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Find Hidden Beauty In Moldova’s Capital: 15 Things To Do in Chișinău! 🇲🇩


I’ll be honest: Chișinău, probably the ugliest European capital, was not at the top of my travel bucket list. However, when a stroke of luck forced me to spend three days exploring the capital of Moldova, I quickly discovered a tantalizing city-in-flux, filled with hidden beauty, hipster hangouts, passionate locals, and delicious, delicious wine! 


Yes, there is absolutely no denying it, Chișinău is an ugly city – but it’s not exactly the Moldovan’s fault. Fought over for centuries by Ottomans, Russians, and Romanians, Moldova (formally Bessarabia) had an already tough history before WW2 when it was first occupied and annexed from Romania by the Soviet Union, then captured by Romania and Nazi Germany and then subsequently lost again.

The resulting fighting – plus two devastating earthquakes in 1940 — destroyed almost all of Chișinău’s historic buildings, leaving it today an eclectic mix of ramshackle buildings and soviet apartment blocks (but sadly no expansive boulevards or Soviet modernism like Minsk).

Don’t, however, let any of this put you off – As any good traveler knows, every destination has something worthwhile seeing and Chișinău has plenty of top attractions, you just need to know where to look.

It’s small, compact size means getting anywhere is a breeze, and given all the embassies and government buildings in central Chișinău there is plenty of security. I never once felt uncomfortable, even walking around in the middle of the night. Even better — for tourists, is Moldova is a very cheap destination by Western European standards – and having been in Oslo and Bergen earlier this month, it was a welcome relief!

There are few tourists here, even less than Riga or Lviv, and far less than Tallinn or Prague. Locals will happily chat with you and practice their English whenever they get the chance, and you can happily wander around without being hassled on every corner. It’s fair to say that Europe’s ugliest capital has grown on me — and dare I say, with the spate of new dining options and renovated attractions opening in Chișinău soon, this ugly ducking might yet transform into a beautiful swan!

chisinau travel guide



Find Hidden Beauty In Moldova’s Capital: 15 Things To Do in Chișinău! 🇲🇩



1. Valea Morilor Park


Only a ten-minute walk from Chișinău City Centre – yet a world apart – you will find the much loved Valea Morilor Park, easily one of the most beautiful places in Moldova. Perfect for escaping the city and getting a breath of fresh air. You can see plenty of locals running, kayaking, fishing, feeding ducks, and just generally hanging out.

The cascading water feature on the hill is the perfect place for a romantic sunset. During the summer, there are plenty of people swimming from the sandy beach (however, I cannot vouch for its cleanliness) and even a small amusement park. Be sure to make at least one lap of the lake, and go slow like the locals!

Valea Morilor Park - things to do in moldova


2. Cricova Winery Underground Wine Cellar 


Did you know Moldova produced two-thirds of all wine consumed in the Soviet Union? Neither did I – but yes, Moldova has a long history of wine-consumption and production, and one of the best places to see this is through a tour of the wine cellars of Cricova. These are the second largest wine cellars in the world (after the Mileștii Mici Winery – coming up soon!).

With a history dating back to the 15th Century, there are over 120 kilometers of caves and tunnels here, which is used for wine storage production and sampling. An entire wine city underground, you just have to see this to believe it. We organized a fantastic tour and tasting through a small local company Top Tours Moldova, who offered us a great price, over-delivered, and customized everything to our interests.

Oleg, the owner, even gave us a mini-city tour on the way, and his passion for his town and country is truly infectious. A visit to the Cricova Underground Wine Cellar should be the number one thing every tourist sees in Chișinău!

Oh…and when you’re in the wine storage, look out for Putin and Angela Merkel’s private wine collections! 

Cricova Winery Underground Wine Cellar - day trips from chisinau


3. Zentrum Aparthotel


While saying the hotel scene in Chișinău was lacking would have been an understatement until last year, with the opening of the Zentrum ApartHotel the game has changed, and the bar has been set almost impossibly high for every other hotel in Chișinău to follow.

The Zentrum Aparthotel bring beauty and refined elegance to Chișinău, with a dash of fun and whimsy – every room here is themed after a great artist, and throughout the hotel, you can find beautiful pieces inspired by Sevastia Balabanov – a great connoisseur and patron of fine arts who first owned the building.

A complete re-fit was completed for their opening just one year ago, and today the Zentrum Aparthotel, a hip hotel right in the heart of Chișinău, would not look out of place in New York, Taipei or Copenhagen.

With live music during the week, an incredible breakfast buffet, quiet rooms, and all modern amenities, there is no other competitor for the best boutique hotel in Chișinău at the moment – and a stay here is sure to really enhance your time in Moldova!

Zentrum Aparthotel hotel chisinau
Zentrum Aparthotel Visit Chisinau
Zentrum Aparthotel hotel chisinau


4. Nativity Cathedral Chișinău

The Cathedral of Christ’s Nativity in the heart of Chișinău is the main cathedral of the Moldovan Orthodox Church and was built in neoclassical design in the 1830s.

Bombed during World War Two and then desecrated by communists, the Nativity Cathedral Chișinău was lovingly restored in 1997 after Soviet restrictions on worship had been lifted, and today it is truly the center of faith in Moldova. Pop your head in, and you will often see everything from quiet moments of spirituality to full-blown sermons with a live television crew, and a crowd packed in tighter than sardines in a can!

Nativity Cathedral Chișinău Travel Guide


5. National Museum of History of Moldova

With over 165,000 items relating to national heritage, the National Museum of History found in the historical center of Chişinău is the premier museum in Moldova, which you just have to see. While the entire building could do with a make-over, the exhibits themselves are intriguing, thought-provoking, and provide a glimpse into all the important events in Moldova’s history from independence all the way back to ancient times. Their medieval collection is particularly impressive, as is the historical halls and the WW2 diorama.

Whether you’re a giant history buff – or have no idea how or why Moldova exists – there is something  new for you to discover here at the National Museum of History of Moldova

National Museum of History of Moldova - moldova tourism


6. Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

While there are no tours and you’re not allowed inside, you have to see what is most likely the world’s ugliest parliament building – and wander the eerily quiet grounds.

Wondering where all the politicians are?

We were too, and all we saw here was one surprised security guard who could not for the life of himself figure out why a tourist would want to see the parliament here. The building is actually the former meeting place of the Central Committee of the Moldovan branch of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and was badly damaged during riots in 2009.

More interesting after a chat with Moldovan’s about the fractured state of politics here — but then again, where isn’t these days!

Parliament of the Republic of Moldova


7. Tucano Coffee

You are not going to find a Starbucks in Moldova – but the locals don’t seem to care since Tucano Coffee opened its doors here in 2011. Inspired by peace, love, and coffee, this delightfully hip coffee chain has rapidly spread abroad and can now be found in Romania, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan of all places – But no one here will let you forget Chișinău is the original!

A new concept in coffee, you can relax here all day with fast WiFi and laid-back vibes, and be sure to try the cannabis coffee or delicious cheesecakes. Both are worth a visit to Chișinău alone to try!

Tucano Coffee Chișinău Moldova
Tucano Coffee Chișinău Moldova
Tucano Coffee Chișinău Moldova


8. National Museum of Fine Arts Chișinău

Recently renovated, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Chișinău is one of the best-hidden gems in all of Moldova. You can spend hours wandering the gorgeously white galleries here filled with colorful works spanning all genres and ages.

Even if you are not a big art lover, the interior fit-out here is truly worth seeing. It offers a glimpse of things to come in Chișinău (along with the Zentrum Aparthotel) where locals are embracing their roots, taking pride in their past, and trying to bring something new and invigorating to the local scene.

One of my favorite museums in the world, you really cannot miss the chance to visit their stunning heritage building in Moldova.

National Museum of Fine Arts Chișinău


9. Traditional Moldovan Food

Moldova’s fertile soil is well known for the quality of grapes it produces, but from the earth here also comes plenty of fruit, vegetables, grain, and meat, which you can find in most Moldavian national dishes. Heavily influences by Romanian cuisine, with inspiration from Greek, Polish, Ukrainian, and Ottoman – it would be a mistake to dismiss Moldovan food out-of-hand.

Ask your waiter for his personal recommendations, but you should also look out for mămăligă (a cornmeal / polenta-like accompaniment), brânză (a brined cheese) and ghiveci (a lamb or goat stew). Of course, there is also delicious wine to try, and beer which is traditionally served with a small meat pie.

The chain La Placinte is a great place for good Moldavian food in Chisinau, but we also loved the Propaganda Restaurant and its weird Soviet theme!

Traditional Moldovan Food


10. Mileștii Mici Winery And Under Ground Wine Cellar

The biggest wine cellars in the world accompanied by the world’s most significant win collection — if you are a true wine connoisseur, you really can’t go past a visit to Mileștii Mici Winery. We had a truly surreal experience here of driving through underground caves in a new Mercedes Benz with Top Tours Moldova, but I have to say it is just not as well done as Cricova.

Though this could be entirely down to the guide. If you have the time, it is really worth going both, especially in the summer when the outside wine fountain is working. If you’re short on time, Cricova is your best bet. In saying that, Mileștii Mici did give much more wine during the tasting, and had some very, very cool hidden rooms to explore.

Mileștii Mici Winery And Under Ground Wine Cellar


11. Soviet Architecture in Chișinău

Yes, Chișinău on the surface is a truly ugly city for the most part – but for those of us not used to living amongst Soviet architecture, there truly are some gems to be found here as most of the city was rebuilt entirely after WW2 in Soviet-style.

Just wandering around the streets of Chișinău can lead you to stumble upon a great many gems so keep an eye out, but if you have the time I highly recommend going on a Free Walking Tour of Chișinău to get an idea of the city. It’s history or following this highly-detailed step-by-step soviet-era walking tour of Chișinău which takes approximately 4 hours.

And I don’t care what the local says; you just cannot miss the Chișinău Circus building, which is truly one-of-a-kind with a very Chernobyl-esque vibe!

Soviet Architecture things to do in Chișinău Moldova


12. Chișinău Water Tower

The Chișinău Water Tower is a stand-out monument in the city and is kind of hard to miss. Home to the History Museum of Chișinău (which is not at all worth seeing if you cannot read Romanian), the real reason to visit the Chișinău Water Tower is actually for the stunning view out over the city and lake – and is especially romantic at sunset.

There is an elevator for most of the journey to the top and a nice art-gallery to look at if you are waiting for a break in the weather. The building was part of Chișinău original water supply system and was one of the few historical buildings faithfully restored after the 1940 earthquake.

Water Tower things to do in Chișinău Moldova


13. Chișinău Nightlife

One of the biggest surprises I found in Chișinău was the thriving nightlife scene, and most clubs and bars were conveniently located just a few blocks from the Zentrum Aparthotel where we stayed made it all the more appealing to pop out for a quick drink—or two!

With low alcohol prices and plenty of venues to choose from Chișinău nightlife offers something for everyone with sophisticated wine bars like Invino Enoteca and Carpe Diem Wine

Chișinău Nightlife


14. Triumphal Arch Chișinău


Probably the most iconic symbol of Chişinău, no list of things to do in Chişinău would be complete without a visit to the Triumphal Arch – though it’s position on the main boulevard would make it rather hard to miss!

Built-in 1840 to commemorate the victory of the Russian Empire over the Ottoman Empire, it was fully restored during communist times and served as a reminder for the foreign interests that have frequently gone to war over Moldova – and the continuing struggle to forge a national identity distinct from that of both Romania and Russia.

And of course, it does make a beautiful photo as well!

Triumphal Arch Chișinău


15. Day Trips From Chișinău

While Chișinău has plenty of things to do, you would be remiss not to take advantage of the small size of Moldova and the array of day trips that can easily be completed using Chișinău as a base.

While Cricova and Mileștii Mici Winery are of course probably the most famous day trips from Chișinău, there are actually plenty more I would have loved to have gone on – but sadly, there is not that much information online.

Thanks to Oleg at Top Tours Moldova, however, I am inspired to head back as soon as possible to Moldova. I have a few trips in mind, including visiting the medieval town of Orheiul Vechi, the Rudi Monastery, and nearby Struve Geodetic Arc location in Moldova and the tentative UNESCO Site Curchi Monastery.

Or, if you are a real Sovietophile, why not take a trip to the breakaway region of Tiraspol and Transnistria?

There are also plenty of other vineyards and smaller towns such as Soroca, a  city filled with rich history and culture, so you are unlikely to run out of things to do in Chișinău even with a week or more on your hands!

Day Trips From Chisinau - How To Visit Transnistria


How To Get To Chișinău Moldova


By Plane: Chişinău International Airport is your best bet and is served by a growing number of legacy and low-cost carriers. Have a look here for the best prices and destinations from across Europe (or you might even consider coming on FlyDubai from the United Arab Emirates!).

From the airport, you should pay no more than 120 MDL for a taxi to the center, but you might want to ask help from your hotel in Chişinău in organizing as many people report that taxi’s here often try to find other reasons to charge tourists more. If you really on a budget, you can take the Chişinău Airport Bus № 165 to Izmail street in the city center.

things to do in Moldova | things to do in Chisinau

By Train: Chişinău Central Railway Station has connections through to many cities in Ukraine and Russia, but can be rather slow (and buses often take half the time – especially to nearer cities such as Odesa. The best route for travelers is the overnight train daily, leaving Bucharest Romania, which offers comfortable shared sleeper cabins.

By Bus: If you are coming or going to Bucharest, Odesa, Iasi, Chernivtsi, and Lviv, then buses might be the best and cheapest option, frequently departing both day-and-night. From the Chişinău Bus Stations, you can also get to Bender and Tiraspol in Transnistria, but it is not recommended to go by yourself unless you speak Russian and know what you are doing.

How To Get To Chișinău Moldova

So there you have it! Fifteen things to do in Chișinău to see the hidden beauty of Europe’s ugliest capital. Don’t let first impressions scare you off – Beneath the surface, Chișinău has as much going on as any Eastern Europe City, you just have to look a bit harder. Slowly but surely, this city is waking up to its tourist potential, and in the next few years I can imagine more and more ‘hip & cool’ cafes, restaurants, and hotels opening up… and prices skyrocketing.

Summer or winter, foodie or culture vulture – now is the time to be heading to Chișinău for a completely different experience, where you have to search to find beauty and are rewarded with experiences and discoveries that are unique to you. I know I’ll be back soon and can’t wait to see what Chișinău has in store for me next. 

A special thanks to Zentrum Aparthotel for helping me with my stay, including hosting me and providing plenty of great local hints and tips that you can find included above. As always, all opinions are my own, and I would have loved Moldova regardless! 

How To Get To Chișinău Moldova
How To Get To Chișinău Moldova


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