the weekend when is busier. However if you do have the dogs all to yourself during weekdays so its up to you. The surrounding district is a pet hub of sorts. The Hong Kong Dog Cafe’s location on Victory Avenue is lined with pet stores so if you havn’t got your fix already you can stop for more. Overall worth a hour or so if you have a longer stay in Hong Kong for its distinctive vibe – Make sure you check it out!

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[photosetgrid layout=”3″]Cute Dogs in Hong Kong Dog Cafe Cute Dogs in Hong Kong Dog Cafe Cute Dogs in Hong Kong Dog Cafe

The dogs do indeed listen, just not to me! The Dog Cafe HK owner / worker can get them all together for a photo before you leave though! Such cute little angles!

On Dog Dog Cafe Hong Kong Address: 1/F, 3 Soares Avenue, Ho Man Tin, tel: 9045 2766. Open: 12.30pm-10.30pm … Its on the second floor so when you are at the end of Soares Ave near the corner look up and you will see sign in the window. It is there trust me – Don’t leave without finding the only dog cafe in Hong Kong (or if you live there a decent dog friendly cafe hong kong!). I know I will never forget my dogtastic Brunch in Hong Kong!


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  2. Bahahha thank you – but it’s not in Venice 😉

  3. Stunning photos! Oh, I must visit Venice soooon

  4. I’ll admit it…I hate cats! SO knowing dog cafes exist makes me smile 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. Vicki Louise says:

    Forget Cat Cafes – Dog Cafes are where it is at! What beautiful creatures – I could spend a fortune in this place for the privilege of patting them for hours!

  6. JEM says:

    That’s a unique service from a cafe. The dogs look like divas and nice to cuddle. Don’t they get stressed after getting hugged by too many people?

  7. amanda says:

    love this! I went to a racoon cafe in korea! animals and caffeine are the future!

  8. I think this is neat. Its like free therapy cause how could you ever leave after playing, hugging, or just petting beautiful dogs.
    I wonder how they get past the health codes by serving food with the dogs. Can you bring your own dogs or will that cause havoc?

  9. Interesting! I would love to visit a dog or cat cafe but I do wonder how they keep them clean… thanks for sharing your experience there! Can a person bring their own dog I wonder? Or just visit with those that are there?

  10. Oooh we didn’t know that HK got this already! Truly a must visit! Thanks for this!

  11. Lisa says:

    Well it definitely is different but I think catching on in the US too. I guess I would have to check it out but, like you said animals in and out of the kitchen?? Not sure about that. Glad you had a nice visit.

  12. Carol Colborn says:

    This concept seems to be catching fire. I just can’t relate a lot. Have neith3r dogs nor cats.

  13. interesting concept but, i feel that dogs need a lot of space and hong kong is a tight squeeze even if a cafe.. hopefully, they take care of the dogs well as i know there are a number of strays 🙁