The Wonders of Tierradentro

The Wonders of Tierradentro – Untamed Landscapes & Ancient Beauty Deep In The Colombian Mountains

The National Archaeological Park of Tierradentro in Colombia is one of the most important archaeological finds in South America, which is surprising – because ask almost anyone who has visited Colombia and I can guarantee they haven’t even heard the name before. Located well away from civilization, in a remote valley in Southern Colombia’s Andes Mountain chain, is Tierradentro –…

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San Agustín

San Agustin in Colombia – The World’s Cutest UNESCO Site?

A journey to South Colombia just wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the mysterious San Agustin – home of possibly the worlds’s cutest UNESCO Site! Located deep in the spectacular Andes Mountain ranges, at the headwaters of two of Colombia’s largest and wildest rivers is the San Agustín Archaeological Park, the largest group of religious sculptures and megalithic monuments…

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Popayan Bike Tour

Popayan Bike Tour: Discovering The Real Colombia At Your Own Pace!

All too often tours and day trips can feel sterile, overcrowded, or it can be hard to get a real feel for a place. But on a recent Coconuco Downhill Cycling Trip offered by Popayan Tours we found the ideal combination of organization and relaxed down-to-earth attitudes that allowed us to be safe in knowing that everything essential was sorted, but…

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sani lodge ecuador - amazon rainforest lodge in yasuni national park

Sani Lodge Ecuador: Luxury Amidst Untamed Amazonian Nature

Tucked away in the far-flung reaches of the Equadorian Amazon there sits a boutique lodge perched on the edge of a placid lagoon. Located in one of the most biodiverse spots on Earth this community run luxury stay allows you to get away from it all, to relax in the midst of unparalleled beauty, to gorge on exquisite three course meals…

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Isla De La Plata Ecuador: Alternative to the Galapagos?

Located 600 miles of the Ecuadorian coastline are the Galapagos Islands, a series of islands known for their highly diverse and rich ecosystems and also known as being a rather pricey destination for your average traveller. But fear not in your quest to see Boobies (the blue footed sort of course!!) for there is another magical place, where any traveller…

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Exploring Old Dubai: Photos of Dubai Creek, Dubai

Beyond the glass and concrete jungle of modern Dubai, lies the forgotten crown of the city, the commercial center known as old Dubai. Old Dubai is divided into two parts, Deira and Bur Dubai, by a saltwater body known as Dubai Creek. Dubai Creek, Dubai Back in the 20th century the Dubai creek was the commercial center of Dubai. It…

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Photos of Huascaran National Park: Pastoruri Glacier Day Tour

So you have found yourself in the city of Huaraz and looking at escaping into the Cordillera Blanca mountains (part of the Huascaran National Park UNESCO site) to view some of those famous Andes glaciers? But perhaps you’re not quite the fully equipped, death defying, intrepid mountaineer? Or your too short on time for the famous 4 day Santa Cruz Trek or…

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Peru Hop / Boliva Hop Review: Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Travel

Trying to decide on the easiest way to get around the main tourist attractions in Peru and Bolivia? Overwhelmed by all the options of bus terminals, routes, timings, scams and possible destinations that your head is spinning and you just want to give up entirely!? About to give up and just buy an insanely priced fixed Peru Bus Tour which…

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