How to get Vienna Opera Standing Room Tickets

Are you in Vienna and wanting to truly experience the city and culture, but on a tight budget? You have probably heard about the Vienna State Opera (Staatsoper) which has been at the centre of musical life in Vienna for over a century, but assumed it was too expensive with Sears going for over 100€!! Well I’m going to tell you how to get Vienna Opera Standing Room Tickets so you can enjoy this gorgeous venue and performance for a fraction of the price!

vienna opera house standing room ticketsvienna opera house standing room tickets vienna opera house standing room tickets

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While to may seem rather difficult to begin with, it is actually anything but as long as you plan ahead! Standing room tickets only run about 3€-4€ and as long as you have some comfortable shoes you will love there ridiculously cheap Vienna state opera tickets!

vienna state opera tickets

Standing room tickets are generally only available a few hours before the performance, however some people have season passes for standing which allows them to book in advance. I’ve never found this to be an issue but for a premiere performance you may want to get there a bit early.

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 vienna opera house standing room tickets

To get the tickets you will need 3-4€ cash and a scarf. Don’t forget this. The Austrians are very specific about the rules so there is no cutting and no holding places – make sure your whole party is with you. When you already head to the Staatsoper building (U1, U2, U4 Karlsplatz) and look for the separate standing room box office. This box office is located on the Operngasse side of the building and is marked with a sign saying “Stehplatz-Kasse | Standing Area”.

How to get Vienna Opera Standing Room Tickets

How to get Vienna Opera Standing Room Tickets

Tickets go on sale 80 min ties before the performance but I recommend getting there 60 mins prior to this. All tickets are general admission so as soon as you have yours rush through and wait for your spot. It’s on a first come, first served basis and this is where the scarf comes in – The first people to get tickets have a better chance of getting prime spot. This is centre-bottom and fill out from there, so rush here and mark your place out with the scarf tied around the railing. This saves your spot and no one will move. You will then be free to explore the Opera, take photos and grab a quick bite from outside (Karlsplatz has food open even on Sunday’s). There is also a free compulsory bag and coat check.

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How to get Vienna Opera Standing Room Tickets

If you decide you like standing room, the Burgtheater and Akademietheater offer reserved standing room seats (i.e. you can buy them online before the performance date like a regular ticket) for around €3. At the ticket office you will have the choice of Parterre, balcony or gallery, and I’m sure you are wondering “Which should I choose?”.

How to get Vienna Opera Standing Room Tickets

Well the Parterre standing room is the closest you can get to the performance. This area is located behind the last row of orchestra seats but may not have the best acoustics and visibility can be an issue from such a low angle. Balcony and Gallery standing room are up higher but I think Gallery is the best.The Gallery level is the highest level, and thus the furthest from the stage, but you have a great view.  The steps are also staggered so you have the opportunity to sit down on longer performances! And now your in! Now you know how to get Vienna Opera Standing Room Tickets! Enjoy this centuries old tradition in style. Don’t forget to dress up and try read the story synopsis online beforehand to truly enjoy your Vienna opera house standing room tickets experience!

How to get Vienna Opera Standing Room Tickets - vienna opera house standing room tickets

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