Bethlehem travels

Bethlehem Travels: Exploring Palestine’s Reality Beyond the Nativity Church

Are you thinking of heading to Israel and looking to undertake your own Bethlehem travels? Perhaps you are  already in Jerusalem, and want to make a day trip to the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem? That’s awesome, but have you considered exploring further afield in the West Bank? To understand the political situation and witness first hand the realities of living under daily occupation… Or perhaps you simply don’t want to…

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Svaneti Trekking

A Photographic Exploration of Svaneti Trekking

A Photographic Exploration of Svaneti Trekking. One of the highlights of Georgia, and indeed the entire Caucasus, has to be hiking in Svaneti, the remote mountain valleys of Georgia’s northern border filled with epic peaks, lush alpine meadows and towering koshkebi (ancient stone defensive towers). But it’s not all camping and baked beans up here, there are many day hikes from Mestia (the regions…

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Overnight Trip to Kazbegi in Georgia 

Have you see the awe inspiring photo of the  Kazbegi Mountains towering over Gergeti Trinity Church .. if so I’m sure you will have already booked a one way ticket to Georgia, a alpine treasure of the Caucasus’s which is so often overlooked by Western eyes but who’s allure was well known through the Soviet Union. To help you decide which…

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Enlinking Caucasus Envoy Tours

Enlinking Caucasus Envoy Tours from Yerevan to Georgia

Are you looking for the best option to get between Tbilisi and Yerevan? Well then make sure you check out Enlinking Caucasus Envoy Tours! Leaving once a week in each direction the Enlinking Caucasus Envoy Tours offers a unique transport solution and tour between Georgia and Armenia. Not only is it a time saving option as you have the opportunity…

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Welcome, Harry, to Diagon Alley!

Welcome, Harry – to Diagon Alley (Wizarding World Review Part 2)!

And welcome all – to another Wizarding World of Harry Potter post – this time focussed on the Diagon Alley experience in Orlando’s Universal Studios!   Whether you arrive via the Hogwarts Express or through the park be prepared for an immersive experience to blow your one slimy sock off (straight into Dobby’s awaiting hands). You will find Diagon Alley…

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budget traveling

Things to Do in Yerevan and Armenia

Are you planning on heading to the Caucasus’s and literally have no idea what things to do in Yerevan and Armenia? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Armenia is often overshadowed by its bigger neighbour Georgia, and gets only a quarter of the tourist numbers, but there is plenty to do in this culturally rich and historic county! In light of this…

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